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Issue number 29 Date: June 2010



Caaryjn Lught Vannin yn Chingys Millish

A Charity registered in the Isle of Man. Charity number 894.

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Remember as from 1st April you need travel and repatriation insurance if you go to the United Kingdom

The Group that fights on behalf of the Manx people without fear or favour

The Love Letters

The Secretary of State Capitulates to People Power

The Secretary of State’s Comments to the Chairman

Interview with Mr Robert Fayle, Gynaecologist Nobles Hospital

In this issue

The Love Letters

The Ex Secretary of State capitulated to people power

The Ex Secretary of State’s Comments to the Chairman

Interview with Mr Robert Fayle Gynaecologist Nobles Hospital

The New Secretary of State for Health in the UK

The UK Elections and Proportional Representation

Manifestos as Manifestos go

The new Island Minister for Health

Manx Government renews DisabledGo Contract

Chairman’s report on the Tynwald Advisory Council for Disabilities

Is this reality?

News in brief

The Fable

The Last laugh

Those not to vote for at the next election.

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Quote of the quarter

From the I.O.M. Minister for the Treasury.

The Future is Uncertain

But I am sure it will be Bright

The Love Letters.

The Diabetic has had sight of the Love Letters exchanged between our Minister for Health and the new Secretary of State for Health in the UK the Rt Hon Andrew Lansley.

The Hon David Anderson

Minister for Health

In Tynwald on 18th May 2010 the Minister for Health, The Hon David Anderson announced that he had written to the New Secretary of State for Health the Rt Hon Andrew Lansley congratulating him on his appointment.

The Minister said, “I was delighted to hear of the appointment of Mr Andrew Lansley MP to the vitally important post of Secretary of State for Health in the UK.

I have sent a letter congratulating him on his appointment, as well as looking forward to working with him to reinforce the close links between the Manx and UK Health Services for the benefit of residents of both jurisdictions and strengthening our close relationship”.

Mr Anderson also pointed out that he also mentioned in his letter, that the preparation of a draft new Reciprocal Health Agreement is well advanced and suggested that they could usefully meet in due course to discuss areas of mutual interest, including the Reciprocal Health Agreement.

Mr Anderson was delighted to have now received a reply from Mr Lansley dated 19th May 2010, and he said in Tynwald quote “I am extremely pleased to have received such a prompt and positive response which bodes well for the future relationship between the UK and the Isle of Man Health Services”.

The Diabetic is publishing Mr Lansley’s reply that ‘bodes well’ verbatim so that there is no misunderstanding:

Dear David

Thank you very much for your kind letter of 12th May congratulating me on my appointment. It is an immense privilege to be appointed Secretary of State for Health and just as Britain needs strong and stable Government, so we intend to bring to the NHS the consistent, stable reform, which enable it to deliver improving quality of care to patients.

There is so much to do. If I have learnt one thing over the six-and-a-half years as Shadow Health Secretary, it is that in the Health services and social care we have immense number of talented, committed and capable people, who want to be trusted to get on with the job. It will be my task to enable them to do this, with our shared ambition to achieve the best health and social care services anywhere in the world.

Turning specifically to the issue of the UK’s reciprocal healthcare agreement with the Isle of Man, this is something that we clearly need to address ahead of the end of September and I look forward to working with the Isle of Man Government on this matter.

Yours ever

Andrew Lansley.

The Diabetic does not want to dissect the reply as it would come as too much of a shock to the Minister, and we don’t want to rain on his parade. For starters it does not mention the “Advanced new draft Reciprocal Health Agreement” the Minister says he has, and which no one is aware of its contents on the Island. This should be made public so that we all know what he is up to.

The Letter from the Rt Hon Secretary of State is just a Love Letter of thank you and nothing else.

So far it is all pie in the sky, because the Minister of State does not even acknowledge any kind of draft agreement, nor is he meeting the Minister, but as Lansley puts it he has immense number of talented capable people trusted to do the job.

There are words hidden in the Minister’s rely, that send shivers down our backs, like;

“Just as Britain needs a strong and Stable Government” “There is much to do” “Ambition to achieve the best Health and Social Care Service” “This is something we clearly need to address” “Look forward to working with the Isle of Man Government on this matter”.

To name but a few statements. There is nothing in the letter to suggest they have a draft Reciprocal Health agreement for after the end of September in place like our Minister keeps harping on.

What we have to do is demand a meeting, and set out our stall, and lets forget about Love letters that are played out for the Gallery and which our Government continue to misread.

Lets all wake up to reality and get on with it, we, the people are sitting in the wings, and want action, not who loves you baby.

Make no mistake Minister, we the people shall step in if things go belly up.

The Ex Secretary of State

Capitulated to People Power

Due to the inactivity of the Manx Government in renegotiating some form of a new Reciprocal Health Agreement with the UK Government before the deadline of April 1st, the Chairman of the Friends of the Manx Diabetic and like minded friends called a public meeting at the Legion Hall in Market Street, Douglas on Monday 8th March last, to discuss the rescinding of the Reciprocal Health Agreement and what actions should be taken on behalf of the Manx people.

Doreen Smith. Edith Quaggin, Simon Richardson, Henry Ramagge and

Theo Fleurbaay.

A scene from the meeting

The meeting, with the threat of a demonstration outside Tynwald, and pressure by Andrew Mackinlay MP on the Secretary of State, galvanised Andy Burnham to agree to what we were asking for, a six months moratorium to enable our Government to discuss the matter further.

The Chairman had also written to the Secretary of State saying: -

“Unfortunately this is something that will not go away, and in an election year it is better to have it resolved, than to let it fester when you go to the country.

Surely you would not like the Tories to come in (if they do), for them to resolve this issue when you have it in your power to do so yourself.

In the meantime it is no use getting on ones high horse and saying again and again we have taken the decision and that’s it.

So I would therefore respectfully suggest that we postpone the cut off date of the 1st April, and have a moratorium of six months.

This would take us until 1st October next, time enough to sit down and dispassionately review the matter after the election.

If you agree with this last paragraph please let me know and I shall inform the Manx Government accordingly. Needless to say your decision is now extremely urgent as we are running out of time”.

The Public meeting unanimously decided on a resolution to be presented to the Manx Government by Mr Cannan MHK at the March Tynwald on similar lines. This was scheduled for presentation at 2.30 in the afternoon.

The Resolution read: -

“This meeting requests and requires the Chief Minister and Government of the Isle of Man to defer the closure of the Reciprocal Health Agreement for a maximum of six months to enable negotiations with the next UK Government and in that period the Isle of Man Government fund Manx residents receiving NHS treatment in the UK and UK residents visiting the Isle of Man.

And further as a contingency, to develop a travel levy scheme for universal insurance”.

We also agreed at the meeting to hold a public demonstration outside Tynwald.

This was arranged by the ladies, Mrs Edith Quaggin, Mrs Doreen Smith of Manx Blind Welfare and her staff, with the help of other ladies to whom the Manx people should be eternally grateful.

During the morning session of Tynwald the Chief Minister and other members of Government in answer to questions from the floor, for the umpteenth time trumpeted that everything that could be done had been done, but that now everything was lost as the British Government would not negotiate any new Reciprocal Health Agreement and that by implication nothing could now be achieved.

The Manx Government exonerated themselves by saying it was not their fault, but that of the British Government.

Crowds outside Tynwald

At 1.45 p.m. a well behaved and sizable crowd of concerned Manx people gathered outside Tynwald with placards demanding action by the Manx Government.

At the appointed time the people crowded into the public gallery and they had to open the disabled gallery to admit more able bodied people, with quite a number left outside the building, and runners available to tell them what was happening inside.

But before the debate could get under way and before Mr Cannan could present the People’s Motion, the Chief Minister stood up and indicated to the President of Tynwald that he wanted to make a statement.

He told the court and all those packing the public galleries that he had received a phone call at lunchtime from Mr Burnham the Secretary of State for Health, who had informed him that he had agreed to an extension of six months so that the matter could be discussed further.

Those in the Public Gallery cheered, for in spite of all the negativity of the Government in the morning and over the past two years, it was they, the Manx people that had won the day.

The President of Tynwald admonished them saying that any repetition of their vocal outburst and he would clear the public Galleries.

But those present couldn’t have cared less, they had achieved their purpose, a six months moratorium something that the Manx Government had been unable to do for two years, judging by their statements in Tynwald that morning, and their intransigence since they had been informed of the cut off date.

The Diabetic wonders why Brown was called at lunchtime by Burnham to tell him of his agreement to the moratorium, prior to the presentation of the people’s motion and the demonstration.

We wonder who asked the Secretary of State for Health for a moratorium of six months, and how he knew of this request.

Surely if our Government had asked for the moratorium, they could have been told of the agreement at any time and not at the eleventh hour just before the people’s motion at 2.30, and the power of the public meeting and demonstration.

This shows that it was people power that did it and not the Manx Government as they claimed by immediately doing a u-turn and jumping on the bandwagon.

We, the people, may appear to be silent now in the hope that the Manx Government will now pull up their socks and negotiate a permanent Reciprocal Health Agreement on a similar basis as to the six months extension agreement that has been negotiated for them by the peoplee, where no one pays each other anything but treats all patients for free.

This is the basis of the proposal that the Chairman of the Friends of the Manx Diabetic had put to the Secretary of State Mr Andy Burnham on 7th December last year. The people may appear to be silent, but the people have not gone away.

If the Manx Government, the Minister and the Civil Servants put a foot out of place the people shall be on their necks like a ton of bricks once again.

We have not thrown away our placards, they are just in storage in case we need them again.

The people promise the Brown Government and members of departments that they shall be keeping a watch in brief. Let them not think the Manx people have forgotten the Brown Government’s decision in the October Tynwald and all those that voted against them, (see last page) to let the people fend for themselves after two years of their inactivity.

Nor the way they had been abandoned, or for one moment that Brown and his block vote may think we shall not pursue the matter ourselves if they once again fail the people.

The Chairman and his like minded friends who managed to get the six months extension would like to thank Mr Steve Rodan SHK, Mr David Cannan MHK, Mr John Houghton MHK, Mr Peter Karran MHK, Mr Quintin Gill MHK and Mr David Callister MLC for their help and support in coming to the meeting and helping the people of the Isle of Man both in, and outside the House and Tynwald, in trying to resolve this issue.

Their help in no uncertain manner motivated the Secretary of State for Health in his U-turn immediately prior to the motion being presented in Tynwald.

The Chairman would also like to thank Mr Simon Richardson for kindly acting as Chairman of the public meeting with his patience and understanding and his excellent control of the whole event, also all the Manx people that attended.

The Chairman acknowledges Mr John Shimmin MHK, and Mr Bill Malarkey MHK who attended the Public Meeting as observers.

And last but not least, thanks must go to all those that sent messages of support to be read to the meeting.

Oh by the way, a comment from the Chairman, quote “The next morning Mr Teare went on Radio and claimed it was him and them (whoever them are), that had got the deal through. I nearly threw up into my porridge” unquote.

The Diabetic presumes it was Mr Teare with the help of Mr Brown who had called a public meeting to demand they themselves take action.

The Diabetic presumes it was Mr Teare and Mr Brown that had called a demonstration to demonstrate outside Tynwald against themselves because of their inactivity.

The Diabetic presumes Mr Teare and Mr Brown were in the UK supporting Andrew Mackinlay MP in the public gallery of the House of Commons, at every opportunity that the Isle of Man and the Reciprocal Health Agreement had been discussed.

The Diabetic presumes it was Mr Teare and Mr Brown who on 7th December proposed the present type of deal to the Secretary of State where no money exchanged hands and,

The Diabetic presumes it was Mr Teare and Mr Brown who had asked the Secretary of State for a six months moratorium like the Chairman and the Manx people had done.

Mr Teare who had the misfortune to have the Reciprocal Health Agreement rescinded on his watch, and who should have been looking after the interest of the Manx People on the rescinding of the Reciprocal Health Agreement said in December 2009.

Quote “The Isle of Man has to be realistic and responsible and accept that the United Kingdom Government’s door is firmly locked on this issue.

For more than a year now the United Kingdom Government has made it very clear that this is a policy decision that is not open to negotiation”. Unquote.

Until the Chairman and his like minded friends intervened.

So how can he claim he did everything with these kind of statements?

Yet he went to negotiate and threw in the towel before the first punch was thrown (see the minutes).

Did Mr Teare and Mr Brown ask for a six months moratorium at this meeting?

We have searched the minutes and found no mention of Mr Teare or Mr Brown asking for a six months moratorium.

It was a good job the Chairman and his like minded friends and the six MHK’s ‘s MHK.sdidn’t have the same defeatist attitude Mr Teare appeared to have.

No wonder he was sent to education.

The Chief Minister on the Reciprocal Health Agreement on Radio on Tuesday 11.05.2010

We fought very much to retain that.

(Another derisory statement)


The Diabetic will now deal with the contents of a letter from the Ex Secretary of State in answer to that of the Chairman of the Friends of the Manx Diabetic.

As usual the Ex Secretary of State’s comments are in normal case, and those of the Chairman will be in italics.

The Ex Secretarty of State for Health Mr Andy Burham

Mr Burham told the Chairman,

“It has been agreed that termination of the bilateral health care agreement between the UK and the Isle of Man will be deferred by six month from 31st March 2010, the date it was due to end”.

This concurs with the suggestion as made in the Chairman’s letter to Mr Andy Burnham, see the previous article in this months diabetic, and the motion as unanimously agreed by the Manx people at the public meeting.

He emphasised,

“No public money will change hands between our respective Governments”.

This again is in line with the Chairman’s basic proposal to the Secretary of State prior to the elections in his letter to him of 7th December last, an agreement with no money changing hand each one paying their own way.

“This new arrangement” Mr Burnham tells the Chairman “will bring the Isle of Man agreement in line with other agreements that the UK has with a number of non-European Economic Area countries”.

What he is reminding us is that we do not belong to the EU, therefore as far as the UK is concerned we are technically not Europeans, we are non EU members, and because we are outside the non-European Area we are being treated as residents outside the EU and have been treated, and will be treated as such in the future. This also has other ramifications.

The Diabetic feels that we should threaten them with going independent and they will sing a different tune, for starters they couldn’t take the 100 million from us, or any more money when the UK Government puts up VAT.

He confirms that,

“Immediately necessary treatment will continue to be free of charge to Manx residents visiting the UK and vice versa”.

This is what the people of the Isle of Man had been fighting for, and now people power has carried the day.

Something that the Manx Government has been telling us for two years they could not do, and had thrown in the towel, like Mr Teare claimed in December 2009.

“Both Governments have agreed to keep the situation under review with the expectation that this could form the basis of a new reciprocal agreement, which would come into place in the autumn if the new arrangement is working for both parties”.

Here he is telling us that he hopes “this could form the basis of a new reciprocal agreement”

This is something that he has not said before as he is now talking of a new Reciprocal Health Agreement.

People Power, People Power, not Government intervention.

As the Chairman said to him, “it is no use getting on one’s high horse and saying again and again we have taken the decision and that’s it. So I therefore respectfully suggest that we postpone the cut off date of 1st April and have a moratorium of six months.”

The door is therefore now wide open and it is now up to the Manx Government to negotiate, if they know how.

However we must once again reiterate, and again bring to the Government’s notice, as we have done on many occasions before, that what they should do is get a permanent extension to the six months moratorium, with no money changing hands. How difficult can that be? The Manx people have already put the Brown Government 99% there.

If our Government is foolish enough to ask for money, they will be shown the door, and they will get no permanent agreement whatsoever.

He ends up by telling the Chairman,

“The Department believes that it has arrived at a position which not only provides the UK taxpayer with an agreement that represents value for money, but also ensures arrangements for travellers on temporary visits remains the same as they are today”.

We must maintain this Status Quo, anything else or suggestions of any type of payments and there is no agreement on the part of the British Government, not even the New Government will agree to this.

“I hope this reply clarifies the Government position on this matter”.

It is loud and clear.

The Diabetic hopes the Manx Government is also listening, and we hope this clarifies the situation for our Government.

If not, God help us all.

Once again the British Government opens the door with its intention to come to the negotiating table and a possible deal.

It is now up to the Manx Government to grasp the nettle and show us that they can work for the people of the Isle of Man.

The people that elected them.

Otherwise the people of the Isle of Man will once again have to show them the way.

Not only how to go and negotiate, but also show them the door at the ballot box.

Interview with Mr Robert Fayle Gynaecologist Noble’s Hospital.

Because of the problems with the introduction of new arrangements for the Hospital pensions scheme, The Diabetic went to Nobles to talk to Mr Robert Fayle, who is the lead consultant representing the medical profession at negotiations, or as he put it non negotiations with the Government of the Isle of Man.

Mr Robert Fayle

Gynaecologist Nobles Hospital

Mr Fayle is a Manx man, and as we knew he was diabetic, we asked him when had he been diagnosed?

He explained that at the time, he was 13 years old when he was diagnosed as having diabetes. He was diagnosed as being Insulin Dependant with Type 1 Diabetes.

He had been admitted to hospital as an emergency with diabetic ketoacidosis. 

He was under the care of Dr Ralph Bourdillon who was at that time a young Consultant!

Dr Bourdillon is now retired, and a Trustee of the Friends of the Manx Diabetic.

The Diabetic wanted to know if he remembered what diabetes was all about in those early days.

In those days, he said there were no strips for checking blood sugars, as we know them today, they weren’t introduced until the 1980’s. 

He explained the system, as we all well remember, you tested urine sugars by measuring out drops of urine, drops of water and having a tablet which made the solution change colour, which you then compared with a chart on the box. 

Of course, this gave you a very poor indication of diabetic control.  In those days there were no tests such as HbA1c’s. 

He said he remembered that insulin came in 20, 40 and 80 strengths and he thought he was started off on insulin called I.Z.S. Lente and soluble insulin with two injections a day.

He pointed out he had a glass syringe and re-usable needles which were stored in industrial meths. 

There wasn’t a dedicated Diabetes Centre at Nobles as there is now, and you were seen in the general outpatients, by consultants who were not diabetologists

We wondered if his diabetes had affected his career choice.

He pointed out that as a result of his admissions to hospital with his diabetes, he became interested in doing medicine and he supposed it is as a result of that that he became a doctor. 

At the time he wanted to be a doctor, there was still some concern amongst some people about whether you could be a doctor suffering from diabetes, as it was largely seen that people with diabetes at the time, had a tendency to collapse.

Strangely enough, even at medical school some of the doctors he worked for were concerned about people with diabetes going in for surgical specialities and such like. 

One of the things he is delighted to see is that this misconception about people with diabetes has been overcome, and he had recently read that a person with diabetes qualified as an airline pilot. 

He was glad to see that there is now understanding that, with good diabetic control, diabetic people are exactly the same as everybody else. 

On a personal level he had never found that his diabetes interfered with his job in any way. 

When he started working in very busy Maternity units during training, it was not uncommon to start work at 9am on a Saturday morning and finish at 5pm on a Monday, having only had a couple of hours sleep all weekend!

He was thankful that those days were now behind them!

We wanted to know from his point of view what had been the changes he had seen in diabetes since he had been diagnosed.

He felt that there had been tremendous developments in diabetes even in the time that he had been a diabetic. 

So on a personal level the introduction of blood glucose monitoring had been a huge step to enable much better control.

He remembers paying £100 in 1981 to get one of the first meters.

(He was lucky the Chairman paid £175 at John Bell and Croydon in London, when he lived there, and it is now on loan at the Manx Diabetes Centre in its display cabinet, and still working. It’s like a miniature brick).

Mr Fayle continued, the introduction of the insulin pens which to many people wouldn’t seem to be that important but to him made a huge change to going out and taking insulin out with him. 

He pointed out that he used to have a special box containing all of his glass syringes, needles and insulin. 

He was of the opinion that it has been very interesting personally, having been diagnosed at the age of 13 on the Isle of Man and then moving away and coming back, to see the tremendous strides that have been taken on the Isle of Man as well as nationally. 

A huge milestone for the Isle of Man was the establishment of the Diabetes Centre with specialist nurses, podiatrists, dieticians all under one roof and the appointment of Dr Khan, a Specialist in Diabetes, who has developed and leads a marvellous service.

He was most emphatic that this was something which those involved in its development should be very proud of, and something that all diabetics want to see continuing to develop.

In his own speciality, he has been involved in the care of a number of pregnant women with diabetes, these are high risk pregnancies.

The appointment of Mr Ghosh, the latest Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, who has special responsibility for the management of diabetes in pregnancy, is a new and very welcome development.

There are still exciting developments in understanding diabetes with the introduction of new agents and tremendous progress in the management of diabetes in pregnancy. NICE Guidelines have contributed to this development.

After his lucid exposition on diabetes we wanted to know what he was looking forward to in the future.

Of course, like all diabetics, he was following with interest the progress and development of pancreatic transplants and injection of pancreatic cells into tissues. 

He thought that being realistic it was still someway off and probably too late for him, but still a fascinating area of development.

He was of the opinion that in the past 30 years or so, he had seen tremendous developments for diabetic services on the Isle of Man and as we all know, diabetes is becoming more common with a modern lifestyle.

He was very keen to see the continued development of the excellent services and healthcare that we receive on the Isle of Man. 

On a personal level he said quote, “I have great concerns for the future, like everybody else in the profession, with regard to future recruitment of all healthcare staff to the island when the Isle of Man Government severs the link with UK pensions. 

This has the potential to have a huge impact on recruitment of all staff within the diabetic service and worries me on both a personal level and a professional level” unquote.

We are grateful to Mr Fayle for taking time off in his otherwise busy schedule to talk to The Diabetic and we thank him profusely.

We wish him every success in his negotiations with the Manx Government as regards the pension’s situation, as we wouldn’t want to end up like some hospitals the Chairman is very aware of, and has personally dealt with in third world countries.

The New Secretary of State for Health in the UK

We now have a new Government in the UK, with a new Government comes a new Secretary of State for Health.

The New Secretary of State for Health the Rt Hon Andrew Lansley

The new UK Government is formed by a coalition of Conservatives and Lib-Dems.

This means that even though they have agreed a full Parliament, with fickle back benchers there is no guarantee that it will carry the course, and we could have another election in the Autumn.

We therefore must strike now.

The coalition means that it could possibly interfere with the present Reciprocal Health Agreement which now ends on 30th September next, if they have to go to another election.

We therefore have to get moving and fast, The Diabetic suggests the Brown Government looks up in the dictionary the definition for ‘fast’.

Also as regards our Government’s problem with the Rescinding of the Reciprocal Health Agreement, they shall now have to contend with arguments from two parties, and it could be that they each have different ideas, and have to come to a compromise which could be to the detriment of the Isle of Man people.

That is why the Chairman had suggested to Mr Teare and Mr Brown that they had to cultivate both parties when these parties had been in opposition.

We must keep in mind that they may, with Vince Cable thinking and their present money problems, that they may come once again knocking at the door of the Isle of Man Treasury for more money, as we have previously pointed out, once they put up the VAT to 20% or twenty two and a half percent.

Don’t for one minute think they are going to let us keep the difference.

The Chairman has already said that the Isle of Man is the herb garden of the United Kingdom and whenever they want anything they will come and pluck us.

If this happens again then there is no option but to go Independent and fully join the EU.

Our Government has proved they couldn’t cope with one Party, so what is going to happen now when there must be a consensus of two to agree anything, in particular when Mr Teare is not there to do all the negotiations on our behalf and take all the glory?

This could be a disaster, as we were so dependant on Mr Teare.

Advice from our Advisor to another Adviser

Never go to bed mad,

Stay up and fight!

The UK Elections and Proportional Representation.

The UK Elections were summed up in one sentence by Lord Paddy Ashdown of the Liberal Democrats when he said:

The Country has spoken, but we don’t know what they said”.

Surely he must have known what they said, for after all he wants proportional representation, and this is what happens with proportional representation.

There is no outright Government because there is no winner with the necessary majority to form a Government, so it should have come as no surprise to him.

The Lib-Dems would never be able to form a Government by themselves, there will always be no outright winner under proportional representation in a country like the UK, and what they want is to be King makers at all elections with the country in one hell of a mess, pushing through their policies through the back door. All of a sudden they would be in constant power

The Chairman has had great experience with proportional representation, because Gibraltar has proportional representation and whilst in Gibraltar he has been at every count since he was sixteen.

And then being the Head of Television and Radio, they always covered all elections and counts live.

However unless you have a manageable number of candidates and it is in a small country area like Gibraltar, where the whole of the electorate votes for 8 candidates in each polling station, because 8 members command a majority in the Government.

The ballot paper has the names of all candidates at all polling stations, (there are no constituencies or wards), so unless you are really voting with a choice for them all, it does not work.

Look at the many Governments in Europe that exist on a wing and a prayer, without party majorities.

How many Governments has Italy had since the war?

What happens, they have to hold negotiations after each elections.

The moment the coalition falls out with one another, or they can’t pass budgets etc, they have to bribe other minority parties with concessions to vote with them.

We just have to look at the Isle of Man, and we have first past the post, but we have to create a block vote to Govern.

Our Government without political parties cannot maintain power or pass anything with their nine supposed “independent Ministers”, so they have to put their hands in the Government pockets and pay independent members elected by the people on totally different manifestos they had promised to the people, to be able to Govern.

If they don’t vote with the Government in a block vote, they are sacked and loose their money.

What a way to Govern.

Is this democracy? It is no where near democracy, not when one person wields the sword of Damocles over everybody else who each have independent manifestos.

However the moment these members decide to look after their constituent’s interests and put them first, the Government would become a dead duck, unless the Government have 13 Ministers and the rest are in opposition. Then it would be a proper democracy.

But the 13 Ministers must belonged to a political party, otherwise they have to ditch their manifesto promises to their constituents. They would have been elected under false pretences.

Mr Malarkey, by this system the Chief Minister would really be elected by the people like they do in Gibraltar, because they have party politics, and the leader of the elected party with the majority, automatically becomes Chief Minister.

So in the UK, within six months one will stab the other in the back or their back benchers won’t vote the way they are told, and we shall have to go to elections, because a vote of confidence would be lost by the coalition Government.

This will be the common practice with proportional representation in the UK, an election after every six, nine months or a year, with the Lib-Dems in minority power for life, demanding what they want from one party or another, and the country held to ransom and at a standstill.

At present it is in the interest of the Lib-Dems to go with the Conservatives as they have the biggest majority of seats and can get through what they themselves want which the majority of people in individual constituencies didn’t vote for.

Going with Labour would only have tolled their death knell as at the next election they would then not even have the number of seats to argue the toss.

So proportional representation could really spell the end for the Lib-Dems.

No wonder Lord Ashdown can’t fathom out whether he is coming or going, because they have not thought it through properly.

However The Diabetic can tell him it’s because he does not know the implications of proportional representation.

As one MP put it

There is no use complaining about the Air, if there is no air to breath.

Manifestos as Manifestos Go.

The UK election produced a plethora of Manifestos from every party that stood for election.

The Manx Media of course did not comment on any of them except to say that the Official Monster Raving Looney Party had claimed in it’s manifesto that one of the points they wanted implemented was that they proposed that the Isle of Man be renamed “The Isle of Man, Woman, Children and some Animals” as not just men lived there.

As none of the other points in their Manifesto appear to have been mentioned in our media, The Diabetic though we would give you a sprinkling of the 98 points in their Manifesto.

Here with their corresponding numbers for your delectation are some of their proposals.

1) To combat global warming and climate change all buildings should be fitted with air conditioning units on the outside.

4) It is proposed that all politicians be made to swear a “hippocratic oath”, preventing them from telling lies.

6) It is proposed that The European Union end its discrimination by creating a “Court of Human Lefts” because their present policy is one sided.

16) All socks to be sold in packs of 3 as a precaution against losing one.

19) Sell shares in Northern Rock, buy shares in Blackpool rock!

28) It is proposed that we change the English Symbol of three lions to 3 Badgers. How often do you see lions running round our countryside?

30) The Isle of White should be changed to “The Isle of Mixed Races, and Cultures Located off the Coast of Britain”

34) Bright pupils will be provided with dimmer switches to prevent then distracting the rest of the class.

43) Languages should be banned in schools as most kids (and adults) have trouble with English.

44) It is proposed to declare the Channel Tunnel a no fly zone.

55) Since Iraq needs to have a proper infrastructure before they can run their own country. We propose we send our traffic wardens out to Iraq to give tickets to American Jeeps and Tanks illegally parked thereby raising much needed revenue for the Iraq Government.

56) Since we have Guy Fawkes day because Fawkes ATTEMPTED to destroy Parliament (penny for the Guy mate) and we burn effigies of Fawkes, should we not have a John Prescott day for SUCCEEDING to destroy Parliament, well credibility at least (Penny for the John mate) and we would throw John on the Bonfire.

58) We propose dedicated pogo stick lanes on routes to centres of work.

71) Chocolate be available as a prescription drug.

79) To get more men to watch women’s football all players should have to swap shirts at the end of games.

93) Supermarket Trolley Formation Dancing should be made an Olimpick event.

Hope you enjoyed this, you can go into their website and get the whole Manifesto.


Minister for Health Mr David Anderson

The Diabetic would like to congratulate the new Minister for Health Mr Anderson on his elevation to his new post.

The Chairman wrote to him on the 31st March so that he could get the letter on 1st April, and expressed the good wishes of the Friends of the Manx Diabetic, offering our help on anything he may require that would benefit the Manx people.

Unfortunately the first of four actions to date of the Minister was to threaten to close down part of Meds.

However his suggestion and that of his advisors or is it advisers backfired, as the Doctors were more interested in the patients than their pockets, and decided to proposes to the Minister they take a ten percent cut in their salaries and the Minister relented.

If the Doctors were prepared to meet the 10% savings that the department is trying to find across the board, why hasn’t the Minister cut 10% of his own salary and that of all his civil servants, instead of cutting front line services that will affect preventative care for the Manx people, and in the long run cost the Health Department more money, not to mention the pain and suffering to the Manx patients.

However he did say in Tynwald that it was all fiction, contrived by the press, the doctors and the people, until one doctor came on Manx Radio and told it as he saw it.

The Doctor said they were called to a meeting and presented with a fait accompli, and told to keep it quiet and not even to tell their wives or office staff.

The Brown Democratic Government in full flow!

As the Chief Minister said in House on 18th May last, “I don’t need lessons in democracy, I am very Democratic”.

The Chairman was in Tynwald that day and spoke with MHK’s and told them of the Doctors decision and their 10% offer of cuts before the Minister even got on his feet, but he did not really mention this.

How did he put it? It had been negotiated by his department.

Another side splitting statement.

Next we had the proposed closing of some aspects of the Podiatry facilities.

This is a monumental mistake as without proper preventative care this will backfire on the Health Department’s future budgets, not to mention most or all our elderly patients who are at home and won’t be able to cut their nails as they can’t do it themselves or afford private attention.

The Chairman is a case in point having lost a leg because there was no proper Diabetic Centre with its attendant podiatry facilities when his problems started.

And then we have in Tynwald the progressing of the pensions scheme which is already affecting recruitment of medical people at Noble’s.

The Health Department is unconsciously changing our hospital services, as instead of UK trained personnel looking after the Manx people we shall eventually be having eastern block trained medical personnel.

The Diabetic knows of consultants who were going to come and have had second thoughts because of the pensions and are now not coming. These will probably be the first of many.

We have been told by the health department it is not the proposed pension’s scheme why they didn’t come to the Island, it was their wives that didn’t like the Island.

Is a Zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

What will be the excuses next?

Someone told the Chairman that the Ministers and members of department were like Ostriches putting their heads in the sand.

However he feels they go one better, they carry buckets of sand around with them just in case of an emergency.

We should get together and buy them each a multicoloured bucket as a Christmas present.

Oh and we have problems with bowel cancer screening. We presume that the powers that be believe there is no need for this.

But don’t worry as the saying goes everything will be alright on the night, until someone dies or have their legs amputated.

We will then look forward with avid interest to the Government’s next excuse, we presume they will say it is the people’s fault for getting sick and dying.

Next Mr Anderson confirms a reduction in physiotherapy facilities.

Just a note, those like the Chairman who needs physiotherapy are most grateful to these wonderful people, and owe them everything, as without them the Chairman would not be walking, and like many others they would all end up in their wheelchairs for life.

Or does Mr Anderson want the disabled people of the Isle of Man crawling about on the floor and down Strand Street, for lack of facilities?

But then again Mr Brown’s Government we are told,…….he tells us himself…….is a caring Government.

In reality, a Government which does not care about preventative care, for the sake of saving a few pounds here or a few pounds there at the expense of hospital facilities, whilst wasting millions here there and everywhere is not a Government of care for the people.

Well done the Brown Government enjoy it whilst your all can.

Great, you are showing yourselves the door at the next election.

So all in all Mr Anderson and his advisors or advisers have had a very excellent start. In excuse he says “He is disappointed” so are we all…… with him.

He continues “We have neither the money nor the personnel count” We might, if you all took a cut in salary starting with yours.

Wonder where he is going to try to diminish facilities next?

We shall have to wait until the first deaths and then where are they all going to hide.

The Diabetic says don’t vote for them at the next election.

The Diabetic and the Chairman have categorically told the Government, and Mr Teare specifically at a meeting on 14th December last that they had to maintain the front line services.

1) The Health, and Care Service,

2) Education and

3) The Police.

All savings must come from other departments, Managers and people doing nothing but carrying papers about to meetings after meetings, but not from the front line services.

We have a Chief Executive Officer, a Deputy Executive Officer, and we also have a Director of Health Strategy and Performance, to mention but a few.

The Diabetic has nothing against these good people however they used to run the DHSS, now with half the staff, and a smaller budget they are in fact running half a department. Not to mention all the other civil servants down the line.

Where are the Chief Ministers savings?

What we really need is for all these appointments running half departments, the 26 managers at Noble’s and all the civil servants to take at least a 10% cut in salary and not cut health services.

Where are all these savings that the Chief Minister proclaimed from the top of Snaefell, and convinced himself, his Ministers and his members of Department but nobody else?

Mr Anderson, these are the type of posts that your have to resolve to save monies, not put at risk the health of the people of the Isle of Man that voted you in.

Remember by the same token the people will vote you out.

A little word of advice to the Minister and his advisors, when businesses find they are doing well, and they have an increase in business and too many customers, the don’t shut down half of their departments or refuse to take on more customers or turn them away, you know what they do? they employ more people to deal with all these customers.

We have already explained to the Director of Health Strategy and Performance verbally and in no uncertain manner what a hospital was for when an old dear was informed that they could not look after her problem because Noble’s was not taking on any more new patients.

Incidentally the New Health Minister was seen at the Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinics with his advisor or is it adviser, having had meetings with the staff there.

Maybe he is thinking of closing part of the Prosthetic and Orthotics down or extending their visits to once every four weeks or more to save money at the expense of the disabled.

The Friends of the Manx Diabetic have already given the old DHSS, in fact to Mr Killip at a meeting that Mr John Houghton MHK and the Groups Deputy Chairman, Mr J Ludford-Brooks attended, how to go about this, and the New Minister could do well to look it up, before he pontificates because our proposal was the sensible way to go.

Or he could give the Chairman a call and they could meet and he would explain all over again.

On the other hand as he was seen coming out of the Plaster Room in the Clinic, he may have gone for a plaster cast of his bright ideas to keep for posterity.

Manx Government renews DisabledGo Contract.

At a meeting of the Steering Group of DisabledGo-Isle of Man, those present were informed that the Manx Government after protracted negotiations has renewed the contract of DisabledGo.

The Diabetic and in particular the Chairman welcomes this move as a sensible way forward for both parties, and in particular the disabled people of the Isle of Man and disabled visitors to our beautiful Island.

At the meeting The Chairman congratulated the Manx Government representatives who were present, saying that they had done the right thing and that this was the right way to go forward.

The meeting was told that,

DisabledGo now has over 80,000 guides in 75 areas of the UK, and is working with over 75 local authorities across the water and Ireland.

It is working with over 100 Universities and Colleges, and with over 20 NHS Trusts and PCT’s.

They have now redesigned their website and it is more comprehensive than ever.

They have launched the DisabledGo Community Forum. This is to enable users the opportunity to discuss topics relating to disability and accesses or whatever they may want to discuss.

As of December 2009 DisabledGo lauched their first monthly e-bulletin, which is currently being sent out to 2000 people. If you want to join the mailing lists please go to the Homepage on the website and fill out your details.

DisabledGo is now also working with OpenBritain. This is set to become the UK’s premier information service on accessible tourism as the two leading brands for disability information come together, with information on respective venues being supplied by DisabledGo to the website.

As regards the Isle of Man website, The Diabetic has been informed that the number of hits on the Isle of Man Website were over 25,000 during the course of the year.

Taking this figure of 25,000 hits we have the following consultations of the DisabledGo Isle of Man website.

25,000 hits per annum

That is 2,084 hits per month

Or 481 hits per week

Or 69 hits per day.

These are the number of people that consult, DisabledGo Isle of Man which is fantastic.

Isn’t it worth having such a facility?

It just shows you the power of disabled people in the Isle of Man, wanting to visit places on the Island, and in particular the power of the disabled pound.

Our shop owners should take note of and have the necessary facilities in their premises for wheelchairs to be able to move around and access their products.

It is also about time that our Government introduced the Disability Act, so that the disabled of the Isle of Man are properly looked after when going about their legitimate business.

As from May this year DisabledGo is renewing the information available on DisabledGo-Isle of Man.

In addition to revisiting any venues with a physical access change, DisabledGo will add another 25 new Detailed Access Guide venues to the DisabledGo-Isle of Man website.

After the presentation by Kimberly Dixon there was a question and answer session which ranged from disabled parking bays on the Isle of Man to the role of the Tynwald Advisory Council for Disabilities.

Finally Kimberly thanked those present for their input and support which DisdabledGo very much appreciated.

If you have any comments please contact

Chairman’s report on the Tynwald Advisory Council for Disabilities.

The Tynwald Advisory Council for Disabilities held their annual meeting at The Manx Foundation on Monday 17th May at 7.30 in the evening.

Phil Braidwood MLC

Chairman Tynwald Advisory Council for Disabilities

The Chairman Mr Phil Braidwood in starting the meeting said that he would like to highlight some of the matters the Committee had dealt with since the last meeting, which may be of interest to those representing Groups in the auditorium.

He said that they had originally raised concern with the Isle of Man Ambulance service regarding the early collection time of patients being transferred to Nobles Hospital.

At the time the Red Cross was starting the morning collection from Ramsey and working its way down to Douglas, but was advertising a standard pick up time early in the morning for everyone.

Mr Braidwood was pleased that following a customer service survey, a new Patient Transfer Leaflet has been produced which shows staggered collection times for patients. This he emphasised would give more accurate times for pickup within areas.

He then went on to the vexed question of display boards on the pavements outside shops.

This he said had been an ongoing problem for some time, he considered these boards to be a hazard for people with disability.

He explained that he had been recently advised by the newly appointed Minister for Infrastructure, Phil Gawne MHK, that he has discussed this matter with officers and had agreed a way forward which should result in a significant improvement shortly after TT week.

He did not say what the “significant improvement” would be. We await with bated breath.

The next point he brought up was Primary care Patient Safety and Governance Committee.

Mr Braidwood said they had requested a copy of their annual report and had asked the Department of Health for permission to make available the report at the meeting.

He asked those present to consider the recommendations within the report and to highlight any areas that they might feel are not met either with the Department or the Committee.

As regards Dialysis Treatment this regarded the question of payment whilst in the UK for treatment. He pointed out that they were waiting for a response to a number of questions they had raised with regard to the matter, and they will report further on this in the issue of their summer newsletter.

We then came to the committees visits undertaken during the past year.

The Committee had visited Nobles Hospital, in particular they had concentrated on Newlands.

The Accident and Emergency, the work of the Nutritional Action Group, the new patient admission system and they had also discussed the new medway computer system, which is to be the new improved system of maintaining hospital records.

They had also visited the Hyperbaric Chamber and Castleview Nursing Home.

Mr Braidwood then paid tribute to Mrs Kath Parkinson who had tendered her resignation from the Committee, and he wished her well for the future.

He said that Kath would be sorely missed.

With the restructuring of Government Mr Braidwood introduced Mr Tony Lever and Mr Norman McGregor Edwards, to talk about their new departments.

We were then showered with platitudes of self assessments and how wonderful everything would be.

The Chairman of the Friends of the Manx Diabetic in no uncertain manner put them both though their paces and the least said of their answers the better.

Surface to say that Mr Lever confirmed that no savings had been made with the split up of the department, but expected to do so when they bought things collectively, the Chainman wanted to know if he meant the collective buying of paper clips.

Mr Edwards on the other hand in reply to a question from the Chairman as to why they had not cut their salaries instead of cutting front line services at the Hospital, explained that their salaries had been frozen for a year (Whoopee).

However on being pressed he confirmed that if the Government took a cut in their own salaries and told the civil service to do likewise, they would have to accept.

Over to the Government, how about it Mr Brown?

This would help no end with your problems and it would obviate cutting front line services. The British Government Ministers have done it so why not you?

Mr Edwards intimated it was up to the Government,

But he again pointed out they had already taken a cut by not having an increase in their salaries this year.

The British Government has also put a moratorium on the employment of new civil servants. That is also a good idea.

The ball is in your court Chief Minister.

Mr McGregor-Edwards, Director of Health Strategy and Performance

No service areas are immune from scrutiny as taxpayers would expect there are no sacred cows or no go areas”

Does this mean staff salaries as well?


This quarter’s quotes are sent to us by Michael and Elaine in Bicester and we are told that there is no need to worry about the sentences typed by medical secretaries in the NHS Greater Glasgow as doctors know what they mean.

1) The patients has no previous history of suicide.

2) Patient has chest pains if she lies on her left side for over a year.

3) The patient has been depressed since she began seeing me in 1993.

4) Discharge status: - Alive, but without my permission.

5) Health, appearing decrepit 69 year-old male, mentally alert, but forgetful.

6) Whilst in ER, she was examined, x-rated, and sent home.

7) Patient was alert but unresponsive.

8) Examination of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.

9) The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.

10) Patient has two teenage children but no other abnormality.

11) Note from one Doctor to another:- Between you and me we ought to be able to get this lady pregnant.

12) By the time he was admitted, his rapid heart had stopped, and he was feeling better.

13) She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night.

14) The patient was in the usual state of good health until his plane run out of fuel and crashed.

Hope the medical staff can understand them. Many thanks for the contribution, keep them coming.

News in Brief

Scientists have now come up with the idea that Dolphins could hold the key to curing diabetes.

Researchers have found that the Dolphins have a form of adult onset diabetes, but they have the ability to turn it on and off.

The discovery, scientists claim, could open the door to revolutionary treatments for diabetes in humans and could even eventually give rise to a cure.

If you sleep badly, it increases the risk of diabetes.

Researchers are now suggesting that if you have a bad night’s sleep, it not only leaves you tired and irritable, but many of them could increase your risk of diabetes.

They maintain that just one night of tossing and turning and getting only four hours sleep, will affect the body’s ability to use insulin to convert sugar into energy.

Disruption of this process can lead to diabetes, the Journal Endocrinology and Metabolism reports.

It says “Sleep duration had shortened considerably in Western Societies in the past decade, and simultaneously there has been an increase in the prevalence of insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes.

Pine Bark to High Cholesterol Rescue?

Previous research has shown that pine bark extract might help reduce blood pressure and mild hypertension, although it is not clear why.

Now in new trials, patients over 40 are also to be prescribed the extract to test its benefits on high cholesterol levels.

In the clinical study at Kyoto University in Japan patients will be given 200mg daily for 12 weeks.

Various benefits, have been claimed for pine bark extract, including helping to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetes, though there is little scientific evidence for this.

However it is hoped that the trials may shed some light on its potential.

Should we be going Nuts?

Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine journal, it looked at studies using walnuts, pecans, macadamia, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.

Researcher Dr Joan Sabate of California’s Loma Linda University said all types of nuts are good for cutting levels, and the more the better.

She said that “Nuts are a wholesome food that had been consumed by humans throughout history.

Increasing consumption as part of an otherwise prudent diet can favourably affect blood lipid levels, at least in the short term, and lower coronary heart disease risk”.

Nearly 600 men and women from seven countries were involved in the cholesterol review of people on a nut-rich diet.

The Fable

The characters in this fable are fictitious, any resemblance to any Government department or personnel are purely coincidental.


a fable.

Every day a small Ant arrived at work very early and started work immediately.

She produced a lot and she was very happy.

The Chief, a Lion, was surprised to see that the Ant was working without supervision.

He thought, if the Ant can produce so much without supervision wouldn’t she produce even more if she had supervision.

So he recruited a Cockroach, who had extensive experience as a supervisor, and who was famous for writing excellent reports.

The Cockroach’s first decision was to set up a clocking in attendance system.

He also needed a Secretary to help him write and type his reports and,

He recruited a Spider who managed the filing systems, and to monitored all phone calls, which the Ant, amongst her other duties had been doing,

The Lion was delighted with the Cockroach’s reports and asked him to produce graphs to describe production rates and to analyse trends, so that he could use them for presentations at his many daily meetings.

So the Cockroach had to buy a new computer and laser printer and,

He recruited a Fly to manage the IT Department.

The Ant who had once been so productive and relaxed, hated the new plethora of paper work and meetings, which used up most of her time and produced nothing.

The Lion came to the conclusion that it was high time to nominate a person in charge of the Department where the Ant had originally been working by herself all along and producing so much.

The position was given to the Cicada whose first decision was to buy a carpet and ergonomic chair for his office.

The new person in charge, the Cicada also needed a computer and a personal assistant, who he brought from his pervious department to help him prepare a Work and Budget Control Strategic Optimisation Plan for the many meetings now rampant in the Department.

The Department where the Ant works is now a sad place, where nobody laughs anymore, and everybody has become upset, as they cannot cope with the work because of having to attend meetings all and every day.

It was at this time that the Cicada convinced the boss, the Lion, of the absolute necessity to start a Clinical Study of the Environment.

Having reviewed the changes for running the Ant’s Department, the Lion found out that the production was much lower than before.

So he recruited the Owl, a prestigious and renowned Consultant to carry out an Audit, and suggest solutions.

The Owl spent six months in the Department at huge costs to the organisation, and came up with an enormous report, of several volumes that concluded ;




Guess who the Lion fired first?

The Ant of course, because she showed lack of motivation and had a negative attitude.

The Lion and all the other many members of staff continued merrily with their many daily meetings, producing nothing except massive volumes of hot air, in the convinced and assured knowledge that they had taken decisive action on the Owl’s expensive and voluminous report.

The report did not say that front line services had to be reduced to save money, the Owl said there had to be cuts in salaries and overhead expenses, but the Lion failed to implemented these recommendation

The characters in this fable are fiction, any resemblance to any Government department or personnel are in the eye of the beholder and no one else, and are purely coincidental.

The Last Laugh

Department of Health gets rid of Managers at Noble’s

14th May 2010

Health Chiefs insist it’s a Myth that there are too many managers employed in the Island Health Services.

The Minister of Health has risen to the challenge and got rid of some managers at Noble’s following the furore that this emotive issue gendered.

Ward Managers at Noble’s and Ramsey District Cottage Hospitals will now change their titles to reflect the role of nurses. No more Managers

The Ward Manager will in future be known as ward sister or charge nurse.

The changes says the Minister, is to reflect a change of emphasis in leadership rather than management.

The Minister, Mr Anderson said, “The term ‘Manager’ might be considered by some to reflect from the caring aspect of the role”.

Well done Minister, give yourself two medals just in case you lose one.

With one decisive sweep of the pen the Minister has got rid of the many Managers, just by changing their titles, wonderful.

However no savings, as Mr Brown predicted and promised.

Now he can go to the House or Tynwald and with hand on heart say, he has go rid of the Managers, and they will bang their table tops and proclaim him a Messiah.

The Man that can perform miracles with a slight of hand.

Semantics, Semantics dear friends.

Is this becoming endemic?

Now is the time for Mr Teare to vie with the Health Messiah he is getting rid of 27 teachers by the beginning of the 2010/11. school year.

But this will be by redeployment and natural wastage.

Also some 12 teachers had already been given alternative jobs within the department of Education and Children.

The Diabetic is sure that the Chief Minister did not mean to adopt this system as a way to save monies, because it saves nothing.

We do not only have the Health front line services being cut but now we have the same thing happening with the Education Department.

Chief Minister, when you start messing about with Health and Education, which is far superior to those of the UK, it does not augur well for the future of our island.

Let’s see, what we can do next?

Suggestion; The Chief Minister should change his title to First Ministerial Secretary, and we would save the salary of Chief Minister.

Suggestion; how about scuttling our fishing protection vessel in the bay to save money on fuel.

Any other bright ideas let us have them, we shall print then next quarter, we are experts in semantics and slight of hand, one minute they are there the next, they have a new post, and you save money.

The MHK’s that voted against you at the October Tynwald.

The following MHK’s voted against you and for the Teare proposal for us to go it alone, and they abandoned us all.

Cut this out and put it on your fridge door and when they come to your door tell them you are not voting for them anymore.

Mr Brown MHK Castletown

Mr Teare MHK Ayre

Mr Quirk MHK Onchan

Mr Earnshaw MHK Onchan

Mr Crookall MHK Onchan

Mr Anderson MHK Glenfaba

Mrs Craine MHK Ramsey

Mr Bell MHK Ramsey

Mr Qualye MHK Middle

Mr Marlarkey MHK Douglas South

Mr Cretney MHK Douglas South

Mr Corkish MHK Douglas West

Mr Shimmin MHK Douglas West

Mr Watterson MHK Rushen

Mr Gawne MHK Rushen

Mr Bill Henderson MHK left the chamber so as not to vote for you. He did not vote for you either.

Whatever they tell you take it with a pinch of salt, this is the vote that the Chief Minister’s proud of, and keeps on quoting as authority.

So Remember them at the Ballot Box and don’t vote them in again.

We are the Group that leads from the front and gets things done.

We are the diabetic support Group of the Isle of Man

All monies collected are spent on the Isle of Man.

No monies are sent off Island.

Join the Friends of the Manx Diabetic today. Telephone (01624) 613702 or