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Approved A novel method of broad acre weed seedbank management using a naturally occuring

Project Title germination stimulant

2007 : $ 43,872

2008 :
$ 91,135

2009 :
$ 97,551

2010 :
$ 50,288

Primary RFCD 2704 BOTANY

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

Administering Organisation The University of Western Australia

Project Summary

The discovery of a novel butenolide that promotes seed germination has potential to provide significant economic

benefits for Australia's agricultural sector, providing a vehicle to move towards minimum weed agricultural systems

achieved through broad acre stimulation of the weed seedbank. Our aim is for butenolide to promote uniform

release of weed seed dormancy, increased germination, and greater synchrony in early stage seedling growth and

thus more effective knock down following herbicide applications.

LP0776887 Dr DA Reynolds; Dr EH Jones; Mr D Thomas; Dr L Bell; Prof AB Fourie

Approved Remediation of Underground Contaminant Source Areas using Nano scale, Zero Valent

Project Title Iron and Potassium Permanganate

2007 :
$ 40,000

2008 :
$ 75,000

2009 : $ 35,000


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Golder Associates

Administering Organisation The University of Western Australia

Project Summary

Land in parts of Australia valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars is currently contaminated by organic

compounds to levels unsuitable for human health and safety . At many of these contaminated sites, the

contamination is present as pure, separate phase oil that is trapped due to geology or other physical reasons.

This remaining oil is a long term source of contamination, and is exceptionally difficult to remediate. The proposed

research will investigate a novel and highly effective approach to destroying this contamination in the ground,

helping to restore the value and utility of the land.


University of Tasmania

LP0776804 Dr MC Breadmore; Dr EF Hilder; Dr RA Shellie; Dr S Pyecroft; Mr NK Fox

Approved Probing the Tasmanian Devil Serum Proteome for Preclinical Diagnosis of Devil Facial

Project Title Tumour Disease

2007 : $ 29,813

2008 : $ 29,813


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Department of Primary Industries and Water

Administering Organisation University of Tasmania

Project Summary

The Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a carnivorous marsupial endemic to the island state of Tasmania,

and is found all over the state. Over the past decade, a dramatic decline has occurred in the Devil population in

association with the emergence of Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). This project aims to develop a preclinical

diagnostic test for DFTD that will provide vital information for use in developing management strategies to ensure

the ongoing survival of the Tasmanian Devil. The benefit to Australia in performing this research rests in the new

technology that will be developed and the application of this technology to key areas of national and international


Northern Territory

Charles Darwin University

LP0776798 Prof B Campbell; Mr AG Drucker; Prof Dr MK Luckert; A/Prof A Angelsen

Approved Natural resource management and enterprise development: can they improve Indigenous

Project Title livelihoods?

2007 : $ 33,500

2008 : $ 61,000

2009 : $ 61,000

2010 : $ 33,500


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development

Ramingining Homelands Resource Centre Aboriginal Corporation

Centre for International Forestry Research

Administering Organisation Charles Darwin University

Project Summary

High on the Australian agenda is the removal of disadvantage faced by Indigenous groups and the sustainable use

of biodiversity on Indigenous land. In terms of Eastern Indonesia, the Australian agenda relates to poverty

eradication, with fewer threats to Australian borders in terms of illegal fishing and migration. This project provides

fundamental knowledge on household resource use patterns, and the constraints and opportunities for natural

resource activities, as a step towards identifying ways in which natural resources can be mobilised to improve


LP0776402 A/Prof KS Gibb; Prof DL Parry; Dr KA McGuinness; Dr MK Smith; Mr JV Anderson

Approved Coastal monitoring using metal resistant microbes

Project Title

2007 : $ 62,553

2008 : $ 121,070

2009 : $ 116,647

2010 : $ 58,130


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development

Alcan Queensland Research and Development Centre

Xstrata Zinc   McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd

Rio Tinto Aluminium Ltd

Northern Land Council

Department of Natural Resources Environment & the Arts (DNRETA)

Administering Organisation Charles Darwin University

Project Summary

We will develop an early warning, rapid biological assessment (RBA) for sediment toxicity that can be used

alongside chemical tests to detect sub chronic changes in the environment. The assessment will be validated by

extensive testing of impacted sediment. We will show how the RBA fits into existing decision trees defined by the

Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (ANZECC) 2000 Guidelines. The biological

tests resulting from this project will be as rapid and straightforward as existing chemical tests, which will facilitate

industry acceptance. The project has strong industry involvement from mining companies, the Environment

Protection Agency (EPA) and traditional owners. These partners will guide this project and facilitate communication

to the wider industry to aid acceptance and uptake.

LP0776399 Prof DL Parry; A/Prof KS Gibb; Prof BA Neilan

Approved Managing acid mine drainage in northern Australia using microbial mats

Project Title

2007 : $ 62,793

2008 : $ 126,753

2009 : $ 130,989

2010 : $ 67,029


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development

Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines

Zinifex Century Limited

Xstrata Zinc   McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd

Compass Resources NL

Vista Gold Corp

Administering Organisation Charles Darwin University

Project Summary

One of the most difficult environmental issues for the mining industry is acid mine drainage (AMD) that can lead to

significant environmental damage. This project aims to identify microbes and characterise their roles in AMD

formation in north Australia. We will use our new knowledge to design and trial microbial mats for the treatment of

AMD. A successful AMD microbial treatment technology will minimise the risk of acid runoff and metal seepage

into rivers and through groundwater. AMD treatment technology we develop in the tropics where we experience

the extremes of dry and wet seasons will require only minor modification to operate in temperate climates however

the reverse is not true.

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian National University

LP0776242 Prof MG Banwell

Approved Marine Natural Products as Sources of Agrochemicals   The Variolins

Project Title

2007 : $ 12,813

2008 : $ 25,627

2009 : $ 25,627

2010 : $ 12,813


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

BASF Aktiengesellschaft Global Research Agricultural Products

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

The aim of this project is the identification of new classes of agrochemicals with better pest resistance and

environmental profiles. The proposed partnership with a major international chemical manufacturing organization

will allow access to state of the art techniques for the screening and development of novel compounds as agents

for the control of pests that affect many major agricultural crops relevant to Australia's economy. Australian

graduate students will experience the operations of one of the world's biggest chemical manufacturers. The

derivation of agrochemicals from marine sources will promote further recognition of the value of marine

ecosystems around Australia.

LP0776940 Prof JR Butler; A/Prof LB Connelly

Approved Motor vehicle injuries: economic evaluation of a new treatment modality

Project Title

2007 : $ 14,539

2008 : $ 29,079

2009 : $ 29,079

2010 : $ 14,539


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

NRMA   ACT Road Safety Trust

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

The management of injured persons following motor vehicle accidents is a serious health issue in Australia, with

over 60,000 minor injuries and 20,000 major injuries occurring annually. This project will provide a

cost effectiveness analysis of a new multidisciplinary approach to managing minor injuries by utilising data from

the Accident Care Evaluation (ACE) trial of a new clinic being tested for this purpose.

LP0776706 Prof PD Drysdale; Prof AJ MacIntyre; Prof R Jha; Dr L Song; Prof C Athukorala; Prof W Maley;

Dr S Howes; Dr C Bowman

Approved South Asian and East Asian economic integration and Australia: strategies for Asian

Project Title regional cooperation

2007 : $ 70,000

2008 : $ 136,500

2009 : $ 151,500

2010 : $ 110,000

2011 : $ 63,500

2012 : $ 38,500


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)


Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

Australia has a vital interest in India's rise, its impact on South Asia's development and its integration with South

and East Asia. The limited knowledge and the thinness of the intellectual base and institutional connections that

would allow us to manage our interests in this event effectively mean that Australia is not yet well positioned to

influence the forces and the thinking that will drive the process. Moving to explore the phenomenon of South Asia's

development and aspirations in Asia and globally, is now a priority for Australia as other economies move to take

up the opportunities that are unfolding from this development. This is a ground breaking project that will address

these deficiencies.

LP0776958 Dr BH Hunter; Dr RG Schwab; Dr DJ Weatherburn

Approved An inter disciplinary analysis of the dynamics of Aboriginal interactions with the criminal

Project Title justice system

2007 : $ 20,000

2008 : $ 40,000

2009 : $ 40,000

2010 : $ 20,000


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

NSW Department of Attorney General

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

The over representation of Indigenous Australians in prison continues to be a serious problem, more than a

decade after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. There are few rigorous studies identifying

the dynamic factors associated with Indigenous interaction with the criminal justice system. This project will identify

the Indigenous pathways within the system, in order to alert policy makers to potential interventions at crucial

junctures of criminal careers. It will use dynamic statistical models to identify important socioeconomic and

geographic factors. Qualitative data will facilitate a deeper understanding of processes underlying the high rates of

Indigenous arrest and imprisonment.

LP0777012 Prof MA Knackstedt; Prof B Gurevich; Prof SA Shapiro

Approved Computational Rock Physics

Project Title

2007 : $ 37,500

2008 : $ 73,500

2009 : $ 36,000


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

Knowledge of the quantitative relationships between rock and fluid properties, and seismic characteristic is

necessary to improve the determination of fluid saturation and accurately monitor recovery of oil and gas. The

proposed project aims to develop these relationships by teaming up two Australian based experts in 3D seismic

image analysis and theoretical rock physics, with a global company at the forefront of the industry. Developing

these relationships will be a cutting edge research achievement, will directly impact on exploration, interpretation

and production decisions within the oil and gas industry in Australia and globally, and greatly advance Australia's

reputation as a leader in petroleum research services and training.

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