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Part I Destiny

  • Part II The Politics of War

    McLaughlin Group.

    Modern Marvels: Chrysler building.

    Motor city memories and hometown traditions Detroit. Remember when.

    Roots of Rhythm.

    3 volumes:

    • Across the Ocean

    • The Fiery Romance

    To the Top of the Charts

    Super Bowl Highlight Films.

    The American Civil War. Plus The Killing Power of Civil War Artillery.

    The American Dream and the Automobile. Detroit. Remember When II.

    The American Revolution

    1. The Conflict Ignites

    2. 1776

    3. Washington and Arnold

    4. The World At War

    5. England’s Last Chance

    6. Birth of the Republic

    The Civil War

    1. 1861. Episode 1: The Cause

    2. 1862. Episode 2: A Very Bloody Affair

    Episode 3: Forever Free

    1. 1863. Episode 4: Simply Murder

    Episode 5: The Universe of Battle

    1. 1864. Episode 6: Valley of the Shadow of Death

    Episode 7: Most Hallowed Ground

    1. 1865. Episode 8: War is All Hell

    Episode 9: The Better Angels of Our Nature

    The Complete Battle of Gettysburg

    1. Battle of Gettysburg. Day 1

    2. Battle of Gettysburg. Day 2

    3. Battle of Gettysburg. Day 3

    4. Gettysburg 135 Anniversary. Historians Roundtable

    The Greatest American Frontiers

    1. America’s Great Northwest

    2. America’s Canyon Country

    3. America’s Last Frontier Alaska

    The Great War and the shaping of the 20th Century

    1. Explosion. Stalemate

    2. Total War. Slaughter

    3. Mutiny. Collapse

    4. Hunted and Hunter. War without End

    The Kennedy Era. NBC White Papers

    1. The Early Years

    2. The Presidency

    The Lincoln Assassination (two volumes).

    The Native Americans

    1. The Tribes of the Southeast

    2. The Tribal People of the Northwest

    3. The Nations of the Northeast

    4. The People of the Great Plains (Part One)

    5. The People of the Great Plains (Part Two)

    6. The Natives of the Southwest

    The Presidents Collection

    1. JBJ (2 parts)

    2. The Kennedy’s (2 parts)

    3. Nixon (2 parts)

    The Presidents Collection

    1. Theodore Roosevelt (2 parts)

    2. IKE (2 parts)

    The Right Stuff. How the Future Began (2 parts).

    The Untold West

    1. Hot on the Trail

    2. Outlaws, Rebels and Rogues

    3. The Black West

    The Way the west

    1. Westward, The Course of Empire Takes Its Way 1845-1864

    2. The Approach of Civilization 1865-1869

    3. The War for the Black Hills 1870-1876

    4. Ghost Dance 1877-1893

    The Wright Stuff: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane.

    Theodore Roosevelt. The Presidents Collections (2 parts) (2 copies).

    Thomas Jefferson. A Film by Ken Burns (2 parts).

    Truman. The Presidents Collections (2 parts).

    United Tastes of America. The Cultural Origins of your Favourite Dishes

    Video one:

    • Italian American Tastes

    • Jewish American Tastes

    • Southwestern Tastes

    • Chinese American Tastes

    Video Two:

    • African American Tastes

    • Cajun Tastes

    • German American Tastes

    • Native American Tastes

    Vote for Me: Politics in America.

    Part 1. Politics 101.

    Part 2. Making a Big Noise.

    Part 3. Political Junkies.

    Part 4. The Political Education of Maggie Lauterer.

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