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Daniel (Dan, Dan’l) Givens Timeline

b@ 1739 - 1745

m Martha (Mattie, Matty) Camden 1764 in VA

From the North of Ireland to the Colonies of America @ 1720’s to 1730’s

Our Family First Immigrated to PA / MD

Then to Orange County, VA (formed 1734)

Augusta County, VA (formed 1738)

Then became Botetourt County (formed 1769-70)

And now Craig County (formed (1851)

Daniel Timeline 4-2-2011

This Timeline is an on-going work of, Duane D. (Rusty) Givens son of Donald Kenneth Givens, grandson of Hail C. Givens, ggrandson of James Harvison Givens, gggrandson of Joseph Givens, and ggggrandson of Daniel Givens [see A Givens-Hall Family History from Pre-Revolutionary Times to 1970 p-11, #6 in The Givens Tree Spreads, Chap. 6B, p140] With review and contributions by Nathaline & Clyde Givens my cousins who live in Ohio. Until I tire of doing my family research; this will be an on-going, updates, corrections, and questions to be resolved.

When one reads, in this timeline, the words, “we think”, that are in these brackets [ ] a denote observations. All folks that contribute input will be recognized as being the source. When there are differing opinions on any subject, it will be so noted as to who thinks what we do not try to force concurrance with each other. Information that came from Dorothy Hall Givens’s research will be footnoted as follows:

ivens-Hall Family History from Pre-Revolutionary Times to 1970 G-HFH

Compiled by Dorothy Hall Givens, Commonwealth Press, Inc., Radford, VA, 1971, Lib. Of

Congress Cat. # 79-154695

exas-Okla. Clan of Daniel Givens Descendants T-OCDG

More D
aniel Givens Descendants MDGD

The Givens Tree Spreads TGTS

When we have differing opinions, they will be so noted and the initials of the person will be inserted.

Clyde & Nathaline Givens (C&NG) Rusty Givens (RG)

Enter in the very beginning the ref’s about our family’s beginnings in Ireland and the family spelled their name Gavine, and settled in the 1630’s

Insert the PRONI ref # here of Samual Maxwell Alexander Given’s research

All reference resource documents for this timeline are in separate 3 ring binders, entitled, Source Documents for Daniel’s Timeline.

Yes, I want other folks additional input into this document. I know that there are some errors in this document but just don’t know where they are, so I need others to read this Timeline to help me find my errors and provide me with more accurate information. If you have hard copy documents that you would like to share, you may mail a copy of them to Rusty Givens 746 Club Cr, Louisville, CO 80027. PLEASE provide your source of the information that you are providing. We are trying to do the best research possible and noting where we find our information so others will know where this information came from will be appreciated.

o Be Done (TBD) Enter ref to both (1 is the original and the 2nd is a copy) of Daniel’s will’s and put them into the source binder 3 ring binder and letter noting the original vs the Clerks copy.

Insert Nat’s (a gentlemen’s) letter to Dorothy regarding Daniel original will.

Rusty’s assumptions below:

Daniel Givens’s mother & father would have been born @ 1695 to 1720’s –

If Daniel was b@ 1739* or 1745*

- 20 - 20 Daniel’s parents most likely would been

1719 1725 @ 20 yr’s of age, if Daniel was one of

their first born.

There are two dates that our family members believe, may have been Daniel’s birth year, 1739 to 1745. Dorothy Hall Givens concurred. RG & C&NG concur.

We think that Daniel was most likely born in the Colonies (most likely Pennsylvania). The family migrated down the Pennsylvania Turnpike into Southern Virginia maybe around the mid to late 1750’s. It is noted in history books that the Irish did not get along with the Germans or Quakers, so migrated South. This was Indian Territory and no one cared who ran them or killed them and settled the territory themselves. Augusta County that was formed in 1738 and started operations @1745­ and ­County in 1769-70, later where Daniel Givens lived, became Craig County, Virginia. One needs to look at maps to see how the size and configuration of these counties changed over the years Sinking Creek is in Craig County, Virginia as of 1851, which is West of New Castle, (Newcastle), Virginia.

Insert map here

Orange County

In 1734, the General Assembly looked to the past when naming Orange County after William of Orange, who ruled initially with Queen Mary and then solo as King William III.

Put Daniel’s children’s names here:

It is highly probable, that Daniel named some of his children, after his father, mother, aunts and uncles, which was and continues to be a common practice.

Martha Camden’s Mother’s name might have been Anna or Annie or Sarah or Susannah, as families sometimes named their first born daughter and son after their Mother and

Daniel’s first born son might have been William or Isaiah.

Check the Marriage bonds and see if it notes the age of who is getting married which I could then back into their birth year.