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Daniel (Dan, Dan’l) Givens Timeline

b@ 1739 - 1745

m Martha (Mattie, Matty) Camden 1764 in VA

From the North of Ireland to the Colonies of America @ 1720’s to 1730’s

Our Family First Immigrated to PA / MD

Then to Orange County, VA (formed 1734)

Augusta County, VA (formed 1738)

Then became Botetourt County (formed 1769-70)

And now Craig County (formed (1851)

Daniel Timeline 4-2-2011

This Timeline is an on-going work of, Duane D. (Rusty) Givens son of Donald Kenneth Givens, grandson of Hail C. Givens, ggrandson of James Harvison Givens, gggrandson of Joseph Givens, and ggggrandson of Daniel Givens [see A Givens-Hall Family History from Pre-Revolutionary Times to 1970 p-11, #6 in The Givens Tree Spreads, Chap. 6B, p140] With review and contributions by Nathaline & Clyde Givens my cousins who live in Ohio. Until I tire of doing my family research; this will be an on-going, updates, corrections, and questions to be resolved.

When one reads, in this timeline, the words, “we think”, that are in these brackets [ ] a denote observations. All folks that contribute input will be recognized as being the source. When there are differing opinions on any subject, it will be so noted as to who thinks what we do not try to force concurrance with each other. Information that came from Dorothy Hall Givens’s research will be footnoted as follows:

ivens-Hall Family History from Pre-Revolutionary Times to 1970 G-HFH

Compiled by Dorothy Hall Givens, Commonwealth Press, Inc., Radford, VA, 1971, Lib. Of

Congress Cat. # 79-154695

exas-Okla. Clan of Daniel Givens Descendants T-OCDG

More D
aniel Givens Descendants MDGD

The Givens Tree Spreads TGTS

When we have differing opinions, they will be so noted and the initials of the person will be inserted.

Clyde & Nathaline Givens (C&NG) Rusty Givens (RG)

Enter in the very beginning the ref’s about our family’s beginnings in Ireland and the family spelled their name Gavine, and settled in the 1630’s

Insert the PRONI ref # here of Samual Maxwell Alexander Given’s research

All reference resource documents for this timeline are in separate 3 ring binders, entitled, Source Documents for Daniel’s Timeline.

Yes, I want other folks additional input into this document. I know that there are some errors in this document but just don’t know where they are, so I need others to read this Timeline to help me find my errors and provide me with more accurate information. If you have hard copy documents that you would like to share, you may mail a copy of them to Rusty Givens 746 Club Cr, Louisville, CO 80027. PLEASE provide your source of the information that you are providing. We are trying to do the best research possible and noting where we find our information so others will know where this information came from will be appreciated.

o Be Done (TBD) Enter ref to both (1 is the original and the 2nd is a copy) of Daniel’s will’s and put them into the source binder 3 ring binder and letter noting the original vs the Clerks copy.

Insert Nat’s (a gentlemen’s) letter to Dorothy regarding Daniel original will.

Rusty’s assumptions below:

Daniel Givens’s mother & father would have been born @ 1695 to 1720’s –

If Daniel was b@ 1739* or 1745*

- 20 - 20 Daniel’s parents most likely would been

1719 1725 @ 20 yr’s of age, if Daniel was one of

their first born.

There are two dates that our family members believe, may have been Daniel’s birth year, 1739 to 1745. Dorothy Hall Givens concurred. RG & C&NG concur.

We think that Daniel was most likely born in the Colonies (most likely Pennsylvania). The family migrated down the Pennsylvania Turnpike into Southern Virginia maybe around the mid to late 1750’s. It is noted in history books that the Irish did not get along with the Germans or Quakers, so migrated South. This was Indian Territory and no one cared who ran them or killed them and settled the territory themselves. Augusta County that was formed in 1738 and started operations @1745­ and ­County in 1769-70, later where Daniel Givens lived, became Craig County, Virginia. One needs to look at maps to see how the size and configuration of these counties changed over the years Sinking Creek is in Craig County, Virginia as of 1851, which is West of New Castle, (Newcastle), Virginia.

Insert map here

Orange County

In 1734, the General Assembly looked to the past when naming Orange County after William of Orange, who ruled initially with Queen Mary and then solo as King William III.

Put Daniel’s children’s names here:

It is highly probable, that Daniel named some of his children, after his father, mother, aunts and uncles, which was and continues to be a common practice.

Martha Camden’s Mother’s name might have been Anna or Annie or Sarah or Susannah, as families sometimes named their first born daughter and son after their Mother and

Daniel’s first born son might have been William or Isaiah.

Check the Marriage bonds and see if it notes the age of who is getting married which I could then back into their birth year.

  1. 1780 ? First Families from North Ireland, there is a ref to a Daniel & James Givens. Find this doc and put with the others. dtr# ? 1765 VA Counties














1692 1691 l_______l 1701-2


l_____ SPOTSYLVANIA (do more research here)




1734 l



1738 organized 1745 LUNENBURG

l 1746


1769-70 1752


____________________________________ PITTSYLVANIA

l l 1767





1776-7 1776-7 1776-7 1778


  1. 1790



1806 enter addl counties that have been ref.ed




WORK NOTES & stuff ta do:

Make an Index for this Daniel Timeline doc

Insert DNA Research xls spreadsheets in this doc somewhere

NEXT - SOON Put map of NI upfront and show the family lines

Insert maps that I got from Boyd in England / Scotland

NEXT - Insert graphic of my linage coming down from Daniel (the legal chart) right at the beginning of the document

DO Put all the children of Daniel up in the front of this document

We think, that Daniel Givens parents came to the Colonies (Pennsylvania), from the North of Ireland (Scotch-Irish descent), most likely from Co Antrim, as per John Paris Givens, (insert the paragraph from John Paris has in his research) ref p in G-HFH, and Dorothy Hall Givens joined in this thinking in her book, A Givens-Hall Family History from Pre-Revolutionary Times to 1970, p 1, noting Northern Ireland. [After 14 years of looking around CO Antrim I have not found kin of our Daniel Givens, and now looking in other counties in the North of Ireland 2007.

Enter toward the front - something about Givin Castle in Chicago & the numerous URL’s – do PDF’s of these doc’s – enter by date (1800’s) and ref Robert Givin – scan Newspaper article about him and enter it in the timeline.

Insert Dorothy’s bit about Georgina Given from Londonderry. p-1 G-HFH Add note about her uncle, Samuel Maxwell Alexander Given here – into the beginning of this Timeline

LATER Consider entry’s some of Doug Gibson’s Observations from Hawaii in this document – how is related to our family ? Put some of my questions out in the Family Reuion – like who is Doug Gibson, where does he live? Take a copy of what he wrote.

DO Insert URL’s for the source Doc’s that have a lot of detail as I go along i.e.,
VA Library references

Enter in the doc toward the front - something about Dungiven in the front of this document 7 URL’s and include what Maxwell had to say

Enter Tid Bit’s, about our family line and possible relationships – Sean Given Ireland Soccer Goalee, Don Givens, Ireland Soccer Coach, Givin Castle in Chicago, and note spelling differences, Givens witness for JFK assignation, Givens Trucking, towns, streets, streams, roads named names after Givens family. The Caverns once owned by Givens. Etc. family member named after Chief Cornstalk’s son Elenipsico. Dungiven Castle, Dungiven Tract

Enter in the back, something about the Given Library down in Pinehurst, NC – do PDF of those doc’s

Enter about the library in Carlise, PA

Enter DNA results into this document or just note that it exists

Put the stuff below in the web page:

Who’s who & the strange & unusual stories

LATER - Enter something about the Givens family member, witness in JFK shooting – need to use URL & note the # of pages

LATER - Enter something about the last hanging in Ireland, who killed a Given family member, his wife – to be found

Later – castle in Chicago

Astronaut –

NY Hotel

Island in NY

Enter something about our metal man down in Texas

Enter something about Givin Castle in Chicago & the numerous URL’s – do PDF’s of these doc’s

NEXT - Put map of NI upfront and show the family lines

Insert something about Chief Cornstalk and his son Elenipsico insert URL’s

Insert something about Givens Trucking

DO SOON Enter Presidents Inauguration dates Inauguration dates & note TJ when he was Gov. in some of our family records.

MAYBE have a Misc Section and place in by Alpha Order

War of 1812

WORK NOTES cont.ed:

Samuel Gibbons = Samuel Givens per a court record in Augusta Co, Va that Clyde found in the Virginia Beach Library – Clyde said this library has a lot of good information in this library

Maybe have a box with some of the different spellings of our name and where and when it occured

Daniel Boone - Preston

Daniel was born, (we think) in the Colonies either in Pennsylvania or Maryland and then the family settled in Augusta Co, VA.

Note on the documents which I have already done a PDF & to whom I have copied

Do a PDF of the below info

Insert the Givens with the numerous spellings graphic that I put together up here somewhere in N Ireland – put this in the beginning

Remember to search with the spelling “Givin”, as Samuel who married Sarah Cathey name can be found spelled as Givin. Remember the Givin who were in Derrykeighan in Co Antrim, Northern, Ireland (Sherry Givin).

I have entered any and all possible family connections that I have found in my research, and I will leave most of these ref’s until I can make some appropriate connections.

1642 Hugh Givin, County [not given], VA - there is more detail in Source Document binder By Date

1652 Hugh Givin, County, [not given], VA, 300 acres West side of a tract called, Givins Island – [search this and then maybe I will find the county] What state? PA or MD? – more detail in Source Document binder By Date

insert photo (jpeg) of Colonial flag in here

Insert some of the history about the Colonies and some dates here –

  1. Samuel Given Jr. b in Ireland , Samuel Givens m Sarah Cathey. See 1738 (from The Given Family 1634 – 1930 by T.S. Givan, Louisville, Kentucky.

Daniel Givens who married Martha Camden, is not related to this Samuel Givens ref.ed above, as per DNA results performed xx/xx/xxxx. See page xx


Look back in O’Hart’s to see what there is in the area below about “the above – mentioned Gilbert Christian – more info? (work on this grammer – here) Insert an optical scan of the doc that I took a digital photo of at the Isle of Man, Manx facility and note the slight date differences.

An important note here:

From O’Hart’s Irish Pedigrees, Vol I, 5th Edition p-601 [year written ? ] the following information was found by Rusty Givens:

“In 1722, the above –mentioned Gilbert Christian, accompanied by a large number

of his countrymen, migrated to America [from Northern Ireland, CO Londonderry]; and , having some time remained in Pennsylvania, he ultimately settled in Virginia, whither many of his name and family had preceded him from Ireland. Israel Christian, a Scot, once a merchant in Dublin, followed him; and among those who then also went to America from various counties in Ulster were members of the following families: Allen, Brakenridge, Campbell, Christian, Cunningham, Given, Henry, Lewis, Lockhart, McClanahan, McCue, [Mac-Hugh], McDonald, McDowell, McGavock, Montgomery, Rerton spl? (or Tereton), Russell, Trimble, Wilson, etc.” In this same paragraph O’Hart references that most of these families settled in the Southern United States.

When searching in the Eagle Rock area of Virginia which is due North of the current Craig county, [junction of Craig’s Creek and James River] most of the above mentioned families that came over with Gilbert & Israel Christian can be found in that area. [Insert optical scan of the Borden and Beverly Tract after this boxed section.] Keeping in mind that this researcher believes that this is the same Israel Christian [p543] as mentioned above. R.G. [Israel Christian is a very unusual name, and easy to search on.]

Christiansburg, Virginia was named after William Christian. (what date?) Dtr# 1722 what does this Dtr# mean ?

See if I can find this document over in Trinity College.

The comments, additions, corrections or other remarks inserted in brackets like this “ [ ]” are by Rusty Givens. The underlining has also been added by Rusty Givens just for the sake of noting important details that he has observed.

1720’s Israel Christian, a Scot, once a merchant in Dublin, followed him; and among those who then also went to America from various counties in Ulster were members of the following families: Allen, Brakenridge, Campbell, Christian, Cunningham, Given, Henry, Lewis, Lockhart, McClanahan, McCue, [Mac-Hugh], McDonald, McDowell, McGavock, Montgomery, Rerton spl? (or Tereton), Russell, Trimble, Wilson, etc.”

From the book, A Seed-Bed of The Republic Early Botetourt by Stoner, the families note above are referenced in Mr. Stoner’s book:


Brakenridge, [Breckinridge, James & Robert] 20,24,25,27,28,508, map 500, served in the

Civil War 1861 w Capt. Wm. McClanahan & McCue]

Campbell, [John & Patrick] , [a Mary Campbell m William Christian]

Christian, [William, John & Israel] 20,22,24,25,26,27 [Israel m sister of Patrick Henry]

[William Christian m Mary Campbell] p543 ?


Given, [George ?] 18 p-28 1769 p-24 ?

Lewis, [Andrew, John & Thomas] 21,22,24,27 [m Givens p564]

Henry, [Patrick] 25

Lockhart, [James] 87

McClanahan, [Capt. Wm.] 19,65 p530 or 504

McCue (Mac-Hugh) [served in Civil War 1861 w James Breckinridge]

McDonald, [Alexander & Bryan] 20,83

McDowell, [Joseph & James] 25,29,89,90

McGavock, [James] 25,27,29

Montgomery, [James, John] 17,20,27


Russell, [Capt] 25,64,65

Trimble, [James] 24,26,27 [m to a Mary Christian ?]

Wilson,[Capt Samuel, Col Benjamin]

p-28 ? 1769 p-24 ? p530 p569 506 502 504 505 495 474 392 539 522

Peter & Robert Looney, 19,82,89

See Kegley’s VA Frontier p390

From the Annals Of Augusta County Virginia 1726-1871 by Waddell, p 124-125:

GILBERT CHRISTIAN with his wife, three sonsJohn, Robert and

William—and a daughter, Mary, landed at Newcastle, Pennsylvania,

in 1726, and in 1732 removed to a spot near the site of Staunton, [ Virginia ? Yes] on

Christian’s Creek, giving his name to that stream. John Christian was a prominent citizen, and is repeatedly mentioned in the earlier pages of these Annals. He was on of the first Justices of the Peace, etc. etc, Robert married Isabella Tiffins, of the lower Valley [Virginia ?], and is the ancestor of the Christians now living in the county, William is presumed to be the Capt. William Christian mentioned elsewhere as member of a “Council of War,” in 1756. His wife was Mary Campbell, probably a sister of Arthur Campbell. Mary Christian married, first, John Moffett and became the mother of Col. George Moffett and others. She married, secondly, John Trimble [I believe this is the Trimble that came over to the Colonies with Israel Christian, @ the 1720’s], and became the mother of Capt. James Trimble, of whom much remains to be said.

[ It appears that it was Gilbert Christian that first settled in Beverly Manor in 1736. Below it is noted that Israel Christian did not move to Augusta County, Virginia until 1740. On the Beverly Manor Land Grant map that I have from recorded Land Grants in 1736, I do not see Given(s) on this map. Maybe they are still in Pennsylvania where they first immigrated to along with Israel Christian. And remember that Samuel Givens who m Sarah Cathey, immigrated to the Colonies in 1738 per Immigration Records.]

Find source of this and enter here & add what I found on the Isle of Man

ISRAEL CHRISTIAN, a very prominent citizen of Augusta, is be-

lieved to have been a nephew of Gilbert. He is said to have had some

training in the mercantile business before he left Ireland. [O’Hart notes that Israel, (a Scot) was a merchant in Dubin prior to immigrating to the Colonies] He came to

Augusta in 1740, and was a prosperous merchant at Staunton for some

years. [Israel must have lived in Pennsylvannia from the 1720’s until moving South into Virginia in 1740.] He was a representative of Augusta in the House of Burgesses

in 1759-’61. His wife was Elizabeth Stark. One of his daughters

married Col. William Fleming; one was the second wife of Caleb

Wallace; another married William Bower, of Botetourt; and a fourth

Colonel Stephen Trigg, of Kentucky. A county in Kentucky was

named in honor of his son, William, and another for his son-in-law

Trigg. He was the founder of the towns of Fincastle and Christians-

burg. [include these names in the index when I put it together]

WILLIAM CHRISTIAN, son of Israel, was born in Augusta [ County Virginia] in

1743. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1744 (from

Botetourt [Botetourt County was not formed until 1769-1770 ?], and leaving Williamsburg he raised a company and has-

tened to join General Andrew Lewis, but failed to overtake him till

the night after the battle of Point Pleasant. In 1775 he was chosen

Lieutenant-Colonel of the first Virginia regiment of which Patrick

Henry was colonel. In 1776, however, he became colonel of the first

battalion of Virginia militia, and commander of an expedition against

the Cherokee Indians. The troops under his command consisted of

two battalions from Virginia and one from North Carolina, which,

with other men employed, composed an army of one thousand six

hundred to one thousand eight hundred men. The campaign lasted

about three months. Not one man was killed, and no one died. The

Indians fled at the approach of the army, but many of their towns

were destroyed and their fields wasted. On the return of the army to

the settlements, Fort Henry was built at Long Island, in the Holston,

near the present Virginia State line, and supplies were taken to it from

Rockbridge and Augusta counties. The fort was then supposed to be

in Virginia.

In 1780 William Christian commanded another expedition against the Cherokees.

In 1781 he was appointed by General Green at the head of a commis-

sion to conclude a treaty with the Indians, his Virginia associates be-

ing Arthur Campbell, William Preston and Joseph Martin. In 1785

William removed to Kentucky, and settled near Louisville. The year fol-

lowing he and other pursed a party of marauding Indians across the

Ohio river, and overtook two of them near the spot where Jefferson-

ville, Indiana, now is. There he was shot and killed by one of the

Indians, both of whom were instantly killed by Christian’s compan-

ions. His body was carried home, and the inscription on his tomb-

stone states that he was killed April 9, 1786, aged 43. His wife was a

sister of Patrick Henry. Colonel Bullitt, of Kentucky, was his son-

in-law. His only son died while a youth. [I think I have books about a Green family, see if it’s this family.]

Insert here – Index To The Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810. Or 3 pages forward ?

Allen 5,6



Christian 87

Cunninghan 117

Given 74

Henry 226,227

Lewis 285,6

Lockhart 289


McCue, Mac-Hugh 305

McDonald 303


Montgomery 331,2



Russell 407, 10

Trimble 461

Wilson 493

Put the other Christian family info in the 3 ring binder and ref here

Put a copy of the above record in the 3 ring source ref binder

Wasn’t there a ref in the above doc noting that these folks departed from Londonderry?

Insert Beverly Manor Land Grant maps of 1736 in here and Borden map.

1720’s Israel Christian & other immigrants departed from Londonderry, Ireland to the Colonies – included with him were some of the Given family.

1726 Gilbert Christian settled in New Castle, PA, living in Derry Co or Lancaster, PA.

Note New Castle PA, and then near New Castle, Virginia and note that this is Derry CO of PA. Gilbert was b 1677 in Ireland. Moved to Virginia 1732. (Note 2 New Castles, search the history of these 2 New Castles) [Newcastle]

1732 Gilbert Christian moved to Virginia – insert the source of this ref

1734 * Orange County was created from Spotsylvania County, in the Virginia Colony.

Augusta County in 1738

1736 Land Grants began in the Beverly Manor in the year 1736 in Orange County, Virginia. Orange County was formed in 1734.

1738 Augusta County, Virginia was formed.

1738 * Augusta County was created 11/1738 from Orange County, but did not start functioning until 10/30/1745

[The below Samuel Givens is NOT Related to our Daniel Givens as per DNA results. Insert results here - ]

1738 * There was a Samuel Givens (also found spelled Givins) Esq who married Sarah Cathey, dau of

who later married 1740 something to


(the spelling can also be found (Givins) - 1738 Importation Records to Augusta Co.(now Orange Co.), later Botetourt Co in 1769. see Virginia Counties Chart (page of this document), VA. Samuel is thought to have been from Co Antrim, Derrykeighan, [does Reichlein note in her document that Samuel was from Derrykeighan ? ] N Ireland (from Reichlein’s book, p-2). Put the doc with my Source Doc Bind - Samuel Given(s) Esq - was a Justice (from the Tinkling Springs book, by Patricia Givens). Samuel and his family were NOT Indentured, Samuel brought his family over from Ireland with his own funds. Samuel died @ Oct. 22nd of 1740, the writing of his will and Dec of 1740. Samuel’s youngest son George was b 10/18/1740, after Samuel’s death, in Orange CO, VA. Not the Samuel who was Granted 400 acres in 1742 at Eagle Rock, VA. See 1742

Samuel’s father is thought to be a Samuel Sr. and his grandfather thought to be Robert Givens (Givins), according to Reichlein’s book..

Insert ref to Reichlein’s doc here and put the URL and some of her doc here -–

Just enter in the DNA that shows no relationship and not a lot of detail is really necessary here –

Maybe some of the entries below should be under 1736? Where did these other dates come from ?

  1. Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – Wm Cathey, on Cathey’s Branch or River [adjoined John Trimble’s grant]

1738 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – Wm. Cathey, on Cathey’s Branch or River [adjoined John Trimble’s grant, NW boarder]

1739 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Wilson [ likely that this Wilson emigrated with Gilbert Christian – the timeframe works ]

1739 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Trimble 449 acres, on Cathey’s Branch or River [adjoined Wm. Cathey’s grant, NW boarder] [ likely that this Wilson emigrated with Gilbert Christian – the timeframe works ]

1749 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Campbell 325 acres, on Cathey’s Branch or River [adjoined John Trimble’s grant, NW boarder] [ likely that this Campbell emigrated with Gilbert Christian – the timeframe works ]

1749 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – James Patton 1,350 acres

  1. Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Wilson 160 acres. [most likely the same Wilson that emigrated with Israel Christian]

  1. 1739 Our Daniel Givens might have been born this year. (see the LDS ref xxx

& put this document in my 3 ring binder

1739 28 Feb., Samuel Givins, Sarah his wife and children – see source documents – 3 ring binder filed w/ Headrights of Orange Co, VA – 1735 [Samuel’s last name is found to be spelled Givin(s) & Givens. Where ?

1739 ? James Cathey, Ann his wife and other family members are ref.ed - see source documents – 3 ring binder filed w/ Headrights of Orange Co, VA – 1735

sometime enter all the Givens, Givin and Givings by Counties in this doc

Fassetts, Masons Insert the mess that is entered in the LDS about our Daniel’s parents being tied to the, Louvine and other stuff here

Note that this is junk and insert Dorothy’s & Reichlein’s note in here and note that we concur.

Estes and Margaret Staford?

Ref my research in the 3 ring binder

1740 [Samuel Given(s), (also see spelled Givin(s)[whom married Sarah Cathey], did not bring our Daniel to the Colonies Samuel didn’t emigrate to the Colonies until 1738. [double ck this date]– as this Samuel (who m Cathey) died in 1740- [and was buried in Augusta Co in Beverly Manor per Clyde] and our Daniel was b @ 1739-1745. Was our Daniel Givens born in the Colonies or born in Ireland? Our Daniel was most likely born in the Colonies. Samuel did not immigrate to the Colonies until 1738. [double ck this date] [This researcher believes that Daniel & Samuel living as close as they did in the same years in Augusta County Virginia would lead one to believe that they were most likely related. Samuel’s family came from County Antrim, Derrykeighan Parish in Northern Ireland. Samuel’s (I have seen Samuel who m Cathey referred to as Samuel Jr.) father was a Samuel [Sr.] and his grandfather was Robert [his family thinks, per Reichlein], who immigrated from Scotland to Ireland providing the Scotch-Irish (Celtic) ancestry. r.g.] The Daniel Givens line is NOT Related to this Samuel Givens – note the DNA or ref it somewhere

[Insert story about the man that Samuel found from the British Isles in the woods.]

Insert a copy of Samuel’s will and Importation Records in my Source Binder

Insert something to explain what indenture means, in here somewhere

DO Note areas where Samuel lived in Virginia.

[It is possible that our Daniel was brought over as an infant, but we doubt this) to the Colonies.,

Find some of the locations where Samuel and Sarah Cathey lived in Virginia and note in relationship to our Daniel on a map.

See 1742 Sarah Cathey Givens

Date ? Misc – The New River, [VA] was known as Woods River in Colonial times, being named after Abraham Wood until about 1750 – Early Adventures on the Western Waters by Kegley p-3

1740 or 42 insert doc about George Givens, 300 or 400 acres in Eagle Rock, VA & map in the Source Doc binder. From VA Lib? Note source, map of Botetourt CO from A Seedbed of the Republic, I think. [no one has taken this name George in our early family which makes it doubtful that our Daniel’s fathers name was George] [also keep in mind, most of the time, that the first born girl was given the name of her mother’s and some of the other kids would or could have been named after aunt’s and uncles]

Insert note about Given School at Eagle Rock in VA

Insert info when Eagle Rock was formed -

See 1742 George – most likely one & the same George

1740 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Wilson 306 acres.

  1. James Cathey – Augusta Co, VA 400 acres, North River of Shannando (original spelling) - more detail in Source Document binder By Date

Sarah Cathey’s father is [up for grabs. I have two different parents in my data base for her the best I think is Alexander Cathey and Margaret mnuk. She fits in there fine and there is a brother, James Cathey b. 3 jul 1694. R.E.G. ]

Insert from next page ?

Our observation of family records is that our Daniel had a reasonable education, as he was certified as a Constable and that he had some reasonable funds as he was able to marry and support a wife at a young age in his 20’s. Thus we conclude that our Daniel, as was Samuel who m Sarah Cathey, were not Indentured. r.g., c & n] [Constable is a Tax Collector]

[We are thinking that Daniel met Martha Camden here in the Colonies, maybe Amherst or Bedford VA and they did not come over together from Ireland as children. c&n, r.g. Note some information about the Amherst and Bedford areas here. Dorothy Givens thought the Camden’s were from Bedford & Amhurst, VA. G-HFH p- ]

insert note about Camden quilt here –

1740, May Alexander Brackenridge, and family and other family ref.ed – see 3 ring Source Binder

Headrights of Orange Co, VA – 1735 and 1722 O’Hart’s Irish Pedigree’s Vol. I, 5th Edition.

1740 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Wilson 260 acres.

1740’s ? John Trimble and other family refed.

1740 ? James Caldwell and other family ref.ed

these two are most likely related – research it

1740 ? George Caldwell and other family ref.ed

1741 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – David Campbell 366 acres.

1741 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – David Campbell 566 acres.

1742 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – - - - - ngham (most likely Cunningham, central SE boarder)

1742 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) –George & Robert Breckenridge 540 acres,

1742 A Givens-Hall Family History book, pages 8,9,12,15,16,48,53, dtr# 1742

1742 or 1740? George Givens 400 acres Land Grant at Eagle Rock, Virginia (which is North of ). Insert more info about Eagle Rock in here – more detail in Source Document binder By Date

See the 1740 George 400 acres – most likely one & the same George.

Found in “A Seed-Bed Of The Republic, Early Botetourt by Robert Douthat Stoner” dtr# 1742

Do more research on Eagle Rock, Virginia and try to find out who the George Givens school was named after -

The Library of Virginia Grants & Surveys Catalog Card dtr#1742

George Givens 400 acres northside of James River, mouth of Craig’s Creek, Robert Looney ref.ed in next sentence – A Seed-Bed Of The republic, Early Botetourt by Robert Stoner, p-19 - - and Looney’s Mill Creek, Tinkling Spring, the Stone Church of Augusta – note on a map & note where Daniel owned the 473 acres & New Castle. [Newcastle] [put a copy of this doc in the Resource Doc binder] [most likely the same George as entered above]

  • see – insert & ref letter about George Givens on Craig’s Creek Land Grant – letter to Dorothy Hall Givens


Division:   RUSSELL

Grade Levels:   KG-2

Address:    PO BOX 219


Principal:  DANNY L BROWN

Telephone:  (540) 991-0001

5/19/1996 letter from Betty Givens Moore from the Samuel line.

1742 George Givens – The age works that this George could be our Daniel’s father - but - - wouldn’t he have lived closer to the rest of the family?

[ To have received a Land Grant, an individual most likely would have been no younger then maybe @30 years of age, putting this George in a birth year (@ the late 1600’s to early 1700’s. George could have been our Daniel’s Father. ]

BUT, Daniel & Martha did not name any of their son’s George - - -

is this Land Grant in the VA Library w/ Inventory of Records ?

1742 There was a George Givens in the Spring of 1742 etc. - - source James Patton and the Appalachian Colonist 400 acres ref. on Map _______________ by _______________.

1742, Feb 12th, George Givings – Augusta Co, VA, 400 acres on the N side of the James River - more detail in Source Document binder By Date same George as above ? entries? need to see this doc If I think this person is a Givens, then note it here

1743 John Givings Augusta Co, VA more detail in Source Document binder By Date

If I think this person is a Givens, then note it here

1743 John [Givings?] , Sarah, William, Orange Co, VA

If I think this person is a Givens, then note it here

1743, Aug 30th, William, Sarah, James, & Samuel Givings, 311 acres on W side of Blue Ridge of Shanandore River, [VA ?]

Do research on the Shanandore River, was the name changed at a later date?

1743, Aug 30th, James Cathie [Cathey?] (Sarah Cathey’s Brother? [I believe that Cathey is the correct spelling for this family] see 1744), Orange Co., VA, 1350 acres on W Side of the Blue Ridge on Shanandore River adjoining the land of John Givings 1744 , a Robert Givens [determine if this Robert was part of Samuel’s family] – part of a grant of James Patton & John Lewis – Robert’s settlement was in the Calfpasture area North of the Forks of the James River. Work on this Cathie, Cathey, Givings, Givens - - -

G-HFH p-8 - did Dorothy have a footnote where she got this info from?

1744 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – Alexander Campbell 599 acres.


An early settlement on 16,500 acres on the Calfpasture granted to James Patton and John Lewis was very closely assoiated with the James River and Roanoke settlements. The original settlers wre Alexander Dunlap, William Jameson, Thomas Gilham, Robert Crokett, David Davis, Thomas Weems, Henry Gay, Francis Donnally, Robert Gay, Samuel Hodge, John Miller, Robert Bratton, James Lockridge, John Graham, Robert Givens, John Preston, William Warwick, James Carlisle, Jacob Clements, John Campbell, James Carter, Loftus Pullen, Julin Wilson, John Kincaid, William Eliott, Jr., William Hamilton, William Gay, John Ward.

from Kegley’s Virginia Frontier 1938, F.B. Kegley, p 131

Lewis, Given(s) & Wilson part of the Christian 19 that immigrated in 1726?

(sort out who the above Robert Givens is above – son of Samuel & Sarah Cathey or kin to Daniel Givens, Father ? Uncle ?

1744 Sarah Cathey Givens remarried after Samuel’s death to a Robert Allen of Fredrick Co, VA. James and John Cathey were Sarah’s Brothers who settled in Cecil CO, Md @ 1720. The Allen’s were from Derrykeighan Parish, in Co Antrim, NI.

See 1740 Samuel Givens - what is the source of this – important to keep the sources

1745 Some of our family researchers think that our Daniel Givens might have been born around this year. G-HFH p-9 ,also some ref to this in LDS records I think (find & ref here ), r.g. I think ( r.g) that most folks that think this is a possible birth year is based upon Dorothy Hall Givens’s reference to this year in her book, G-HFH,p-9.] insert LDS ref # here

Note our doubts about the Rev Givens information and insert Betty Norflect Moore’s comments from Dorothy’s book here May 19, 1916, note 2 quotes and add our own comments. and Estes thoughts – this will belong in the beginning of this document

1746 Robert Gwin Constable at Great Calf Pasture [River] [Calfpasture, VA] [this is the correct spelling per a map, Calfpasture] , we think is the correct spelling] – owned 544 acres in Augusta CO, [VA] [probably to far away to be our kin] ?

1746 David Givin, 28 Aug– Lunenburg Co, VA, formed 1746 (renamed to Halifax CO 1752, part of it? ), VA, 700 acres South side of Little Roanoke & Ward Fork, adjoining John Towns - Land Grant? Grantee? more detail in Source Document binder By Date

from Lib of VA? Dtr# 1746

dates on the map ? below

1747 May 20th, a Ro[bert] Givin was appointed as vice Constable along w/ some of the other grp that came over with Israel Christian. P-28 Vol I Chakley

1747 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Montgomery 347 1/2 acres

1748 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – James Lockhart 624 acres.

1749 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – David Cunningham 720 acres.

1749 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Wilson 343 acres

1754 Bedford County was formed in 1754 from Lunenburg & Albemarle Counties.

1754 Bedford County was formed in 1754 from Lunenburg & Albemarle Counties.

1756-7 Samuel Givens – Cathey & Christian & Trimble - -

1756 Richard Givin, Albemarble Co, VA - more detail in Source Document binder By Date

from Lib of VA?

1756 Israel Christian’s family that came over with him in the 1720’s, Campbell, Montgomery, Lewis, Trimble and add the others later –

insert the alpha order here ?

1757 Edward Given sold land to a John Given, map p-44 Davidson’s Creek

Settlement more detail in Source Document binder By Date [ what state ? part of Robert Edwin Given’s kin ? ]

find and place this ref into the Ref Doc binder

1758 Aug James Givens & Andrew Hamilton

pound s. d.

syl a

Augusta CO, VA

Hening’s Status, Vol 7, page 179 -200 p30, 50

David & Robert Looney same page

& Wm Christian

from Gleanings of VA History, by Boogher

(G of VA H)

1759 16th May, Patrick Campbell, Robert Campbell, William Christian, James Lockart, Robert Breckrenridge - - Justices, Augusta Co., VA - see Source Doc 3 ring binder – 1759 Feb 1st. and see 1722 OHart’s Ref.

1760 Augusta County, VA and before 1760 he married Anne Givens daughter of John Givens and Mary Sitlington. (Is this Samuel’s and Sarah Cathey’s Givens’s son?


Jefferson County 1
... In The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. ... Index to deeds 1792-1929 grantors Andrew Henderson
to John Henderson C
... VA and before 1760 he married Anne Givens daughter of ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

Jefferson County

Leaves From The Family Tree by Penelope Johnson Allen. Vol. I; Clippings from Chattanooga Times Newspaper March 18 1934. Copy in McClung Historical Collection, Lawson McGhee Library, Knoxville, Tennessee

"John Henderson of Fifeshire, Scotland had a son William who married in Scotland, Margaret Bruce, Their son Samuel born 1713 died 1783 married Jean Craig. Samuel and Jean (Craig) Henderson had a son John Andrew Henderson he married in Augusta County VA in 1756 to Mary Russell, their children were(1) Andrew Henderson married Agnes Nancy Keys;(2) John Henderson married in Washington County VA Margaret Hammond;(3) Samuel Henderson married Amanda Fraim;(4) Robert Henderson married Miss Balch, later Elizabeth Hackett;(5) Joseph Henderson died unmarried;(6) Thomas Henderson married Elizabeth McGhee;(7) Florence Henderson married Alexander Shadden;(8) Jean Henderson married Andrew Edgar".

Another son of John and Dorcas Henderson was Thomas Alexander Henderson born 27 Oct 1826. (Tennessee, The Volunteer State pp. 535 and 536). Other children of John Henderson Jr. and Dorcas (McSpadden) were: Samuel, Eliza, Mary, Jane, Nancy, Robert and Dorcas (Bradford data, Chattanooga, TN).

Thomas Alexander Henderson (1826-1911) married Martha Caldwell (1828-1918) and they had five children: William Bryant, James Harvey, Mary Ellen, Oliver Benjamin, and Martha Caldwell.

There are different conflicts in data, typically of Henderson family study. In a reference: Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the USA, by Donald Whyte, Magna Carta Book Company, Baltimore MD, gives the genealogy of a John Henderson (1720- 24 Mar 1787). According to this, he was the son of Alexander Henderson of Augusta County, VA and before 1760 he married Anne Givens daughter of John Givens and Mary Sitlington. (Is this Samuel’s and Sarah Cathey’s Givens’s son? )They were the parents of five sons: William born ca 1766, John born ca. 1760, James, Samuel, and George born ca 1759.

1763 A Daniel Givins and Mary James, widow, [m ? ] Feb.27, 1763 p 104 from the William & Mary Quarterly, Series 2, Vol.8, 1928, MARRIAGE BONDS OF NORFOLK COUNTY Contributed by Mrs. Russell S. Barrett [Maybe a cousin or uncle to our Daniel or his father? - Mary James a widow of a previous marriage with a James?

This date would put her and this Daniel Givins as being b @ the late 1600’s to early 1700’s. r.g.] insert ref # here –

Mary James would have been b@ 1743, most likely earlier, like the 1720’s –

1763-20 years of age = 1746

[was this moved somewhere else or in advertly dropped from here ?]

1760’s Did Daniel Givens meet Martha Camden in Pennsylvania, Maryland or [Augusta CO, VA was formed in 1738 organized 1745 – Botetourt formed 1769-70.] Delaware [or in Bedford County or Amherst County, VA?] and marry her and move South to Virginia in the late 1760s?

In Dorothy’s book G-HFH, p-10, Dorothy believed that Martha Camden’s family was from Augusta Co, VA and thought that they also lived in also in Amherst county. [Was this where the Sally Lee Camden quilt was auctioned? or was it in Bedford CO ? from my notes w Bonnie Wimmer she ref’s Bedford as to where the quilt came from 10/04 ] A new finding 9/2004 with regard to where Martha’s family came from. Rusty Givens found that a Robert Wimmer’s wife bought a Camden quilt at an auction in _____________, Robert who helped a Jessie Davis disassemble Daniel Givens’s log cabin in 2000 when it was sold by Coty Canode and moved to Troy Montana, [ insert url’s for the log cabin here] found a quilt that was made by a Camden. Stitched on it was a reference to a Sally Lee Camden and a reference to Bedford Co, Virginia which is near Amherst, VA .

[Sally Lee Camden,s Bed Quilt– a quilt was sold at auction @ 9/2003 and Bonnie Wimmer bought it over in Amherst, VA.] I have jpegs of it - RG

This is a map of the Continental Divide where Daniel and Martha Camden Givens lived.

Subject: Continental Divide map in Virginia

1763 A Daniel Givins who married a Mary James, a widow, Feb. 27th, 176104 from the William & Mary Quarterly, Series 2, Vol. 8 , 1928. MARRIAGE BONDS OF NORFOLK COUNTY Contributed by Mrs. Russell S. Barrett [maybe a cousin or uncle to our Daniel Givens or his father?

Where does this belong ? 3. P James might have been her former husbands last name. Note the spelling – “Givins”.

It appears that this Daniel Givins, who married a Mary James, was a widow @ 1762

maybe and m Daniel. He might have been b@ early 1700’s like 1720’s which would

put him @ 43 years to 53 yrs of age. Could have been in the right age bracket to be our

Daniel’s father.

See Born Fighting p 128, CG, we are reminded that even in Colonial Virginia, - “No churches, except Episcopalian in the Frontier, mostly Presbyterian – CG]

1763, Feb. 27th Marriage Bonds - Daniel Givins and Mary James, widow

William & Mary Quarterly, Series 2, Vol.8 1928



Contributed by Mrs. Russell S. Barrett

The following is a complete list of all the early marriage bonds

that are still in the Norfolk County Court House. In many cases

the ink is so pale it is almost illegible, the paper is some is so

worn and tender it droops to pieces with the most careful handling;

many parts are missing. The greater number, however are in very

good condition. A great many are missing, not _ _ _ remains for

the years of 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1780, 1794. The records

disclose on one marriage bond for each of the following years:

1771, 1774, 1781, 17_ _. We have included lists turned into the

clerk’s office by ministers of the gospel. All names on these lists

are not represented by bonds, however, but such marriages were

solemnized by the said ministers, and so we have included them,

as it is the only record of these marriages remaining.

[the first entry date was 1706 and the next date skipped out to



1763 Work Notes: for this Mary James

Daniel Givins and Mary James, widow, Feb. 27, 1763

Daniel Givins 1763 doc

A cousin of our Daniel?

Maybe some kin of Sherry’s?

[Never heard of Mary James so far?

Was a “widow” - James was her 1st husband’s name? most likely

Bond date 2/27/1763 –

Daniel & Martha Camden Givens were married 1764

Norfolk County date formed ? enter it here

Do a name index and a date index x-ref.ed back to alpha name index maybe in Xcel

It appears that this Daniel Givins, who married a Mary James, was a widow @ 1762

maybe and m Daniel. He might have been b@ early 1700’s like 1720’s which would

put him @ 43 years to 53 yrs of age. Could have been in the right age bracket to be our

Daniel’s father.

1764 Daniel Givens married Martha Camden @1764 (if not married in Episcopal Church, records probably did not exist for their marriage.) [ I think this marriage date was an estimated by Dorothy Hall Givens] [ If Daniel was b.1739 he would have been 25 years when married and 83 when he died in 1823 OR if he was b.1745 [Dorothy’s observation – I think that Dorothy backed into Daniel’s date of birth and marriage date?][I think their marriage date was backed into by Dorothy Givens as there were no official records found, i.e., Anne was b 1766, so maybe they were married a year or two later.], and married at 19 years of age, he would have been 77 at his death., r.g.] Daniel was born around 1745, [estimated by Dorothy] this birth year came from Dorothy Hall Givens’s book, A Givens – Hall Family History from Pre-Revolutionary Times to 1970 (G-HFH), p-9. [ I discussed with Dorothy that Daniel might have been born earlier maybe @ 1739 which Dorothy thought was possible.]

Dorothy Hall Givens who was the compiler of the book G-HFH, notes that there were Camdens in Augusta County & Amherst County. Camden is most likely an English name indicating that Daniel probably met Martha Camden somewhere in the Colonies; it is a common name in NE, i.e. MD, NJ.

[Samuel Givens (who m Sarah Cathey, did not bring our Daniel to the Colonies – as Samuel died 1740 – our Daniel was b 1739 – 1745, we think in the Colonies, maybe PA.

The Samuel & Daniel Givens families are NOT Related.

1764 Oct 12th, A Daniel Givin was selling Viper Achille Stallions in Shanescastle, [do an optical scan of Shanescastle, Shanes Castle from the small book which Thomas Given who was the post master] Ireland (I have a photo copy from the Belfast Newspaper Ad, (from the Linen Hall Library, in Belfast, Ireland). Race horses? Write to horse assoc over in Ireland and find out more about these horses. [possible relationship to our Daniel - - timeframe @ 1700. Could be our Daniel’s Father Remember that the spelling of our name was in and out of Given, Givens, Givin and some other spellings. The families that came from Scotland in the 1630’s as per Dr. Rev. TH Mullen, note the book(s) name in here ____________________________ Our Daniel was born around 1739 to 1745. 1764 – 1739= 1725 His father could have been around 25 yr’s of age – or could have been an Uncle to our Daniel.

1765 Aug 10th Israel Christian buys 150 acres from John & Mary Mills – Augusta CO, VA filed with 1772 Looney family papers.

Work on this above -

1765 1780 ? First Families from North Ireland, there is a ref to a Daniel & James Givens. Find this doc and put with the others. dtr# 1765

1765 – 80 Daniel & James Givens - in the “History of the Presbyterian church by Hattie Lee Faries Petty. Note what was found in this book – here These two could be brothers or uncles, cousins to our Daniel

1766 Annie or Anna (dau of Daniel & Martha Camden Givens) was born (she m Julis Webb 12/13/1790) Was she also born in Maryland?

look into the Marriage Bond Certificates and we can back into the birth dates of some of Martha & Daniel’s children if that info is missing

1767 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – George Breckenridge 540 acres.

1768-70 Sarah Susannah “Susie”, (dau of Daniel & Martha Camden Givens) was born (she m John Walker 10/17/1791) 1850 Census notes that Susannah was born in Maryland and her age was 76 in 1850 Virginia Census. Remember that Daniel was a Constable in Virginia in 1773, so were his parents watching out for his family while he was getting established in Virginia? see 1774 which came from the 1850 Census Records.

The above ref that Susanna was born in Maryland is very important. Find and insert this census here - Were Daniel & Martha living up in Md in 1768 – 70 and had not moved to VA yet? Were the younger children also born up there?

1770 * Botetourt County created in 1/31/1770 from Augusta County

1770 -1787 check these yr’s 1800’s ? Daniel Gibbons [Givens] in Capt.

Looney’s Company Kegley’s VA Frontier – p465

1771 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – David Cunningham 150 acres.

1771 Israel & Elizabeth Christian were on Craig’s Creek, VA

see 1779 – Daniel & Martha also on Craig’s Creek p 460

in Kegley’s VA Frontier Maybe it is Our Daniel Givens that was the Given family

that immigrated with Gilbert Christian in 1725 from Londonderry, Ireland.

  1. Daniel Given, Nr 15 & Hugh Givin, Nr 18, John Walker NR 32, all Privates, are on the Pay Roll of Captain Nathaniel Hart’s Co. of Orange Co. (Virginia ?) Militia 1771. What does NR stand for ?_______________

1771 ,Aug 3rd, William Givens - Augusta Co, VA [ Samuel’s kin? ] - more detail in Source Document binder By Date

1772 * Fincastle County was created in 1771 from Botetourt County, VA

From Fincastle County, Kentucky County was formed 1776-7, Montgomery was formed 1776-7, Washington county was formed 1776-7 and the Fincastle CO, VA ended in 1777, and now is just a town. All these counties are in VA.

1772 Land Grant in Beverly Manor (1736) – John Cunningham 320 acres.

1772 ,Jan 20th, John Givin, Isle of Wight Co, VA [formed in 1637] - more detail in Source Document binder By Date How far is this from where Daniel was living ? _______________

1772 two land grants (to who? ), Kegley’s “VA Frontiers”, noted by Betty Givens Norfleet Moore, May 19, 1966 to Dorothy Hall Givens was this in one of their letters? I think so – didn’t find it in Kegley’s book what family name?

    1. & 1782 (clean this up) Jan 20th Absolom Looney – same property, Adam Looney grantee 140 acres on the head of the North Branch of Craig’s Creek –, VA - see 1765

1772 Robert Breckridge who was m to Mary Poague (or was it Lettice?) dau of Robert Poague, died ( they started out in PA and went to Augusta CO, VA. P 508

do a graphic showing the other brothers and sisters and where they lived in VA

Daniel & Martha Camden Givens were in Maryland in 1773-4. ? where did this come from? Dorothy had 1764 didn’t she?

Was Martha’s family from Maryland?

1773 * Daniel Givin (Givens) was a Constable in Augusta Co. –Daniel was made Constable in Augusta Co, but since it is known that Botetourt Co. was still being supported by Augusta Co in getting them started with their record keeping which took some years to get them on their feet, so Daniel may have been serving in the area that is now known as Craig Co, VA. Augusta Co Court Records, Order book # XV Nov 16th, 1773 [from Chakley, p -173 and some Camden’s also noted.] find this doc and put in 3 ring Source Binder

[We think that a person who would have attained the position of a Constable, probably lived in the area for at least a couple of years prior to 1773 as this position would not have been handed over the year that he arrived - and was well known to the community and have a reasonable education, such as being capable of reading. The possible late date for Daniel arriving in the area is 1771 and maybe sooner. c&n, r.g.]

1773 1773

- 1739 -1745

34 28 yr old (kind of young to be appointed to be a

Constable, we think.

This is the earliest record that we have of Daniel in Virginia todate.

Was Daniel still up in PA or Md?

Remember that Daniel md in 1764

Married in PA, MD or VA ?

We doubt that Daniel’s father was a George as this name was not used in this family –

1774 Oct, 7th, Battle of Kanawha, better known as Battle of Point Pleasant.

In Gilbert Christian’s folder, it notes that Col Andrew Lewis, served at the victory of Point Pleasant. Daniel Givens fought at the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Find and include attachments

1773-74 Susannah Givens, 2nd. dau of Daniel & Martha was born. The 1850 Census notes that she was born in Maryland 1773 or 74. See 1850 Dorothy has her being b @1768. Attach copy of this census with this doc

1774, Nov Hugh Givin, on Pay Roll of the 6th Troop, VA Light, p 193 G of VA H Dragoons (nick name for the Troop ?)

1776 * Montgomery County was created 12/31/1776 from Fincastle County

1777 in list of Militiamen in Capt John Givens’s, Company, Augusta CO, VA from Oct 16, 1777 to Mar 15, 1782, inclusive p-223 Got VA-H Samuel Givens Sr, John Givens, Robert Givens, James Givens, William Givens

1776 The Colonies declare the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776.

Virginia announces independence from England. Add more info here

1779 - Daniel & Martha Camden Givens were living on Craig’s Creek, VA - SEE 1771 - Israel & Elizabeth Christian were also living on Craig’s Creek, VA p 460 in

Kegley’s VA Frontier

1770-1783 James River Communities in Botetourt County, 1770-1783

p-465 Kegley’s Virginia Frontier 1938

Captain Looney’s Company

[find out when Capt Looney’s Company was formed and for how long was it togeather? ]

Daniel Gibbons [Givens, written in by Dorothy Hall Givens] contributed 2 Horses and 3 Cattle p-465

1779-1785 * The **authors of this Timeline, wonder if Daniel Givens (Givin) lived in South Carolina from 1779 to 1785 as noted in GHFH on page 10. Why would Daniel move to South Carolina and return to Virginia 6 years later? Maybe he followed some of Samuel’s family down there just for the war. [We question if Daniel actually lived in S.C., c & n, r.g.] see p- 10 G-HFH

Robert Edwin Givens R.E.G. – Robert is not related to our Daniel Givens line and note the others in the DNA project – maybe find a place for entering all the DNA group or just attach the 2 – legal size sheets.

Many people from the West of the mountains went to the Carolina’s for a short period to fight in the war, but we doubt that he lived down there.]

As a reference, The Battle of Kings Mountain, in the book called Born Fighting by James Webb pp169-172, there is where the Toast was made that mentions a Daniel Givens, Oct 7,1780, that got us into the SAR, which is questionable. G-HFB p-10 – see Born Fighting by James Webb –pp 169-172 – all able men went to war


“ A Waggon and Team in Public service from March

19th to April 11th 1779, both days inclusive. 23 days at ( )

4 p. (Old Curr.)

One Sheep as per Receipt of Capt. Robt. Hails in the

State service.” P-10 G-HFH (see 1784)

If this was our Daniel, he would have been married for 1779-1764 (m Martha Camden)= @ 15 years. If Daniel were m @ 1739, he would been @40 years of age, if he were b@ 1745 he would have been 34 years of age.

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