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План – конспект

урока английского языка

с использованием ИКТ в 10 классе

School uniform: Pros & Cons

учителя английского языка

МОУ «СОШ р.п. Духовницкое Духовницкого района Саратовской области»

Куртасовой Татьяны Петровны

Урок английского языка с использованием ИКТ в 10 классе

Тема : School Uniform: Pros & Cons.

Основные задачи:

- развитие умений аудирования, чтения и монологической речи по теме урока

-повторение и обогащение лексического запаса по т. Одежда

-воспитание культуры внешнего вида

Оборудование : компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, экран.

1.Орг. момент.

Учитель: My dear friends! We have an unusual lesson today. Fashion is very important to you, isn’t it? Some of you want to be attractive and look different from others. Sometimes clothes the students wear are not suitable for school. E.g. If you like sport style it doesn’t mean that you should wear sport suits to school. I think you can look stylish if your clothes are suitable for the occasion. Today we’ll try to discuss the problems of school uniform and dress code. After doing some exercises we’ll see the presentation about the history of school uniform and some tendencies of youth fashion. Then we are going to have a discussion on the problem.

2.Выполнение лексических упражнений.

Учитель: Let’s start doing some lexical exercises.

(упражнения проецируются на экране)

  1. Find the odd word out and read it.

a) shirt trousers shoes uniform tie socks jacket trainers belt

b) handbag umbrella earrings bracelet belt ring boots

c) trainers boots sandals T- shirt tennis shoes wellingtons

d) trendy handsome beautiful outrageous fashionable smart elegant

2)Complete the sentences using the phrases in the box or your own ideas.

very expensive clothes casual clothes too many accessories uniform

wrong clothes in the wrong place formal clothes brand clothes

  1. I like when people wear …

  2. I hate it if people wear …

  3. I think it’s bad taste to wear …

  4. I don’t mind if people wear…

  5. It’s silly to wear…

3. Показ презентации и ответы на вопросы по ее материалам.

Учитель: Now you‘ll see the presentation about the history of school uniform and some tendencies of youth fashion.

( просмотр презентации и ответы на вопросы заключительного слайда)

4.Подготовка к дискуссии по теме: School Uniform: Pros & Cons.

Учитель: It’s a problem of what to wear to school and what role the school uniform has in our school now. Put the ideas from the box into two columns: What is good about school uniforms? What is bad about a school uniform? Add your own ideas.

  • Discrimination because of clothes

  • Sense of belonging to a school

  • Being proud of your school

  • Opportunity to express your individuality

  • Having your own style

  • Competition n dress at school

  • Not everybody can afford trendy clothes and brand names

  • Everybody looks the same

  • Some fashionable clothes may distract students from their study

  • Opportunity to show that you have something more than just your clothes

What is good about school uniform?

What is bad about school uniform?

(Таблицы выводятся на экран. Ребята по очереди печатают соответствующие идеи в таблицу на компьютере. Остальные работают с таблицами в рабочей тетради.)

5.Дискуссия по теме: School Uniform: Pros & Cons

Учитель: In groups of 3-4 discuss the questions and report your ideas to the class.

1) Do you agree that a uniform suppresses students’ individuality?

2) What do you think students should wear at school? Why?

3) Who should decide what to wear\ whether to wear uniforms? Why do you think so?

4) Should a school uniform be fashionable?

(ребята обсуждают в группах предложенные вопросы и представляют итоги обсуждения всему классу в форме монологического высказывания.)

Подведение итогов дискуссии .

Учитель: It was very interesting to listen to your opinions. I see you can distinguish one style from another and you know exactly what clothes you should wear in different situations. You have come to the conclusion that you are to observe a dress code or wear a uniform.

7.Домашнее задание.

Учитель: Your home task will be to prepare a fashion show for your class. Use the following guidelines:

  • Design 2-3 pieces of fashionable teenage clothing

  • Imagine casual, party and school clothes

  • Remember that the clothes should be fashionable and comfortable and should be suitable for the occasion you recommend them for

  • Prepare a sample, a picture, a poster or a presentation

  • Get ready to present your ideas to the rest of your class.

8.Заключительный этап урока. Выставление оценок.