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LP0776685 Prof ID McCalman; Prof JM Chappell; A/Prof DP Coleman; Dr P Hyland; Dr NP Erskine

Approved Seeing Change: Science, Culture and Technology in the Antipodes from the age of Darwin

Project Title   a multi media research collaboration

2007 : $ 70,000

2008 :
$ 135,554

2009 :
$ 110,528

2010 :
$ 44,974


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Constraint Technologies International

Eptec Pty. Limited

Australian National Maritime Museum

Film Australia Limited

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

To build a collaboration across the humanities, natural sciences, business technology and public culture sectors

that will use new forms of digital and visual research to demonstrate the neglected importance of Australasia in the

formation of nineteenth century evolutionary thought and to suggest the relevance of these ideas to understanding

contemporary issues of environmental sustainability and the development of frontier technologies within our society

and region.

LP0776332 Prof H Morphy; Dr PM Veth; Dr JJ McDonald

Approved The recognition, interpretation and management of significant rock art and related

Project Title dreaming (Jukurrpa) sites on the Canning Stock Route, Western Australia

2007 :
$ 177,971

2008 :
$ 320,471

2009 :
$ 285,917

2010 :
$ 143,417


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Jo McDonald Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd

WA Dept of Environment and Conservation (DEC)

Ngaanyatjarra Council Aboriginal Corporation (Native Title Representative Body)

Department of Indigenous Affairs

Department of Land Information

Department of the Environment and Heritage

Kimberley Land Council (Native Title Representative Body)

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

The Canning Stock Route is an iconic linear transect of profound importance to a variety of parties: the original

inhabitants of the Western Desert, surveyors and drovers who used it in the 20th century and more recently

tourists and outback adventurers. Systematic documentation, mapping and synthesis of Indigenous cultural values

of the Canning Stock Route will provide a unique resource of benefit to traditional custodians as well as the wider

community. Accurate information on sites, places and landscapes and their cultural and scientific values should

underpin successful management, protection of sites and sustainable use of the Canning Stock Route into the


LP0776789 Dr SL O'Connor; Dr DR Byrne

Approved Rethinking Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia: A Case Study From the New Nation of

Project Title Timor Leste

2007 : $ 36,491

2008 : $ 72,983

2009 : $ 77,683

2010 : $ 41,191


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Department of Environment and Conservation, NSW

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

The project will contribute to the economic and socially sustainable conservation of cultural heritage in Timor

Leste. Collaborative work between project personnel and Timor Leste communities and government agencies will

promote good will, strengthen ties and enhance cross cultural understanding between both countries, as will the

training of Timor Leste nationals in techniques of heritage assessment and management. Communication of the

results of the project will also enhance Australia's understanding of social and cultural issues within Timor Leste

and raise Australia's profile overseas.

LP0776784 Prof TJ O'Neill; Prof PF McDonald; Dr MA Martin; Dr J Penm; Dr JB Temple; Dr S Roberts; Mr

TS Higgins

Approved Expenditure needs and drawdown of retirement savings during later life: how important

Project Title are demographic factors and financial resources?

2007 : $ 55,000

2008 : $ 110,000

2009 : $ 78,615

2010 : $ 23,615


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Rice Warner Actuaries


Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

Projections of expenditure patterns in retirement which allow for population heterogeneity will provide individuals

with a better appreciation of their income needs and their savings requirements for a comfortable retirement. It will

also enable financial institutions to develop products which better target retirees' needs over the course of

retirement, and in addition it will enable improved assessment of aspects of Government income support policy.

Specifically, understanding the complex interactions between private and public pensions, and concession card

receipt upon expenditure behaviour, will enable more accurate costings of the public support of elderly families as

Australia's population ages.

LP0776890 A/Prof TJ Senden; Dr RW Stephens; Dr SK Jones

Approved New methods to improve regional isotope therapy of liver tumours in cancer patients

Project Title

2007 : $ 41,000

2008 : $ 82,000

2009 : $ 41,000


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Sirtex Technology Pty Ltd

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

The most common cause of death in cancer patients is secondary tumours in vital organs. Successful treatment of

liver tumours with regional isotope therapy now offers improved survival rates. This project will research novel

radiolabelled nanoparticles and advanced computer imaging algorithms to improve regional isotope therapy of liver

tumours. It will provide better methods of objective assessment and management that can reduce risk and improve

patient survival.

LP0777007 Prof JS Williams; Dr JE Bradby

Approved Low temperature fabrication of silicon based thin film transistors (TFTs) for flat panel

Project Title displays   an entirely new approach

2007 : $ 55,000

2008 : $ 100,000

2009 : $ 45,000


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

WRiota Pty Ltd

Administering Organisation The Australian National University

Project Summary

This project represents an entirely new approach to low temperature crystallization of amorphous silicon, and its

application to TFT fabrication in flat panel displays, and involves a partnership with the Australian high tech

company, WRiota. The research is in a field of high national priority, namely nanotechnology, since the technology is based on materials modification at the nanoscale by nanoindentation. This project will further provide valuable opportunities for a number of research students and ECRs to gain experience in both the industrial and academic worlds and skills needed for Australia's nanotechnology workforce.

University of Canberra

LP0776807 Prof JA Halligan; Prof I Marsh; Prof S Bartos; Dr JL O'Flynn; A/Prof DA Blackman

Approved Whole of Government: Evaluating frameworks for integrating policy development,

Project Title implementation and delivery of public services.

2007 : $ 36,000

2008 : $ 79,000

2009 : $ 82,000

2010 : $ 39,000


APA(I) Award(s): 1

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

AGIMO, Dept Finance & Administration

Australian Public Service Commission

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Dept of Health & Ageing

Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination, FaCSIA

Administering Organisation University of Canberra

Project Summary

The Australian Government is committed to whole of government approaches to policy, implementation and

service delivery. This research will help make whole of government work better, by analysing its fundamentals and

providing guidance on best practice. It links five key government agencies, coordinating departments and those at

the front line of service delivery. Case studies include national security, avian flu and indigenous policy

coordination. The project will build ongoing collaboration between academic researchers and public servants. It will

develop practical guidelines to assist government organisations better serve clients and solve complex policy


LP0776987 Dr S Sarre; Dr WS Osborne

Approved Metapopulation and habitat quality: towards an integrated approach to the conservation

Project Title of an endangered grassland lizard

2007 : $ 20,000

2008 : $ 40,000

2009 : $ 40,000

2010 : $ 20,000


Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Canberra International Airport

Administering Organisation University of Canberra

Project Summary

Our research will provide the basis upon which the grassland earless dragon can be removed from its endangered

status and provide a template for the future science based management of other endangered species. Australia

will gain through this project by reducing its risk of losing yet another species through inappropriate management.

LP0776248 Dr D Tait; Prof TR Carney; A/Prof J Goodman Delahunty; Prof CJ Lennard; Prof GW Brawn; Dr

GP Battye; A/Prof DA Blackman; Ms AM Wallace; Dr J Robertson; Ms DH Jones; Dr KH Auty; Dr

GK Missingham; Adj/Prof RC Refshauge

Approved Gateways to Justice: improving video mediated communications for justice participants

Project Title

2007 : $ 39,607

2008 : $ 99,086

2009 : $ 108,194

2010 : $ 48,716


APA(I) Award(s): 2

Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

Australian Federal Police

PTW Architects

Department of Justice

Department of the Attorney General

Production Audio Services Pty Ltd

Jumbo Vision International Pty Ltd

Director of Public Prosecutions

ICE Design Australia Pty Ltd

Administering Organisation University of Canberra

Project Summary

Australia will be better protected from terrorism and crime if courts are able to make effective use of high quality

video evidence, both from scientific experts and from key witnesses who cannot be produced in person for security

reasons. Appropriate application of the technology can also increase effective and timely access to justice for

other justice participants including indigenous people in remote communities. The project contributes to the

take up of frontier technologies by developing a best practice model for using video testimony in justice settings,

and identifying the social and environmental conditions necessary for successful implementation.


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