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Wednesday July 16, 13:15 – 14:30

GA Representations 2 Sauganash Ballroom East Chair: D. Thierens

Adaptation of Length in a Nonstationary Environment
Han Yu, Annie Wu, Kuo-Chi Lin, Guy Schiavone

Voronoi Diagrams based Function Identification
Carlos Kavka, Marc Schoenauer

Comparing Evolutionary Computation Techniques Via their Representation
Boris Mitavskiy
RWA Design 1 Sauganash Ballroom West Chair: Siu Shing Tong

Genetic Algorithms: A Fundamental Component of an Optimization Toolkit for Engineering Design
Siu Shing Tong, David Powell

Automatic Design Synthesis and Optimization of Component-based Systems by Evolutionary Algorithms
Plamen Angelov, Yi Zhang, Jonthan Wright, Victor Hanby, Richard Buswell

Multicriteria Network Design using Evolutionary Algorithms
Rajeev Kumar, Nilanjan Banerjee
ECI Logistics Western Stage House Chair: David Montana

Vishnu: a Scheduling System for Large-scale Logistics Projects
David Montana

ARROW: Combining Evolutionary Algorithms and Other Techniques for Specific Logistics Applications
David Davis

Comparing Tabu Search and Genetic Algorithms for Scheduling

Darrell Whitley

LBP 5 Merchant’s Hotel Chair: Bart Rylander

GA and Random Trees: An Alternative for Solving Stochastic Network Problems
Miguel A. Gomez-Sanchez, Carmen X. Flores-Mendoza, Linda A. Riley

Using Genetic Algorithms to Analyze the Path of an Object in Earth Orbit
Ryuji Goto, Yuji Sato

Fixed Budget Allocation Strategies for Noisy Fitness Landscapes
Adrian Grajdeanu, Kenneth De Jong

Applying Genetic Algorithms to Richardson’s Arms Race Equations to Determine the Stability of Nuclear Deterrence
Tim Hackworth

Integrated Optical Devices Design by Genetic Algorithms
Andreas Hakansson, L. Sanchis, D. Lopez-Zenon, J. Bravo-Abad, Jose Sanchez-Dehesa

The Evolution of 3D Procedural Textures
Adam Hewgill, Brian J. Ross

A Perturbation-Coded Genetic Algorithm for the Minimum Rectilinear Steiner Arborescence Problem
Bryant A. Julstrom

On the Design of an Evolutionary Preprocessor
S. Kazadi, D. Choi, A. Chang, T. Kang, H. Li, D. Kim, S. Ho, J. Wu
AIS Best Paper Nominees Steamboat Hotel Chair: F. L. Nino

Immune Inspired Somatic Contiguous Hypermutation for Function
Johnny Kelsey, Jonathan Timmis

Developing an Immunity to Spam
Terri Oda, Tony White

A Hybrid Immune Algorithm with Information Gain for the Graph Coloring Problem

Vincenzo Cutello, Giuseppe Nicosia, Mario Pavone

ESR Shakespeare Hotel

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Based on Complete Graph Representation for the Sequential Ordering Problem
Dong-Il Seo, Byung-Ro Moon,

An Evolutionary Approach to Capacitated Resource Distribution by a Multiple-agent Team
Mudassar Hussain, Bahram Kimiaghalam, Abdollah Homaifar, Albert Esterline, Bijan Sayyarodsari

An Optimization Solution for Packet Scheduling: A Pipeline-based Genetic Algorithm Accelerator
Shiann-Tsong Sheu, Yue-Ru Chuang, Yu-Hung Chen, Eugene Lai

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Jean Berger, Mohamed Barkaoui

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