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Tuesday July 15, 13:15 – 14:30

GA Best Paper Nominees 2 Sauganash Ballroom East Chair: M. Schoenauer

Effective Use of Directional Information in Multi-Objective Evolutionary Computation
Martin Brown, Robert Smith

Efficient Linkage Discovery by Limited Probing
Robert Heckendorn, Alden Wright

Dispersion-based Population Initialization
Ronald Morrison
RWA Industrial 2 Sauganash Ballroom West Chair: S. Matsui

Control of a Flexible Manipulator Using a Sliding Mode Controller With Genetic
Algorithm Tuned Manipulator Dimenson
Ngai Kwok, S Kwong

An Efficient Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for a Fixed Channel Assignment Problem with Limited Bandwidth
Shouichi Matsui, Isamu Watanabe, Ken-ichi Tokoro

Optimal Elevator Group Control by Evolution Strategies
Thomas Beielstein, Claus-Peter Ewald, Sandor Markon
ECI: New Approaches
To Data Mining Western Stage House Chair: Alwyn Barry

Learning Generalizations, Control Rules, and Classification Strategies from Data with Learning Classifier Systems
Alwyn Barry

Commentary on Classifier System Approaches to Data Mining
Invited Speakers

LBP 2 Merchant’s Hotel Chair: Bart Rylander

Global Optimization Using a Knowledge-Based Classifier Model
H.Liu, T. Igusa, B.W. Schafer

A Grammatical Evolution Multi-Classifier through Crowding
A.R. McIntyre, M.I. Heywood

A Simple Evolution Strategy to Solve Constrained Optimization Problems
Efren Mezura-Montes, Carlos A. Coello Coello

Lessons Learned from LCSs: An Incremental Non-Generational Coevolutionary Algorithm
Ramon Alfonso Palacios-Durazo, Manuel Valenzuela-Rendon

Optimization of Neural Networks using Genetic Programming Improves Detection and Modeling of
Gene-Gene Interactions in Studies of Human Diseases
Marylyn D. Ritchie, Bill C.White, Joel S. Parker, Lance W. Hahn, Jason H. Moore

A New Perspective in Simulating Quantum Circuits
Mihai Udrescu, Lucian Prodan, Mircea Vladutiu

Tour Jete, Pirouette: Dance Choreographing by Swarm
Tina Yu, Paul Johnson
GA Operators 1 Steamboat Hotel Chair: F. Rothlauf

Wise Breeding GA via Machine Learning Techniques for Function Optimization
Xavier Llorá, David E. Goldberg

Using an Immune System Model to Explore Mate Selection in Genetic Algorithms
Chien-Feng Huang

An Analysis of a Reordering Operator with Tournament Selection on a GA-Hard Problem
Ying-ping Chen, David E. Goldberg

SBSE Best Paper Nominees Shakespeare Hotel Chair: Spiros Mancoridis

Extracting Test Sequences from a Markov Software Usage Model by ACO
Karl Doerner, Walter Gutjahr

Modeling the Search Landscape of Metaheuristic Software Clustering Algorithms
Brian Mitchell, Spiros Mancoridis

The State Problem for Evolutionary Testing
Phil McMinn, Mike Holcombe

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