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1. Topical Vocabulary

  1. call - телефонний виклик дзвінок по телефону

  2. to give smb. a call - подзвонити кому-небудь по телефону

  3. to put through a call - з’єднати (по телефону)

  4. trunk-call - виклик по міжміському телефону

  5. to call, to make a call, to phone, to ring (smb.) up - телефонувати, дзвонити по телефону

  6. to call again in an hour /a minute - передзвонити через годину / хвилину

  7. phone (telephone) - телефон

  8. to speak over (on, by) the telephone - говорити по телефону

  9. home phone - домашній телефон

  10. house phone - внутрішній телефон (в готелі)

  11. public phone - телефон-автомат

Syn. call-box

  1. private phone - приватний телефон

  2. (telephone) directory - телефонний довідник

  3. booth - будка

telephone booth - телефонна будка

  1. exchange - центральна телефонна станція, комутатор

  2. trunk exchange - міжміська телефонна станція

  3. Information - довідки (по телефону)

  4. telephone number - номер телефону

  5. operator - телефоністка

  6. message - повідомлення, записка

to leave a message - залишити повідомлення

  1. to answer the telephone - підійти до телефону

  2. to book a trunk call to... - замовити міжміську розмову з...

Syn. to make (to put through) a trunk call.

  1. to dial - набирати номер (по автоматичному телефону)

  2. to get in touch with smb. - зєднатись з ким-небудь

  3. to hang up - покласти слухавку

  4. Don’t hang up! Hold the wire! Hold on! - Не кладіть слухавку!

  5. to take up the receiver - зняти слухавку

Syn. to pick up the receiver

  1. Are you there? - Ви біля телефону?

  2. The line is clear (engaged) - Лінія вільна (зайнята)

  3. You’ve got the wrong number - Ви помилились номером

Syn. You’ve dialled the wrong number

  1. I’ll give you a call (a ring) - Я тобі подзвоню

  2. Speaking - Слухаю

  3. Who is calling? - Хто телефонує?

  4. This is ... speaking - З вами розмовляє ...

  5. Could you call again later? - Ви можете зателефонувати пізніше?

  6. You are wanted on the phone - Вас запрошують до телефону

  7. Speak louder, please - Говоріть голосніше, будь ласка

  8. I can’t hear you - Я вас не чую

  9. Just a moment! - Хвилинку!

  10. I’ll call again - Я подзвоню ще раз

  11. Are you still there? - Ви мене слухаєте?

  12. What is your telephone number? - Який у вас номер телефону?

  13. My telephone number is ... - Номер мого телефону ...

  14. Would you like to leave a message for him? - Що йому переказати?

  15. I’ll write it down - Я запишу

  16. You are through - Вас зєднали. Говоріть.

  17. Number, please? - Який номер?

  18. Go ahead! - Говоріть!

  19. Can I help you? - Чим можу бути корисним?

  20. I’d like to speak to... - Я хотів би поговорити з...

  21. Can I speak to...? - Можу я поговорити з...?

  22. Can I take a message? - Що-небудь переказати?

  23. Could I have your number? - Ви можете дати мені номер телефону?

  24. Can you ask him to call me back? - Попросіть його передзвонити мені.

  25. local call - місцевий дзвінок (в межах міста)

  26. long-distance call - міжміський дзвінок

  27. to ring off - покласти слухавку
  28. to disconnect - розєднати

  29. extension - додатковий номер

  30. Could you read that back to me? - Ви можете повторити це для мене? (коли ви передаєте інформацію по телефону).

2. Illustration of Use

1) Substitution Patterns

a). “Can I book a call through to Paris now?”

to London

to Minsk

to Odessa

“I’m sorry, but the line is engaged now”

the line is out of order

there’s no connection with that city

b). “Hullo, operator! Put me through to number seven-six-one

to the secretary

to Mr. Black

to the city

to the hotel manager

“I’m putting your call through, sir.”

c). “Hullo! Is this number two-ten-two?”

the secretary

Mr. Jones


Manager’s office

“I can’t hear you well

make out what you’re saying

hear your name

make out who’s speaking

2) Practise these sentence patterns


Where’s the nearest public phone? It’s just round the corner.

Is there a call-box anywhere here? There’s one near the cinema.

Do you mind my using your telephone? Not at all. Please do.

Can I ring up to town from here? Yes, dial the number 8 first.


What’s the number to Mr. Brown’s office? It’s 01-945-137.

What’s the number of the firm’s switchboard? It’s 648-122.

What’s the number of your extension? It’s 506.

Is this 01-335? No, you’ve dialled the wrong number.


This is Mr. Blake’s secretary. Mr. Blake is busy now.

This is Mr. Dixon’s office. (This is Mr. Dixon speaking).

Hold on! I’ll put you through with Mr. White.


The telephone is out of order. I don’t hear the buzzing sound.

I’ve put through six calls and to no effect.

The line is engaged all the time.

Something is interfering. I can’t hear anything.

I can’t make out what you are saying.

Speak louder, please. Don’t shout! Speak more distinctly.

I’ll ring you up tomorrow.


I’m sorry to have troubled you. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

I’m glad to have got you on the telephone.

Why didn’t you ring me up and tell about your arrival?

3) Study the following dialogues. Note different ways of starting a telephone conversation:

A. The caller starts:

1). A: Hello. May I speak to Prof. Vasilenko, please?

B: Speaking.

A: Good evening. This is Dr. Petrenko calling.

2). A: Hello. This is Ann speaking.

B: Hello, Ann. What’s the problem?

A: I’m calling you to remind of our luncheon time.

3). A: Hello. Is this Mr. Blake?

B: Speaking. Who is this calling?

4). A: Hello, Mike speaking. Is Mary in?

B: Hi, Mike! Hold on a moment. I’ll find out. (pause) Sorry, she’s out. Would you like to leave a message?

5). A: Hello. May I speak to Kate Wood?

B: I’m afraid you have the wrong number.

A: Oh, I’m terribly sorry.

B: That’s all right.

6). A: May I have extension fifty-two, please?

B: The line is busy. Could you hold on?

A: Well, yes, if it doesn’t take long.

7). A: I’d like to make a long distance call to Atlanta.

B: (operator): What’s the number, please?

A: Two-five-three; seven-one-twenty three.

B: Would you like to make a person-to-person call?

A: No, just station-to station.

B. The person called starts

8). A: Somerset College.

B: Good morning. I’d like to speak to Dr. White of the Physics Department.

A: What’s extension, please?

B: I’m afraid, I don’t know.

A: Don’t hang up, please. (pause). It’s one-twenty one. I’m connecting you.

9). A: Hello. Four-seven-two-one-four-six.

B: Is this Jeremy Brook?

A: Yes. This is Jeremy Brook speaking.

B: Hello, Jeremy. It’s Janice Wall calling.

A: Pardon, Janice who?

B: Janice Wall.

10). A: (Operator): Will you accept a collect call from Mr. Rose New Jersey?

B: Yes, sure. Go ahead.

11) A: Russel Toy Company.

B: Could I speak to Mr. Russel, please?

A: I’m sorry, Mr. Russel is on the other line. Could you call back in ten minutes?

B: All right.

12). A: Reception desk, Kyiv Hotel. Can I help you?

B: Hello. I’d like to know if you have a single room for tonight.

Supply the mising remarks:

1. A: May I speak to Mr. Sidorenko, please.

B: ..........................

A: Good morning, Mr. Sidorenko. This is Mr. White calling.

2. A: May I speak to Mr. Black?

B: ...........................

A: Could you take a message for him?

B: ...........................

3. A: Hello. This is Bob speaking. Is Kate in?

B: ...........................

4. A: ............................

B: I’m afraid you have the wrong number.

A: ............................

B: That’s all right.

5. A: ............................

B: Hold on, please. I’ll see if he is in.

6. A: May I have extension 25, please?

B: ............................

A: Yes, if it doesn’t take long.

7. A: Operator, I’ve been disconnected. Could you help me?

B: .............................

8. A: I’d like to make a call to Glasgow.

B: (operator) .....................

A: Area code: seven-one six-two-four-six.

9. A (operator): Would you like to make a person-to person call?

B: ..............................

10. A (operator): Will you accept a collect call from Mr. Grishin?

B: ..............................

Memorise these dialogues. Practice them in pairs.

1. City, Please

Voice: Operator.

Sidorenko: City, please.

Voice: Yes, what number?

Sidorenko: Well, can’t I dial the telephone number myself?

Voice: Sorry, but guests can’t dial the city numbers from their rooms. Give me your number and I’ll put you through.

Sidorenko: All right. Put me through with the city Information.

Voice: Go ahead, sir. You’re put through.

2. Give Me the Telephone Number

Voice: Information.

Sidorenko: Will you please give me the telephone number of Stevens Travel Ltd., the manager’s office?

Voice: Just a moment, sir... Hello! The number is 01-977-2217.

Sidorenko: Oh-one nine-double-seven double-two-one-seven?

Voice: That’s right.

Sidorenko: Thank you very much.

3. Can I Take a Message?

Secretary: Stevens Travel Ltd, manager’s secretary.

Sidorenko: Sidorenko here. Could I speak to Mr. Dixon, please?

Secretary: I’m sorry, Mr. Dixon is in conference now. Then he’ll have lunch. Can I take a message for him?

Sidorenko: Yes, please. Tell him that Andrei Sidorenko, from Kyiv is in now London now. I’m staying at the Europe Hotel, Room 312. Let him ring up as soon as he’s through. Maybe I’ll ring him up later in the day.

Secretary: Thank you, Mr. Sidorenko. I’ll let Mr. Dixon know about your call.

4. I’ve received Your Message

Sidorenko: Hello. Sidorenko speaking.

Peter: It’s Peter. Peter Dixon. Hello, Andrei!

Sidorenko: Pete, hello, Pete! I’m glad to hear you! You have received my message, haven’t you?

Peter: Yes, my secretary told me you had telephoned. How are things, Andrei? Have you come for long?

Sidorenko: Everything is all right with me. I have come for business and I’ll be in London a month or so. When shall we meet, Pete? There’s a lot to talk about. Can you call on me at around 8 p.m.?

Peter: Let me think. Yes, I think I’ll come. Your room is 312, isn’t it?

Sidorenko: That’s right. Well. So long then. See you later.

Peter: So long, Andrei.

5. You’ve Got the Wrong Number

Voice: Hello, hello!

Pavlov: I’d like to speak to Mr. Frank Lawrence.

Voice: Mr. Lawrence? Well, what number have you dialled?

Pavlov: Isn’t it 01-348-4498?

Voice: Oh no! You have got the wrong number.

Pavlov: I’m sorry to have troubled you.

6. Hold On, Please

Voice: Hello.

Pavlov: Hello. Is this the home of Mr. Lawrence?

Voice: That’s right.

Pavlov: I’d like to speak to Mr. Lawrence.

Voice: Hold on, please. He’s coming to the telephone.

7. Is That Really You?

Frank: Frank speaking.

Pavlov: You Frank? This is Pavlov, Oleg Pavlov from Kyiv.

Frank: Oh, Oleg! Is that really you? Where are you speaking from?

Pavlov: I’m in London. I’m speaking from the Consul Hotel where I’m going to stay for a fortnight or so. I’ve arrived this morning. This is one of my first calls.

Frank: How nice! Well, why didn’t you warn me by a letter or a telegram that you were coming? I could have met you at the airport and have given you a lift. By the way, did you come by plane or by sea?

Pavlov: By plane.

Frank: Very well. What would you say to coming to my place right now? Susan and I shall be very glad to receive you.

Pavlov: Thank you. But I really don’t know how to manage. I have an appointment tonight. I’ll ring you up tomorrow.

8. Who Shall I Say Is Calling?

Secretary: Dr. Bell’s office.

Sidorenko: I’d like to speak to Dr. Bell.

Secretary: I’ll see if he’s in. Who shall I say is calling?

Sidorenko: Andrei Sidorenko, from Ukraine.

Secretary: I see. Wait a minute, Mr. Sidorenko.

Dr. Bell: Hello! Mr. Sidorenko?

Sidorenko: Yes. Good morning, Dr. Bell. We arranged the day before yesterday that I should come to see your laboratory.

Dr. Bell: Yes, you are welcome. I’ll be glad to receive you, Mr. Sidorenko.

Sidorenko: The matter is that I can’t visit you today, unfortunately. I’m really very sorry to have troubled you.

Dr. Bell: When can you come?

Sidorenko: I can’t say that definitely now. I’ll ring you up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Excuse me, Dr. Bell.

9. I’d like To Book a Trunk Call

Operator: Telephone Exchange.

Sidorenko: I want to book a trunk call to Kyiv.

Operator: Kyiv? Let me see... I can put you through only in two hours. Will 2 p.m. suit you?

Sidorenko: It’ll be 5 in Kyiv. All right. Hallo! Hallo!

Operator: Yes?

Sidorenko: I must have been disconnected.

Operator: Yes. I’m very sorry. Please give me your number in Kyiv.

Sidorenko: It is 234-56-56

Operator: Your number here, please?

Sidorenko: The Europe Hotel, extension 312.

Operator: Thank you.