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Abstracts of wills of the state of South Carolina 1760-1784 R975.7 MOO HENRY GALLMAN, Saxegotha Township, planter. Wife: Elizabeth to live on my plantation where I now live during her widowhood. Sons: John and Henry, my plantation in said township on Savannah Huit Creek 2 town lots in Saxegotha Nos. 24 and 26; Harmon, part of land in saxegotha Township purchased of William Stack, land in fork of Broad and Saluda Rivers; 2 youngest John Conrad and Gasper, land in said township where I now live, residue of land in fork of Broad and Saluda Rivers. Dau: Elizabeth. Brother: Rudolf Gailman. Mentions: L 70 to poor of said township; residue of estate to wife and children. Exors: wife; son John; brother-in-law John Conrad Geiger. Wit: Jacob Hagenbeaugh, Christian Theus, George Keith. D: 25 Dec. 1765. P: 19 Feb. 1768. R: nd. p. ISO Book M-3, p. 370 RANDOLPH (German Script) GALLMAN; oldest son & 17 Mar. 1769 heir of JACOB GALLMAN, to HERMAN GALLMAN. Bond to Convey Whereas JACOB GALLMAN obtained a grant of 350 a. on S side Congaree River, adjoining lands of PATRICK BROWN (now GEORGE HAIG); 100 a. of which have been sold by JACOB GALLMAN; & whereas JACOB died intestate & RANDOLPH inherited the remaining 250 a., which he has sold to HERMAN GALLMAN for L 1000 currency; now RANDOLPH gives bond that he will execute satisfactory title. Witnesses: HENRY PATRICK, HENRY BAUGHMAN, HENRY (his mark) WHEENWRIGHT. Before WILLIAM TUCKER, J.P. Recorded 12 Apr. 1769 by R.P.H. HATLEY, Dep. Register. Book S-3, pp. 133-138 JACOB GALLMAN (alias COLEMAN), wheelwright, to 16 & 18 Dec. 1770 WILLIAM ARTHER, ESQ. , both of Berkeley Co. L & R for L 500 currency, 100 a. , part of 350 a. granted 17 Sept. 1736 by Lt. Oov. THOMAS BROUGHTON to JACOB GALLMAN; the 350 a. bounding NE on Congaree Biver, NE on PATEICK BROWNS & vacant land; SW on vacant land; SE on vacant land & JOHN GIBSON. JACOB GALLMAN died intestate & his eldest son, HENRY, in- herited. HENRY GALLMAN, by L & R dated 12 & 13 Mar. 1749 in obedience to the dying request of his father, conveyed 100 a., the middle part of the 350 a., to JOHN GALLMAN. JOHN died intestate & JACOB GALLMAN, JR., in- herited. Now he sells the 100 a., bounding NE on Congaree Biver; SW on part belonging to JOHN FREYMOUTH; SW on heirs of HENRY GALLMAN; NE on part belonging to heirs of HENRY GALLMAN. Witnesses: JOHN HOOKEY, DAVID FRIDIG. Before MOSES KIRKLAND, J.P. Recorded 8 Feb. 1771 by HENRY RUGE- LEY. Register Book C-3, p. 703 HENRY (his mark) STACK, planter, of Orange- 9 & 10 Jan. 1764 burgh Township, to HENRY GALLMAN, planter, of L & R Saxegotha Township, for L 100 currency, 100 a. Whereas on 16 Sept. 1738 Lt. Gov. THOMAS bROUGHTON granted ROODIE COPLER 200 a. in Saxegotha Township, Berkeley Co., bounding NE on Santee River; other sides on vacant land; & whereas COPLER died intestate & his wife ANNA inherited & bequeathed the land to HENRY STACK; now he sells GALLMAN the 100 a, on the river. Witnesses: EDWARD JONES, JOHN CONRAD GEIGER Before JOHN HAMILTON, J.P Recorded 20 Mar. 1765 by FENWICKE BULL, Register. Book S-S p. 40 JACOB (his mark) BERRY, planter, of SALUDA 2 & 3 Aug. 1756 (SELUDEY), eldest son & heir of THOMAS BERRY; L & R to HENRY GALLMAN, planter. of Saxe Gotha Town- ship, Berkeley Co.; for L 150 currency; 150 a. in Saxe Gotha Township, Berkeley Co., granted By Lt. Gov. THOMAS BROUGH- TON to THOMAS BERRY on 17 Sept. l738; BOUNDING NE on Santee River; other sides on vacant land. Witnesses: JOHN CONRAD GEIGER, HENRY HERTEL. Be- fore STEPHEN CRELL, J.P. WILLIAM HOPTON, Register. Book Y-Y, p. 151 GEORGE KEITH, tanner, & ELIZABETH (her mark) 19 Jan. 1762 his wife, to HENRY GALLMAN,JR., planter,both Release of Saxegotha Township, for L 200 currency, 125 a. in Saxegotha Township, bounding E on Santee River; SE on HANS JACOB RIEMERSPERGER; NW on HENRY GALLMAN, JR.; which land said GALLMAN on 11 Jan. 1759 had conveyed to KEITH in consid- eration of KEITH'S marriage to ELIZABETH, daughter of said HENRY GALLMAN, JR. Witnesses: HANS ULRIC (his mark) BACKMAN, JOSEPH (his mark) BACK- MAN. HANS ULRIC BACKMAN testified 20 Jan. 1762 before STEPHEN CRELL, J.P. Recorded 17 Aug. 1762 by WILLAIM HOPTON, Register. Taken from the SCMAR SOUTH CAROLINA MILITIA 1757 A list of the number of Men belonging to the Regiment of Militia in Berkley County, commanded by Colonel John Chevillette Lt. Colo. Christian Minick Maj. Moses Thompson Adjutant Wm.Thompson Orangeburgh Company Officers Serjts. Privt. Men Slaves Alarm Men James Tilley, Captain 3 123 Christopher Rowe, Lt. Jacob Giessendanner, Ensign Amelia Township John Lloyd, Captain Edward Berwick, Lt. 3 80 John Morrison, Ensign Sacegotha Company Daniel Sheider, Captain William Baker, Lieutent. 3 2 91 Henry Gallman Twelve Mile Creek as far as little Saludy Fink, Captain 1 40 Forks of Edisto River William Young, Captain John Clayton, Lieutenant 2 24 13 5 Saludy and Bush River Andrew Brown, Captain Enoch Anderson, Lieut. 3 2 42 Henry Bradshaw, Ensign New Forrest James Francis, Captain Robt. Lang, Lieutenant Thos. Johnston, 1st Ensign 4 2 64 Henry Foster, 2d Do Upper parts of Amelia Township William Seawright, Captain 1 54 A return of the Officers and Men belonging to the 2 Companies of Foot on Savannah River above Horse Creek, of which no return was made before 1st Company Officers Serjeants Clerk Privt. Men. Slaves Joseph Chatwin, Captain 3 2 1 47 13 George Bussey, Lieut. John Lemar, Ensign Richard Wallace 3 2 1 50 4 Thomas Howard, Lieut. Robert Wallace, Ensign List of the Company of Militia belonging to the Town and Township of New Windsor Ulrick Tobler, Captain 3 3 1 60 39 lexander Shaw, Lt. Dim Tobler junior, Ensign The foregoing Muster Rolls being commuincated, His Excy acquainted the Board, that Colonel Wigg of the Granville Regiment, had informed him by Letter that a number of foreign Protestants from Germany had settled on the Head of Combeehee River & sufficient to make a Company.