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Full text of "Stub entries to indents issued in payment of claims against South Carolina growing out of the Revolution"

Givens, James, 167.

Principal £69. .11/ Annual Interest £4. .17. .4 N°: 488 ) Issued 18 aug* 1785 to M r James Givens for Lib V \ £9..5..8y 2 St*. 60 days Militia Duty ^p acco*. audited Principal £9 . . 5 . . 8y 2 Interest £0 . . 12 . . 1 1

1780 The Battle of Kings Mountain –

1780 Our Daniel Givens (Givin) served in the Revolutionary War in 1780 (G-HFH) – p10 in South Carolina (23 days of service). Why did he serve or was he recruited when he had 8 children by this time?

1780, June 3rd. Richard Givens, Halifax Co, VA formed in 1746 - more detail in Source Document binder By Date

1780 June 25th, Edward Givans, Pittsylvania Co, VA formed in 1767 - more detail in Source Document binder By Date

how far is this (Pittsylvania CO, VA from then Augusta CO that became Botetourt CO in 1770’s ? ________________________ where Daniel was living?

insert a map of the VA counties and show where all these folks lived

July 6, George and Rachel Givens conveyed to John Pittser 400 acres . etc.

G-HFH p-9 (make sure this is not the son of Samuel & Sarah Cathey Givens who was b1740 after Samuel died a few months earlier. Ref. all of p-9

Nathaline has a copy of this original deed [DB 2 page 546 Botetourt Co.]

[Sarah Cathey Givens was undoubtedly pregnant when her husband Samuel died at his early death at age 47 or so. Though George was born a month later (after his father Samuel died) he is still the son of Samuel. R.E.G.]

Insert the Library of Virginia info about the Harve Givens and Rowan #57, [look on this map and find the adjoining owners and the ones across the road] log cabin in here –

Note other Map Ref#’s to find that will help on the property ownership thing that Clyde’s doing -

1782 June 1st, Daniel & Martha Givens [Land Grant] )114 acres [surveyed James Webb pp 169-172][see 1781 Land Grant][CSG #8] to Absolom – “a” the correct spelling ? Looney by a patent having date the 1st day June 1782, in Botetourt Co., VA. Recorded in Botetourt Count Circuit Court Deed Book 10, pages 612-622.

Is this the oldest public document about Daniel ? ______________________________

Cross ref to 1799?

See Clyde’s maps w/plots and look into the maps in the Genealogy for Dummies book

[ see 1792 [1791]when our Daniel Givens purchased land from the Looney’s] first name ?_______________

see 1783, 114 acres granted to Daniel Givens from Absolom Looney ? _______________ conveyed to Looney ? _______________________

Daniel would have been 37 or 43 yr’s of age (1782-1739=43 yr’s of age

1782-1745=37 yr’s of age – I think Daniel would have owned [Treasury Warrants they Survey’s were done, then one owned their ]land prior to 1782. [CG notes that usual practice was find & occupy land, clear part of it, then apply for survey and then pay for it.] work on the grammar above - -

insert Clyde’s map that they are working on which shows the various property that Daniel purchased over his lifetime.

1782 June 1, George Givens, [s/o Samuel & Cathey Givens] Lincoln CO, state ? VA? , 400ac on the waters of the Hanging Fork of Dicks River ( Eagle Rock ? ) adjoining Isaac Shelby, Grant G, p431, card #53, see 1742 George Givens Land Grant

1782-1787 [CSG #3 Treasury Warrant #1759, 50 Acres 1783-1797] add more detail here ____________________ * From the 1782-1787 VA Taxpayers record by Fothergill:

redo this wording - There were 8 Givens/Givans listed in Augusta Co, (7 in Augusta Co) and Daniel was listed one in Botetourt with the spelling Givens.

is this the oldest Daniel Givens public record? __________________

find this doc and put it in the Source Ref binder

  1. see Clyde’s [CSG’s ref’s 1-22] document 1783 to 1824 Daniel Givens’s Meadow Creek Land

refer to loc in this doc – to Clyde’s map ______________

redo the 1782 ref to look like the 1783 entry below w details _________________

insert the Taxing District map here – that Clyde gave me

set-up attachment section for doc’s like this in the back – think about it

1783 * Land Office Grant to Daniel Givens, October 2, 1783, Warrant # [1,959] – 50 acres. [CSG #3] Survey April 5, 1797 [1783 ?], Deed granted May 15,1799, in Botetourt County (now Craig CO) on Stone Run (now Meadow Creek), waters of Craig Creek, a branch of the James River. It says it [work on this - adjoins his tract of 114 acres and adjoins the land of John Looney, Grants 43, 1799-1800 p 113. (Absolom Looney was Grantee of 114 acres in 1782 – find more info and insert it in here –

Some of this is missing – see old version, see 1782 , June 1st also

[insert map of Stone Run and Meadow Creek and note when the name of this area was changed, Nathaline thinks it was just known by both names vs being changed]

Many times the land was occupied after the grant was given, then surveyed and the deed given after final payment, reflecting several years passage. Thus the wording of adjacent properties may be noted in the deeds. Court records reflect final disposition of property, not the way it may have actually happened.

See Clydes Map Locations, Robert Anderson, ref# 73 (850 acres) ref #[7], ([60] acres) - - ref #8 the 114 acres that Daniel Givens bought from Absolom Looney. Warrant # 19659 [CSG # 7]

1783 - 1797 Land Office Grant to Daniel Givens (No. 43, 1799-1800, p. 113, reel 109) - 60 acres, October 2, 1783, Warrant #19659. [CSG #7 1783], Surveyed September 28, 1798. Deed granted December 20, 1799. Located in Botetourt County (now Craig County), Stone Run (now Meadow Creek), on waters of Craig’s Creek, a branch of the James River. The deed says this adjoins his own land [ addl land that Daniel already owns]j and land of John Looney.

1783-97 Grants 41, p161, card #47, 1799, May 16 Daniel Givens, Botetourt County, 50 acres [CSG # 3] on the waters of Craig’s Creek a branch of the James River. Land Office Patents and Grants http://

1783 Valinda (2) “Linnie” m Peck (dau. The __________, child of Martha & Daniel Givens) was born Jan lst. [see 1802]

Insert the district tax map in here and copy of District List showing his name -

1783 tithable submitted by Joseph Looney – Danie Givons [Daniel Givens], Joseph Luney, [Looney], Absoem [ ]Luney, [Looney], John Luney [ Looney], John Reynolds, John Webb from, “A Seed Bed Of The Republic p-232 - find copy and insert here – optical scanned would be the best way to do this __________________________

1783-1797 * Between 1783 and 1786, Daniel Givens was listed in the Military Taxing District number 46 in Botetourt County which includes the Meadow Creek area, that is now part of Craig County, Virginia.

insert the Taxing District map here – Clyde gave that to me – get it inserted

1783-99 Dec 20, Daniel Givens, Giving [spelled BOTH ways on this doc] - Botetourt County, 60 acres [CSG #7] on the waters of Craig’s Creek a branch of James River, adjoining his own land & the land of John Looney. Grants 43, 1799-1800, p.113, card #48, Land Office and Grants http://

get a copy of the original doc and look over these spellings and put in the 3 ring Source Docs binder

1784 ,Jan 22nd Joseph, Givin Augusta Co, VA 100 acres on Cowpasture [River], adjoining his home tract on the East side - more detail in Source Document binder By Date [Clyde see’s no relationship here due to the distance apart]

[Could be Joseph (b 1768) son of William Givens ande Agnes Nancy Bratton – through his parents had moved on to Bath Co, VA R.E.G. (Robert Edwin Givens) enter his e-mail addr in here _______________

1784 “In order to ascertain that the Daniel Givens of the Brattonsville celebration toast was not a South Carolina Givens, the military archieves of South Carolina was asked for their Daniel Givens records. These records show that a Daniel Givens was given an indenture for tourteen pounds, eight shillings and two pence half-pennyy sterling on 21st of September 1784, for:

“ A Waggon and Team in Public service from March

19th to April 11th 1779, both days inclusive. 23 days at ( )

4 p. (Old Curr.)

One Sheep as per Receipt of Capt. Robt. Hails in the

State service.”

Payment was made in the form of three tracts of land amounting to a total

Of 750 acres, on February 8th 1785.

From these records, it is apparent that this Daniel Givens (1) was a

South Carolina resident from 1779 to 1785, since he furnished farm supplies

And appeared in person in Sept. 1784 and in Feb. 1785, and (2) was not paid

For military service. Therefore, he cannot be the Daniel givens of the York

County campaign who was a soldier. It is deduced. Then, that the Daniel

Referred to in the toast can very well be the Daniel Givens of Botetourt

County, later Fincastle, Giles and Craig, Virginia. National DAR and SAR

Have accepted our Virginia Daniel as a qualified patriot on the basis of the

Brattonsville toast. See Mrs. Robert ( Nannie Marshall) Estes (No. 444664)

And Craig Byrd Givens (SAR). “ p-10 G-HFH

1785 [ The grantee/grantor records 2/8/1785, or was Granted to him, need to be

researched in South Carolina in this timeframe to see if Daniel bought and sold land

down there. See 1810 US Federal Census Record, one Daniel in SC and one Daniel in VA in the same year 1810] [insert the page here]

1785 Daniel returned to the Virginia Colony

1785 Daniel Givens is listed in the enumeration [ put definition here ____________] of Botetourt County, again District 46 as having one house, one additional structure and 10 white people residing at his residence. [This would be Daniel, Martha Camden and their 8 children, c&n, r.g.].

insert a definition of enumeration in here

insert map that shows the Tax Districts in along here


Go through Enumeration lists in Botetourt County, District and find that property.

1785 Dorothy Hall Givens book G-HFH p-10 states that Daniel received payment for his service in the form of 3 tracts of land amounting to 750 acres in South Carolina in 1785. [Did Daniel sell this land in order to have money to purchase the land he bought in Botetourt on Meadow Creek (Now Craig County), Virginia? c&n, r.g.] see 1810 – [2 Daniel Givens’] [so this land would have been sold or w Daniel being the Grantor (sometime after 1787) or in his will upon death and it didn’t show up in his will. __________________

[can we show that Daniel sold land prior to this date and went here? ]

1785 Hickinbotham, Moses & Robert – 145 acres – Washington CO, VA – filed w 1792 papers

1787 Botetourt CO, VA, Personal Property, Vol. I –784 list A, page 212 - Daniel Givens

record [ name this research ] shows only head of household and livestock. [no children are listed ? c&n, r.g. ]

1787, Nov 16 George Givens, [s/o or grand s/o, Samuel & Cathey], Fayatte CO, KY, 601 acres adjoining John Mosbys 10,000 acres entry. Grants 14, p673 card #52.

1788 Maryland was the 7th State to ratify the Constitution.

1788 * The Virginia Colony, became the 10th state the State of Virginia, January 25, 1788.

In 1788 Virginia was the tenth state to ratify the Constitution and recommended the Bill of Rights be added. Add more about Virginia becoming a Colony here in the Ref Binder

1788 Land Office Grant No. 26, p-78, 79 reel 92, Warrant # 20188, 473 acres [CSG #6], then Botetourt Co., Virginia, now Craig County on waters of Craig Creek, a branch of the James River, Stone Run (now Meadow Creek), – surveyed October 8, 1788, Deed granted March 21, 1792. It is assumed that Daniel already had use of this tract prior to the issuance of the deed. [work on the wording some more – later]

Insert a note explaining this Survey Dates – some time, many months to a year of more would pass prior to surveys being accomplished - -

In a note about how Stone Run is now known as Meadow Creek – what dates did this occur ? Do we have a airal view of Sinking Creek, and Meadow Creek ?___________

In 1788

NOTE if Daniel were born in 1739 [1788-1739] he would have been 49 years of age.

“ “ “ “ “ 1745 [1788-1745] “ “ “ “ 43 “ “ “

So this researcher thinks he owned land previous to this date at these ages.

1788 Samuel Beall, grantee 750 acres adjoining George Givens survey adjoining Beall – Fayette CO, KY.

1789 - George Washington, 1st President of the United States

1789 July 4th, Thomas Gavin, Hardy Co formed 1785, VA on Lunies [Looney’s] Creek - [which is off the James River] more detail in Source Document binder By Date

1790’s In the Court Order Books of Botetourt County, VA starting about 1790, there are many instances of Daniel Givens serving on juries, grand juries, being a witness, and being a plaintiff or defendant in court cases. The last time his name is found as being on juries is September 5, 1820. [remember that Daniel Givens, died 1822 [1823 per court document for 1834 Botetourt (Givens vs Givens)] Nathaline has typed copies of these records where Daniel’s name is mentioned]

1790 Mar 16th, William Higginbotham m Polly Shannon see 1792 Daniel bought 473 acres next to Higginbotham’s land. [s/o of Samuel & Cathey Givens ?]

1790 Nov 11th, David Given m Violet Crawford – see 3 ring Source Documents binder

1790, Augusta Co, VA marriages we don’t know the relationship, maybe Samuel’s kin.

1790 Dec 13th, Annie (Anna) Givens, dau of 1st child of Martha & Daniel] m Julis Webb

1791 Oct. 17th, Susannh Givens, dau of, [2nd child of Martha & Daniel Givens] m John Walker

p- 481 Kegley’s VA Frontier – 1938 [Some Items of Per4sonal Interest on James River, Craig’s Creek and Catawba in Early Botetourt County (Marriages in the Secon‘sGeneration) 1791 John Walker and Susanna Givens – married in Botetourt CO, VA]

p-185 John Walker gone to Carolina @ 1750’s ? Had Daniel and others also go to Carolina? To serve in a war? P-263

Where was John Walker born and when do he immigrate to Botetourt?

1791 * Botetourt Deed Book 4, page 346. [CSG #6] Daniel Givens purchased an unspecified amount of acreage from Absolem Looney on the Waters of Craig’s Creek (on Meadow Creek) a branch of the James River. Indenture made December 16, 1791. Per Land Grant to Absolem Looney in 1782, survey 1754, this tract had 114 acres and has the same description as the land sold to Daniel as of the date of December 1791.

1791 12/14/1791 DB4 – p-346 Daniel Givens owned 473 acres on the waters of Craig Creek

1791 * Botetourt Deed Book 4, page 346. [CSG #6] Daniel Givens purchased an unspecified amount of acreage from Absolem Looney on the Waters of Craig’s Creek (o Meadow Creek) a branch of the James River. Indenture made December 16, 1791. Per Land Grant to Absolem Looney in 1782, survey 1754, this tract had 114 acres and has the same description as the land sold to Daniel as of the date December 1791. [Remember that Susannah was born 1791 Oct. 17th, this means that Susannh (note spelling on Individual Work Sheet and Marriage Bond) Givens, dau , so Susannh would have been born in Botetourt CO, VA on the Waters of Craig’s Creek (earlier called Meadow Creek.]


Family Group Husband's Full Name Absalom Looney Sr. Sheet Date of ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

There is a will of a Jacob Warren, 7th January 1770 where he names his children, ...... Captain Looney's Company (probably Captain John), Hawkins County, ...

There is no record evidence of the name of Absalom Looney’s wife where has been found. However, Mrs. O.H. Looney of Nashville, in researching the Looney family, reported in 1903 that Absalom (3) Looney was married to Peggy Wills (Margaret "Peggy" Mills Warren) on September 21, 1791 . There were four, possibly five, children, among them John Warren Looney, Margaret, Martha and Absalom.

The estate of Absalom Looney was appraised in November 1818 and John Looney was administrator. The effects were sold at auction on January 4, 1819, by John W. Looney, with total receipts of $8,425.94.

Absalom David Looney, son of Michael3 was born March 5, 1790, and died December 12, 1862. During the war of 1812 he volunteered in Hawkins County on October 2, 1813, for three months and was mustered in at Knoxville, Tennessee, as a private in Capt. George Argenbright’s Company, 4th Regiment of East Tennessee Volunteers, under Col. William Lillard, and served four months, six days against the Creek Indians.

make application to him to purchase it of him for his son Absolam whether the said Daniel did not sell it to him in Consideration of his making a Title in Fee simple to that part of the Tract of Land whereon the said Robert Lived lying on the south side of the Creek or upon what other Terms whether he has not conveyed it to his son Absolam or how did the said Absolam come into the possession of it whether he conveyed that part of the Land lying on the South side of the Creek according to the agreement to the said Daniel in his Lif(e)time or hath to your Oratrix since his Death if he hath not set forth and Declare the


Source: Elsie Wood Stroud: National Number: 290259 Descendant of Michael Looney Ann Lee NSDAR Chapter, Altus, OK: Vertified and Approved: 13 April 1935 Descends as follows: Roxie6 Looney Wood, William Carol5, Absalom4, Michael3, Absalom2, Robert Looney1. Andrew J. Wood md Roxie Looney, d/o William Carol Looney, (s/o Absalom Looney & Sallie Starnes) & Rachel George Payne. Absalom Looney, s/o Michael Looney & Temperance Cross). Michael Looney, s/o (Absalom Looney Sr. & Margaret Moore). Absalom Looney Sr., (s/o Robert Looney).

1. I Mrs. Elsie Wood Stroud being of the age of eighteen years and upwards, hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Michael Looney who was born in Botatourt Co., VA on the ____day of ca. 1755 and died in Hawkins

Co., TN on the _____ day of after 1830. His place of residence during the Revolution was Virginia. I was born near Jefferson City, Danridge County Seat, Country of Jefferson, TN.

State volume and page of references to authorities or give certificate of unpublished authority: 2. Michael Looney is listed in the Mt. Pleasant Battle of 1774. 3. Absalom Looney is listed in Goodspeed History of Knox Co. as being in King Mountain battle –pg. 999-1000, and was wounded in that

battle. Acklen’s Tombstone Inscription & History –Mss, TN pages 234-235. 4. Abbs Valley and Looney Gap was named for Absalom Looney 1st who settled there in 1771. 5. AWilldated28thSeptember1791–ProbablyJune1796,southwest,VA–pp.109,113,1431,1413(Service).

The said Michael Looney is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Private Soldier in Capt. Paulings Co., Pt. Pleasant Battle 1774.

My ancestor’s service in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the War of the Revolution were as follows: Michael Looney, my GreatGreatGrandfather, was a private soldier in the Revolutionary War, being in Capt. Henry Paulings Co. at the Battle of Point Pleasant, 1774. Was also soldier in Lord Dinsmore’s war, 1775. History of West Virginia.

Absalom Looney, his father, was born in England, and had a patent for land from the English Crown.

*Other References: Military Record: Dunmore’s War, by Thwaites, pg. 411. Goodspeed History-Knox County-page, 999-1000

Lord Dunmore’s War 1775 –History of West Virginia Verified by National Number: 287315

*Genealogy notes: There is still in possession an arithmetic with Michael Looney’s name written with a quill pen, dated Botatourt Court House, May 27, 1777. Also a Bible which Michael Looney carried with him in the Revolutionary War. These statements have been acknowledged and the seal of the County Court Clerk, R. W. Easley, Shawnee, Oklahoma, place on it.

My Revolutionary War ancestor was married to Temperance Cross at Botatourt Co., Virginia

Children of Revolutionary Ancestor: Margaret Looney –b. ca. 1777 md Dangerfield Rice William Looney –b. ca. 1780 Mary Looney –b. ca. 1781md Sherrod Williams Rachael Looney md McVeigh Michael Looney the 2nd md Susan Mathew Absalom Looney the 3rd –b. ca. 1790 md Sally Starna Benjamin Looney –b. ca. 1792 md Jane “Jenny”Caldwell –md Jane “Jenny”Brice Jno Looney –b. 2 October 1799 md Elizabeth Brice

Signed and sworn to before me at Altus, Oklahoma this 14th day of January A.D. 1935 by Mrs. Elsie Wood Stroud. Source: Miss Mary Elizabeth Looney : National Number: 621670

Descendant of Michael Looney

Susan Riviere Hetzel NSDAR Chapter, District of Columbia, Washington D.C.: Vertified and Approved: 12 July 1977 Descends as follows: Robert Looney1, Absalom2, Michael3, Sr., Michael4, Jr., John Calvin5, James Murphy6, Sr., James Murphy7, Jr., Mary Elizabeth Looney.

James Murphy Looney Jr. md Jennie Houghton Millier -*Note: James Murphy Looney Jr. born on the Old Looney Homplace, Franklin Co., TN James Murphy Looney, s/o James Murphy Looney Sr. & Mary Susan Francis James Murphy Looney Sr., s/o John Calvin Loony & Adeline R. Hogue

John Calivin Looney, s/o Michael Looney Jr. & Susan Matthews Michael Looney Jr., s/o Michael Looney & Temperance Cross Michael Looney, s/o Absalom Looney & Margaret “Peggy”Moore Absalom Looney, s/o Robert Looney - *Note: Absalom Looney was killed Indians while drinking water from his well.

1. I Mary Elizabeth Looney being of the age of eighteen years and upwards, hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Michael Looney, Revolutionary soldier was was born in Botetourt Co., Virginia on the ____day of _____, 1755 and died in Hawkins Co., TN on the 11/12th day of January, after 1830. His place of residence during the Revolution was Botetourt County, Virginia.

References For Lineage 2. Tombstone located in Franklin County, Tennessee. 3. Family Bibles: Records preserved in Michael Looney Family in Hawkins County, Tennessee, states “Michael, Jr. settled on Crow Creek

(Jackson County, Alabama with wife Susan Mattlews and had three sons, William Eldridge, John Calvin, and James Carroll. Deeds show

Susannah Sutten, and her brother, executors of Michael Looney, deceased, of Jackson Co., Alabama, sold land of his in 1838. Deeds 17- 26.

4. Will of Absalom Looney names Michael Looney; probabted 1796. 5. Generation 3 –1860 census, Winchester, Franklin Co., TN: pg. 225.

My Revolutionary War ancestor was married to Temperance Cross at Botetourt County, Virginia, 1780.

Children of Revolutionary Ancestor: Margaret Looney –b. ca. 1777 md Dangerfield Rice William Looney –b. ca. 1780 md Rhoda Stufflefield Mary “Polly”Looney –b. 2/14/ 1781md Sherrod Williams –Both died in Franklin Co., TN. Rachael Looney md McVeigh Michael Looney Jr. –b. ca. 1787 md Susan”Susannah” Matthews Absalom David Looney –b. ca. 1790 md Sally Starnes Benjamin Looney –b. ca. 1792 md 1st Jane “Jenny”Caldwell, his cousin –md 2nd Jane “Jenny”Brice John Looney –b. 2 October 1799 md Elizabeth Johnson Rachel –md McVey (1st name unknown)

Ancestors Services:

My ancestor’s services in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the War of the Revolution were as follows: Michael Looney (spelled Mical Luney on list) Private #30 on the list in Capt. Henry Pauling’s Co. of Botetourt Troops at Battle of Point Pleasant, 1774, and Dunmore’s War, 1775. References:

Goodspeed’s History of Knox County, Tennessee: pgs. 999-1000 Acklin’s Tombstone Records and History, Mss. Tennessee, pgs. 234-235 White’s Kings’s Mountain Men, pg. 201 Summer’s Southwest Virginia, pgs. 109, 113, 1431, 1413. Also see Michael’s father, Absalom’s record as patriot, National Number: 511480).

The said Michael Looney is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Private in Battle of Point Pleasant and Dunmore’s War, 1775, Virginia.

The service record of Michael Looney has been established by DAR # 287315 in 1935 and 290259 in 1935.

In 1954 the Monument Division of Quartermaster General of Army furnished a Revolutionary soldier’s grave marker for the unmarked grave of Michael Looney in Looney Family Cemetery in Stanley Valley, Hawkins Country, Tennessee. Although the roster of Troops used spelling “Luney”evidence was presented that it was incorrect and the marker was inscribed with correct spelling.

Signed and sworn to before me at Washington D.C. this 30th day of April 1976 by Mary Elizabeth Looney

  1. 14th, B DB4 -346 Daniel Givens owned 473 acres adjoining Flickerbottom [this would most likely be Hickenbottom], also ref.ed on this document: Givens, George (Rachael) 400 ac’s on Sinking Creek of the James River 1742. [Remember our Daniel was b@ 1739 to 1745] Givens, Samuel [this is not the Samuel Givens who m Sarah Cathey, he died 1740.] ,(Martha) 133 acres on Sinking Creek of the James River 1777 – see Absolom Looney Jr. grant to Daniel Givens – see Adam Looney – 150 acres from Israel Christian 1772 on Stone Run of Craig’s Creek, Patrick Lockhart 1792 lots in on the waters of Craig Creek. See 1722 Gilbert & Israel Christian entry.

from Absalom Looney – Botetourt CO, VA – Early Settlers

1792 Mar 21st, Daniel Givens, on the waters of Craigs Creek –( a branch of the James River), an assignee of John Loney [Looney] who was assignee of Joseph Loney [Looney], from Absalom Looney, adjoining Flickerbotton [Hickerbotton[m] ?], from new grant B DB4-346 12/14/1791,Botetourt Co, VA Early Settlers K-458 [K denoted Kegley’s Virginia Frontiers] B denoted Botetourt Co, VA] Daniel & [Martha] purchased 473 acres from John & Joseph Looney, then Botetourt Co. now Craig Co., (adjoining the land of Moses Hickenbottom card #46), now Craig Co. p-78, Land Grants No. 26, 1792. –

more detail in Source Document binder By Date [Clyde doesn’t think Kegly is correct]

Assignee vs Grantee ? find the legal definitions for those timeframes -

See p 480 what book? Kegley’s VA Frontier? Absalom Looney ? _______________

An Absalom Looney m a Mary Looney 1778 p-480

[see 1782, June 1] in Source Doc 3 ring binder by date

Looney family web site