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Summary of Linkage Projects Proposals for Funding to Commence in July 2007

New South Wales

Australian Catholic University 1

Charles Sturt University 1

Macquarie University 7

Southern Cross University 1

The University of New South Wales 19

The University of Newcastle 1

The University of Sydney 15

University of Technology, Sydney 5

University of Western Sydney 2

University of Wollongong 7

New South Wales 59


Deakin University 5

La Trobe University 5

Monash University 11

RMIT University 10

Swinburne University of Technology 2

The University of Melbourne 23



Central Queensland University 1

Griffith University 7

James Cook University 2

Queensland University of Technology 17

The University of Queensland 16


South Australia

The Flinders University of South Australia 7

The University of Adelaide 7

University of South Australia 7

South Australia

Western Australia

Curtin University of Technology 3

Edith Cowan University 1

Murdoch University 5

The University of Western Australia 11

Western Australia


University of Tasmania 1

Tasmania 1

Northern Territory

Charles Darwin University 3

Northern Territory 3

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian National University 11

University of Canberra 3

Australian Capital Territory 14

Total Number of Grants 217

New South Wales

Australian Catholic University

LP0776456 Dr DA Greene; Dr EJ Bradshaw; A/Prof GA Naughton; A/Prof MB Andersen; Prof D Courteix; Mr

MA Kinchington

Approved Tracking the musculoskeletal health and performance of talented adolescent female

Project Title athletes

2007 : $ 39,309

2008 : $ 52,122

2009 : $ 25,827

2010 : $ 13,013


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

New South Wales Institute of Sport

New South Wales Sporting Injuries Committee

Gymnastics Australia

Athletics Australia

Water Polo New South Wales

Administering Organisation Australian Catholic University

Project Summary

The vision is to gain an innovative understanding of risk factors for the early detection or prevention of injury, and to identify factors that promote participation longevity in young athletes. The biomechanics explored in this study will provide a basis for larger studies in future years. Large economic and social benefits can be gained from increased knowledge of injury prevention early in life. Lowered injury costs provide immediate cost benefits to the nation. Ultimately, in a nation familiar with the high costs of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, the health sector of Australia will be the greatest benefactor of this project.

Charles Sturt University

LP0776282 A/Prof GM Gurr; Prof S Wratten; A/Prof DG James

Approved Attract and reward: a novel approach to enhancing biological control of crop pests

Project Title

2007 : $ 14,000

2008 : $ 28,000

2009 : $ 28,000

2010 : $ 14,000


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Organic Crop Protectants PTY Ltd

Administering Organisation Charles Sturt University

Project Summary

Pests cause serious damage to Australia's agricultural crops. Current control relies heavily on synthetic pesticides. This project will develop novel products based on natural plant compounds to attract beneficial insects into crops where they will be supported with nectar, pollen and shelter to maximise their lifespan, reproduction, residency. This use of Australia's beneficial insect biodiversity will provide novel pest control options to help transform the vegetable and grape industries. The work will reduce reliance on conventional pesticides; thereby contributing towards Australia's environmental sustainability and providing healthier foodstuffs.

Macquarie University

LP0776828 A/Prof S Cuganesan; Prof RW Dunford; Prof IC Palmer

Approved Flexible Forms of Organising, Management Control Systems and Performance in

Project Title Organisations Fighting Serious and Organised Crime

2007 : $ 82,000

2008 : $ 157,000

2009 : $ 155,500

2010 : $ 80,500


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Australian Crime Commission

Victoria Police

Administering Organisation Macquarie University

Project Summary

The criminal networks behind serious and organised crime are becoming more fluid and flexible. In response, law

enforcement organisations are creating flexible structural arrangements and experimenting with management

control systems to balance the need for both flexibility and control. This research will identify combinations of

structure and management controls most suited to this task. Subsequent benefits will flow to the community/nation

through more effective and efficient policing of serious and organised crime. More broadly, organisations in fast

changing business environments will benefit by understanding how to design and manage their structure and

management control systems to enhance performance.

LP0776840 A/Prof RG Harcourt; Dr L Moller

Approved Watching migrating whales: ensuring the sustainability of a growing whale watch

Project Title industry

2007 : $ 30,000

2008 : $ 47,500

2009 : $ 30,313

2010 : $ 12,813


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Department of Environment and Conservation

Bass & Flinders Cruises

Administering Organisation Macquarie University

Project Summary

Whale watching is a huge growth industry, contributing $270 million to Australia in 2003. Yet most whalewatching

targets species listed under the EPBC Act 1999 as species slowly recovering from massive overexploitation.

Current protection measures are historical (ie best guess) rather than scientific in origin. We will assess the

scientific basis for these protection measures by experimentally manipulating tour boat behaviour, and by

determining the economic feasibility of the industry. By doing so we will increase the long term sustainability of the

industry, a valuable tourist industry for regional Australia.

LP0776758 Dr MR Leishman; A/Prof LA Hughes; Dr PO Downey

Approved Invasive plant species and climate change in Australia: predicting the threat and

Project Title projecting the future

2007 : $ 37,883

2008 : $ 94,378

2009 : $ 117,764

2010 : $ 61,270


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Department of Environment and Conservation

Administering Organisation Macquarie University

Project Summary

The interaction between climate change and invasive pest species poses a significant threat to Australia's

biodiversity. The need for research on both the independent impacts of climate change and invasive species, as

well as their interaction, has been clearly identified by both national and state governments, and is identified as a

priority under the National Biodiversity and Climate Change Action Plan (2004 2007). The proposed research will

assess exotic plant species' responses to climate change, identify potential hotspots of invasion, and provide a risk

assessment framework to enable prioritization of exotic plant management under future climate.

LP0776637 Prof SY O'Reilly; Prof WL Griffin; Dr CJ O'Neill

Approved Global Lithospheric Architecture Mapping II

Project Title

2007 : $ 47,000

2008 : $ 89,500

2009 : $ 110,000

2010 : $ 67,500

Primary RFCD 2601 GEOLOGY

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

BHP Billiton

Administering Organisation Macquarie University

Project Summary

The continents have been rifted, or broken up, and collided, or re assembled, along major zones of weakness

many times throughout Earth's history. Boundaries between such continental domains focus large scale

movements of fluids that can produce giant ore deposits. This study will provide new perspectives on the

localisation of world class economic deposits, the Earth resources on which society depends. Innovations in

imaging the deep Earth beneath continents, and in numerical modelling, will maintain our high international profile

in research relevant to National Priority 1.6 (Developing Deep Earth Resources). Unique 3D geological maps of

regions down to 250km will make the composition of deep Earth regions newly accessible to geoscientists and all

potential endusers.

LP0776485 Dr ML Power; Dr BC Ferrari; Dr PJ Beggs; A/Prof UM Ryan; Ms J Musto

Approved Molecular Ecology of Cryptosporidium in Rural and Urban NSW

Project Title

2007 : $ 36,039

2008 : $ 74,055

2009 : $ 78,487

2010 : $ 40,471


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

NSW Health

Administering Organisation Macquarie University

Project Summary

Cryptosporidiosis is of particular concern in rural NSW. Significant increases in the incidence of cryptosporidiosis

coupled with repeated outbreaks in regional areas demonstrate a need for improved management strategies. This

project will identify transmission patterns of this disease relevant to the Australian environment, which is essential

for future control. The reduction of economic costs for medical treatment of cryptosporidiosis and improved

on farm management through control of Cryptosporidium transmission from farm animals are significant to public

health and of national and community benefit. The primary national benefit will be improved rural community health

through prevention of cryptosporidiosis outbreaks.

LP0777003 Em/Prof DB Waterson; Dr RG Prior; Dr PA Stanley; Prof Dr SK Akgun

Approved Completing the Gallipoli story: Researching Turkish Archives for a More Comprehensive

Project Title History

2007 : $ 46,036

2008 : $ 85,269

2009 : $ 88,017

2010 : $ 74,342

2011 : $ 77,033

2012 : $ 51,474


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Australian War Memorial

Administering Organisation Macquarie University

Project Summary

Both Australia and Turkey see the Gallipoli Campaign as a defining event. Australian perceptions of the Campaign

are based on C.E.W. Bean's Official History and a number of popular publications. Yet, despite the vast collection

of material held in Turkish archives, existing accounts give scant attention to Turkish operations leaving the story

incomplete. This project will rectify that imbalance by locating and translating key documents battlefield reports and

signals, War Ministry communications, records of prisoner interrogations, aircraft logs and diaries. The result will

be a comprehensive history that will contribute to the deepening relationship between Australia and Turkey as we

approach the centenary of the Campaign.

LP0776267 Dr PA Watters; Mr BK Watson; Dr AC Ng; Dr M Dras; Dr S Cassidy; Mr S McCombie; Mr BJ

Reardon; Prof JP Pieprzyk

Approved Defence Against Phishing Attacks

Project Title

2007 : $ 38,440

2008 : $ 76,881

2009 : $ 76,881

2010 : $ 38,440


APA(I) Award(s): 3

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

National Australia Bank

Administering Organisation Macquarie University

Project Summary

Australian businesses and citizens are losing millions of dollars in cybercrimes every year. Rural and regional

businesses depend on the integrity of their Internet banking service, and yet, cybercriminals are working hard to

defraud these users. This project aims to build a reliable defence against phishing attacks which rely on social

engineering to steal online identities, using intelligence gathered from the brazen trade of credentials in the public


Southern Cross University

LP0776409 Prof RJ Henry; Mr IH Chivers

Approved Accelerated Domestication of Australian Grass Species Using Molecular Tools

Project Title

2007 : $ 67,446

2008 : $ 130,882

2009 : $ 134,172

2010 : $ 70,736

Primary RFCD 2702 GENETICS

APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Native Seeds Pty Ltd

Administering Organisation Southern Cross University

Project Summary

The development of new food crops from the Australian flora will provide opportunities for new sustainable

agricultural and food industries in Australia. The project targets the accelerated domestication of native species

with lower tillage and fertiliser requirements, better water use efficiencies and increased salt, shade, frost and/or

drought tolerances than the current introduced cereal and fodder crops. This will directly benefit regional Australia.

The technologies developed in the project will have wide application to accelerated domestication of other

Australian plants (for agriculture and food production in Australia and internationally) and to plants found in other

parts of the world.

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