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I Study Program Self Assessment

Liepaja University


Study Program


(code 43440)

Self assessment note

Approved at Senate meeting

April 18, year 2011

protocol No 10

The chair-person of the Senate - Dr. philol. Asoc. prof. Z. Gutmane

The work group for the self assessment note

Director of the work group:

Jānis Rimšāns,

Doctor of Mathematics, LiepU professor,


Jevgenijs Kaupužs,

Doctor of Physics, LiepU professor,

Daiga Žaime,

Mg. sc.educ., LiepU lecturer,

Meldra Ķemere

Student of the 2nd course of the study program "Physics"

Director of the program:

Jānis Rimšāns,

Doctor of Mathematics

Pro-dean of the faculty of Natural and Social Sciences, Liepaja University:

Anita Jansone,

Doctor of Computer Sciences

Dean of the faculty of Natural and Social Sciences, Liepaja University:

Māra Zeltiņa

Doctor of Biology

Study program


Self assessment note

(February, 2011)

Study program „Physics” (code 43440, License No 04043-60), licensed 08.05.2009.

1. Aims and tasks of the Program, the results obtained after graduaion of the Program in the form of knowledge, skills and relationships

The higher education bachelor program "Physics" was elaborated and licensed in 2009, and have been implemented in LiepU since September, 2009. At the moment students of the 1st and the 2nd year are involved.


  1. To oontribute to development of fields of Physics, Mathematics and Statistics;

  2. To provide an opportunity for students to acquire academic education in Physics, and also to be involved in academic and business researches in the field of Physics;

  3. To give an opportunity for bachelors of Physics to continue their education and acquire: qualification in Mathematical Physics and Engineering Physics, qualification of teacher of Physics, as well as the corresponding professional competencies;

  4. To promote development of a creative and responsible personality, motivated by lifelong education.


  1. To create conditions and opportunities for students to acquire academic education in Physics.
    Type of achievement : to provide intellectual and material resources, which are necessary for implementation of the Bachelor Program, according to the Program standards; to promote independent learning by providing the necessary resources and control of studying process; to involve students into research work by developing researching skills;

  2. To provide scientifically grounded understanding of Physics and its development.
    Type of achievement : to give knowledge about the development of Physics disciplines, their interconnection and interaction as well as about the possibilities of practical application thereof; to provide continuous improvement of the Program;

  3. To provide the necessary competencies for students in Mathematical Physics.
    Type of achievement : in the compulsory option part (B1) such courses are included, which specialise in the corresponding fields of Physics: Nonlinear Physics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Biophysics, Physics of Traffic and Econophysics, High Performance Computational Methods and Software Packages;
  4. To give students all necessary competencies in Engineering Physics.

    Type of achievement : in the compulsory option part (B2) such courses in the field of Engineering Physics and Information Technologies are included: Nanophysics and Quantum Electronics, Engineering Graphics, Statistical processing of experimental data, System modeling and simulation.

  5. To provide the scientifically grounded understanding of the structure and contents of the school course of Physics by promoting the interest in pedagogy of Physics and highlighting the importance of Physics in respect to personality development.
    Type of achievement - in the restricted option part (B3) the theoretical fundamentals of the school course of Physics are included as well as History of Physics, History and Development of Machinery.


As the result of the studies the diploma of the higher education is obtained Bachelor's diploma, and the obtained academic degree isBachelor of Natural Sciences in Physics.

After acquisition of the Program - taking the Bachelor's examination and defense of Bachelor's paper students have to be able to appreciate the most actual problems and laws in the field of Physics, they also have to know and be able to find the necessary information in Physics-oriented scientific literature, as well as literature in the field of Mathematics and Information Technologies, they have to be able to see problems and show possible ways of solution thereof, to apply mathematical apparatus and information technologies when solving certain problems of Physics, to be familiar with the structure of the school course of Physics and its role in acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of Physics.

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