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The University of New South Wales

LP0776639 Prof AC Byrnes; A/Prof A Durbach

Approved Building Human Rights in the Region through Horizontal Transnational Networks: the

Project Title Role of the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions

2007 : $ 27,500

2008 :
$ 52,500

2009 :
$ 55,000

2010 :
$ 30,000


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

The observance of human rights is an important element of social cohesion and stability in the countries of the

region. This project undertakes an evaluation of a regional public network of national human rights institutions, the

Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions, and assesses the extent to which a cooperative

horizontal endeavour like the Forum can effectively promote and facilitate the implementation of shared

international goals in the field of human rights. The research findings will contribute to improved policymaking for

the promotion of the implementation of human rights and other international good governance goals in the region.

LP0776662 Prof B Cass; Dr DJ Brennan; Ms S Green; Ms AC Hampshire

Approved Grandparents as primary carers of their grandchildren: A national, State,Territory analysis

Project Title of grandparent headed families   policy and practice implications

2007 :
$ 78,307

2008 :
$ 133,581

2009 : $ 100,274

2010 : $ 45,000


APA(I) Award(s): 2

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

NSW Department of Community Services

SA Department of Families and Communities

Mission Australia

Department of Families Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

NT Department of Health and Community Services

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

This unique collaboration between researchers, four government Departments in the Commonwealth, NSW, South

Australia and the Northern Territory concerned with child and family welfare, and Mission Australia, uses innovative methods to analyse non Indigenous and Indigenous grandparents as primary carers of their grandchildren. The project will analyse the circumstances and needs of grandparents and grandchildren in different formal and informal arrangements. It will provide a comprehensive audit of national, state and territory policies and identify gaps for the development of policies and services to promote the health and wellbeing of grandparents and children.

LP0776387 A/Prof R Cavicchioli; Dr T Thomas; A/Prof M Guilhaus; Dr MJ Raftery; Prof MS Baker; Dr PM

Richardson; Dr N Kyrpides; Dr A Sava

Approved Environmental metagenomics, metaproteomics and novel bioactives from microbial

Project Title communities in Antarctic lakes

2007 : $ 85,500

2008 : $ 172,500

2009 : $ 177,000

2010 : $ 90,000

Primary RFCD 2702 GENETICS

APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

DOE Joint Genome Institute

Novapharm Research (Australia) Pty Ltd

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

This program will derive an integrated understanding of microbial ecology which is essential for determining ways

of preserving the health of the World's ecosystems. Through this, Australia will remain a world leader in Antarctic

biology, strengthening Australia's reputation in technologically innovative scientific programs of global significance,

training local scientists in cutting edge genomic biology and fostering the interests of the international community in sciences ranging from microbial ecology to bioprospecting. Novel biodegradable enzymes will be developed to

replace harsh chemicals providing environmentally friendly, cheaper and more effective agents for use in medical,

biotechnological, industrial and biodefense applications.

LP0776600 Mrs SK Dean; Prof BE Tuch; A/Prof R Lindeman

Approved Pancreatic Differentiation of Cord Blood Stem Cells using Smart Surfaces

Project Title

2007 : $ 53,145

2008 : $ 105,141

2009 : $ 103,495

2010 : $ 51,500


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

BioE Inc

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

Cord blood cells obtained at the time of delivery of a baby are a valuable resource that have the potential to

develop into many cell types. This Project entails attaching stem cells derived from cord blood to appropriate 3

dimensional smart surfaces, and examining the ability of such cells to develop into insulin producing cells. An

understanding of how to coax stem cells, seeded on to smart surfaces, to develop into mature cells with different

functions will enhance our ability to understand how cells develop. As well, it enhance the potential usefulness of

cord blood for research purposes.

LP0776483 A/Prof AG Dempster; Dr RC Bryant; Mr EP Glennon

Approved Assisted GPS and Advanced Positioning For Emergency Services

Project Title

2007 : $ 25,627

2008 : $ 51,254

2009 : $ 51,254

2010 : $ 25,627


APA(I) Award(s): 2

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Signav Pty Ltd

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

Many volunteers have lost their lives fighting bushfires in Australia. Fires are becoming more numerous and more

fierce. Some of those firemen could have been saved if better information was available: where they were, where

the firefront was and how it was progressing. This project aims to save lives by solving part of this problem:

locating and reporting the position of the remote firefighter by making GPS work reliably under trees. This will also

make search and rescue operations safer and more efficient. The technology can transfer readily into the

location based services market which is set to boom in the next decade. This project helps maintain momentum in

Australia's world class but small positioning industry.

LP0776781 Prof SJ Frenkel; Dr M Groth

Approved Managing Call Centres: A Study of Management Practices, Work and Outcomes

Project Title

2007 : $ 31,439

2008 : $ 67,725

2009 : $ 36,286


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

AMP Customer Service

National Australia Bank

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

The study offers three types of benefits. First, improvements in management practice. By highlighting variations in

management practice and its effects, training materials will be developed to improve call centre management

capability. Second, we aim to fill a gap that currently exists in developing employee skills in managing emotions at

work. This will reduce job burnout and labour turnover and help to maintain the industry's international

competitiveness which is threatened by offshore competition. Third, government policy making will be better

informed by highlighting the impact of current institutional arrangements on employment relations and


LP0776767 Dr M Groth; Prof SK Parker; Dr S McCarthy; Ms A Thornton

Approved Delivering Better Patient Care: Promoting Well Being and Performance of Health Care

Project Title Professionals

2007 : $ 31,695

2008 : $ 66,169

2009 : $ 74,474

2010 : $ 40,000


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Prince of Wales Hospital

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

The research offers three broad benefits. First, given the serious challenges currently facing the Australian health

care system, the research addresses a national research priority and will have significant policy implications.

Second, it will improve our understanding of how to enhance health care professionals' performance and

well being, and thereby increasing staff retention, organisational effectiveness, and improving the quality and

efficiency of health care delivery. Third, the knowledge generated will be a valuable input into development

programs aimed at improving managerial practices within Australian health care organisations.

LP0776347 Dr SJ Khan; A/Prof RM Stuetz; Dr A Baker; Dr MV Storey

Approved Fluorescence as a tool for sensitive detection of failures in recycled water treatment and

Project Title distribution systems

2007 : $ 80,000

2008 : $ 135,000

2009 : $ 110,000

2010 : $ 55,000


APA(I) Award(s): 2

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Sydney Water Corporation

Gold Coast City Council (Gold Coast Water)

Melbourne Water

South East Water Limited

City West Water Limited

Yarra Valley Water Limited

Water Corporation

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

Water reuse is emerging as a key strategy for the conservation of drinking water supplies around Australia.

Accordingly, there is a need for fast, reliable, affordable and highly sensitive means of ensuring the reliability of

treatment processes and final water quality. This research aims to meet such needs by providing new tools based

on fluorescence analysis. These tools are to be implemented for online monitoring of treatment performance and

for the identification of accidental contamination of drinking waters by recycled water. The enhanced ability to

ensure both recycled water quality and drinking water quality will have public health and environmental benefits as

well as protecting public confidence in water recycling systems.

LP0776421 Prof M Loosemore; A/Prof KM Dunn; Dr FT Phua

Approved Managing cultural diversity on Australian construction sites

Project Title

2007 : $ 35,000

2008 : $ 65,000

2009 : $ 65,000

2010 : $ 35,000

Primary RFCD 3102 BUILDING

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Multiplex Construction

Mirvac Group

Baulderstone Hornibrook

DeMartin & Gasparini / Boral

Baseline Constructions

Master Builders Association

Construction, Forestry, Mining, and Energy Union

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

This research will help to improve the dismal occupational health and safety record of the Australian construction

industry (240% more injuries than all industry average). It will also help to reduce the relatively high levels of

workplace compensation due to occupational injuries and diseases (70% higher than all industry average). Since

construction employs 8% of the working population and generates 6% of GDP, significant economic and social

benefits will arise for wider society from a more culturally harmonious, efficient and productive construction

industry. Finally, by making construction safer for NESB migrants who are a significant source of labour, this

research will help to reduce severe skill shortages.

LP0776243 Dr FP Lucien; Ms KJ Mate; Prof RP Burford

Approved Carbonate binding: an ecologically sustainable alternative to cement

Project Title

2007 : $ 36,625

2008 : $ 70,625

2009 : $ 68,000

2010 : $ 34,000


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Ove Arup Pty Ltd

BOC Limited

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

Carbonate binding is a frontier technology that promises a new generation of advanced materials for applications in

construction. Precast concrete accounts for a large and increasing portion of total concrete usage. Precast

materials made by carbonate binding would offer several advantages over conventional precast concrete. The

energy savings of a low temperature process with negligible greenhouse gas emissions would contribute

immensely to the goal of an environmentally sustainable Australia. The reduced hardening period would offer

substantial increases in productivity to manufacturers.

LP0776759 Prof BA Neilan; Dr SA Murray; Prof GM Hallegraeff

Approved Uncovering the genetic basis for saxitoxin production in Australian marine and freshwater

Project Title systems: novel molecular tools for management.

2007 : $ 41,465

2008 : $ 83,780

2009 : $ 80,839

2010 : $ 38,524


APDI Dr SA Murray

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Diagnostic Technology

NSW Department of Primary Industries

NSW Food Authority

Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania

Primary Industries and Resources SA

Administering Organisation The University of New South Wales

Project Summary

In Australia, toxic algal blooms have had a devastating impact on marine and freshwater resources. In

collaboration with a biotechnology company, this project will use an innovative method to design a molecular

genetic tool to monitor, research and potentially mitigate the effects of saxitoxin production on water supplies and

aquaculture industries. In working with monitoring authorities throughout Australia, we will produce a specific,

sensitive and cost effective technology that will ultimately be applicable worldwide.

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