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Chapter 4

The nature of industrial data--some architectural aspects and issues for SC4. ISO TC 184/SC4/WG10 N31; 1995


Guidelines for integrated resource development. ISO TC 184/SC4/WG10 N31; 1993 September.


Guidelines for application interpreted model development. ISO TC 184/SC4 N532; 19 February 1997.

Guidelines for the development of abstract test suites. ISO TC 184/SC4 N536; 1997 March.

Chapter 5

Schenk, D; and Wilson, P. Information Modeling: The EXPRESS Way. Oxford University Press, New York, NY;


Function Modeling Manual (IDEF0). ICAM Architecture Part II, Volume IV,); Air Force Systems Command,

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH; 1982 February.

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Chapter 6

Barrett, Myles; Coletta, George; Langenbach, Cliff; Morris, Katherine C.;Mudgett, Chris; and Nieva, Augusto. A

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Chapter 7

Corley, J.; Minutes for the Workshop on Ways to Improve the AP Development Process. Charleston, SC;

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Chapter 8

Bloor, Susan M.; and Jon Owen. Learning Lessons from Conformance Testing. Computer Standards and

Interfaces,” No. 17; 1995. pp. 231-251.

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Chapter 9

Lubell, Joshua. The Application Protocol Information Base World Wide Web Gateway. Natl. Inst. Stand. &

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ISO TC 184/SC4 Resolutions Affecting the Organization Structure:

1984-07 (# 4) establishes Working Group 1, Technical Coordination and Support, with the following terms of


- To provide technical support and recommendations for SC4

- To coordinate national technical developments

- To resolve technical differences

- To collate national technical contributions for inclusion in

the draft ISO document.

1988-12 (# 30): SC4 establishes an editing committee to finalize the text of the Draft Proposal for submission as a

Draft International Standard and maintain configuration control so that all future changes be documented

and approved.

1990-01 (# 45): SC4 respectfully recommends to the TC184 chair that the title of the SC4 Committee be changed to

"Industrial Data and Global Manufacturing Programming Languages."

1990-01 (# 46): Following the assignment of the accepted new work item on a standard parts library, ISO

TC184/SC4 establishes a new working group with the following title and task:

TITLE: Standard for the Neutral Representation of Standard Parts

1990-01 (# 48): An advisory group called "Strategic Planning" is to be created to advise the SC4 chair on matters

concerning strategic planning and coordination of SC4 activities. SC4 accepts the offer of the member body

of France to undertake the convenership of this advisory group.

1990-01 (# 49): An SC4 Project Management Advisory Group shall be established to provide project management

and technical strategy for product data work items.

1990-01 (# 52): In response to the request from TC184, and in order to comply with the new ISO/IEC rules, SC4

proposes to reorganize its work on STEP into the following Working Groups:

Resource Models (ex WG1 SG1)


Application Reference Models (ex WG1 SG2)

Implementation Methods (ex WG1 SG3)

Conformance & Testing (ex WG1 SG4)

Framework & Methodology (ex WG1 SG5/7)

Information Integration (ex WG1 SG6)

1990-06 (#65): SC4 adopts the reorganization structure as proposed by the ad hoc reorganization group in Reston.

The current WG1 is to be disbanded, effective at the end of the Gothenburg meeting, and its current work is

to be allocated to the following new working groups:

WG3 Product Modeling

WG4 Qualification & Integration

WG5 STEP Development Methods

WG6 Conformance Testing Procedures

WG7 Implementation Specifications

1990-06 (# 75): SC4 establishes an Editing Committee to finalize the texts of the Parts of the STEP standard for

submission as a Draft International Standard and maintain configuration control so that all future changes

be documented and approved.

1991-07 (#85): Following the assignment of the accepted new work item on Industrial Manufacturing Management

Data (N60), ISO TC184/SC4 establishes a new working group (WG8) with the following title and scope:

Title: Industrial Manufacturing Management Data

1991-07 (# 87): SC4 welcomes the proposal from IEC TC 3 to work jointly on the topic of electrical and electronic

product data standards and establishes a joint working group (JWG9) with the following title and scope:

Title: IEC TC 3 - ISO TC184/SC4 joint working group for electrical and electronic applications

of ISO 10303.

11991-07 (# 98): SC4 directs its Secretariat to establish an Editing Committee for ISO 10303 in accordance with the

ISO Directives. In addition to assistance in the preparation of texts, consistent between themselves and

with the ISO directives, the Editing Committee will provide review for technical coherence across texts.

1992-10 (# 130): SC4 requests member bodies to identify and provide qualified people with adequate long-term

commitment and funding to support the critical central functions of qualification, integration, editing,

training material development, training and configuration management. In addition, SC4 requests PMAG

to identify to member bodies the requirements for support for these functions.

1994-10 (# 217): SC4 establishes a new working group to resolve the technical direction and related technical issues

of SC4 so that the results are consistent with the SC4 vision and acceptable to SC4 as a whole.

1994-10 (#219): SC4 directs its Secretariat to set up a quality assurance system within the SC4 organization

according to TC184/SC4 document N230, Requirements for Future Capabilities of SC4 standards,

objective C14: "Establish and implement a quality system for SC4 standards."

1995-03 (# 231): SC4 establishes a Policy and Planning Committee (PPC) to become the single advisory group to

assist the SC4 Chairman, Committee, Conveners and Project Leaders:

1995-03 (# 239): SC4 requests its parent committee to revise the title of ISO TC184/SC4 from Industrial Data and

Global Manufacturing Programming Languages to Industrial Data.


1995-10 (# 249): SC4 disbands its Strategic Planning Advisory Group and thanks Jean-Pierre Letouzey for his

service as Convener.

1995-10 (# 250): SC4 disbands its Project Management Advisory Group and thanks Neal Laurance for his service as


1995-10 (# 252): SC4 accepts the report of its Policy and Planning Committee. SC4 requests its Secretariat to

circulate the attached resolution for letter ballot to SC4 members, and to issue a simultaneous call for a

Convener of the proposed new Working Group, experts for this Working Group, a chair of the proposed

new Quality Committee and experts for this committee.

1996-06 (#266): SC4 recognizes and supports the efforts of the STEP implementors to collaborate on

implementation issues, and encourages the implementors to continue to hold meetings in parallel to SC4

Working Group meetings.

1996-06 (# 270): SC4 resolves to establish a Change Management Advisory function. SC4 further requests the SC4

Chairman to work with the PPC to present appropriate changes to the SC4 handbook to reflect the task of

the Change Management Advisory function for Handbook ratification at the next SC4 meeting.

1996-06 (# 272): SC4 resolves to establish a new Working Group 12, SC4 Common Resources. Responsibility for

the Application Interpreted Constructs is assigned to this working Group. The Secretariat shall act as the

Convener of this Working Group until nominations for convener can be solicited from the P-members and

a selection by the Chair and Secretariat ratified by SC4.

Chapter 10

Eastman, C. Out of STEP? Computer Aided Design, 26, (5); 1994. pp. 338-340.

Freund, Kevin. The PDES, Inc. Building Block Approach to AP Interoperability. Proceedings of the ISO

TC184/SC4/WG10 Workshop on Architectures for Industrial Data, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD; 7 - 9 January


Hardwick, M.; et al., Concurrent Engineering with Delta Files. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 15 (1);


Laurance, N. A High-Level View of STEP. Manufacturing Review, 7 (1); 1994. pp. 39-46.

Staub, Guenter; and Grabowski, Hans. The Challenge of AP Interoperability within STEP., Proceedings of the ISO

TC184/SC4/WG10 Workshop on Architectures for Industrial Data, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD; 7 - 9 January


R.B. Toth Associates. Standardization Needs in Automated Manufacturing. Final report to the National Bureau of

Standards; 1986.





Anderson, Bill – Advanced Technology Institute (Contributor to Chapter 10) Dr. Anderson has over thirteen

years experience in CAD/CAM data exchange, user requirements, geometric algorithm development and STEP

model advancement. He has significant experience working with STEP models as a technical team leader of PDES,

Inc. (an international consortium whose goal is to accelerate the development and implementation of STEP). Most

recently, Dr. Anderson led the ENGEN (Enabling Next Generation Mechanical Design) Program, which is focused

on capturing design intent information through the use of parametrics, constraints, features, and construction history.

It is jointly sponsored by DARPA and PDES, Inc.

Barnard Feeney, Allison (Author of Chapter 4) Currently serving as TC 184/SC4 Quality Committee Convener

and project leader of ISO 10303-302. Past roles include Deputy Convener of TC 184/SC4 WG4, member of ISO

10303-202 development team, editor of ISO 10303-32, author of, or contributor to, SC4 Standing Documents that

provide development methodologies for STEP, i.e., 'Guidelines for Application Interpreted Model Development',

'Guidelines for the Development of Mapping Tables', 'Guidelines for Application Interpreted Construct

Development', 'Guidelines for the Development and Approval of STEP Application Protocols', 'Supplementary

Directives for the Drafting and Presentation of ISO 10303', 'Guidelines for the Development of Abstract Test Suites'.

Bloom, Howard M. (Co-Author Chapter 1, Author Chapter 11) As Division Chief of Manufacturing Systems

Integration Division (originally called Factory Automation Systems Division), initiated MEL's efforts in the

development of product data exchange standards. Originally managed the activities in the Automated

Manufacturing Research Facility program as it related to the use of product data throughout the manufacturing life

cycle. Oversaw MEL's efforts in the IGES/PDES Organization, ISO TC184/SC4, PDES Inc. program, the National

PDES Testbed Program at NIST, and the STEP development activities with the NIST SIMA program. Personally

involved initially as NIST's member of the IPO Steering Committee and the PDES Inc Technical Advisory

Committee. Presently involved as the NIST member of the US PRO Board of Directors and the PDES Inc Board.

Received Department of Commerce recognition for the NIST leadership in developing the technical basis and

direction of the Department's program in product data sharing technology.

Brauner, Kalman - Boeing Commercial Airplane Group (Contributor to Chapter 2) Mr. Brauner served as

Chair of US TAG to ISO TC184/SC4. He was a member and presiding officer of the Technical Advisory

Committee of PDES, Inc., and was a member of the Interim Technical Committee and the Host Contractor Selection

Committee of the PDES Cooperative (now PDES, Inc.). In the IPO, Mr. Brauner was the initial PDES Project

Manager; a member of the Advanced Geometry, Curves and Surfaces, Edit, Technical Planning, and Steering

Committees; and Chair of the PDES Initiation, authoring two papers that specified requirements and objectives for


Still earlier activities included: chairing the national committee responsible for formal adoption of IGES as ANS

Y14.26M-1981 (Digital Representation for Communication of Product Definition Data); serving as a member of

ANSI Subcommittee Y14.26 on Computer-Aid Preparation of Product Definition Data, and being a contributing

author of "Digital Representation Physical Object Shapes" which evolved into section 5 of ANS Y14.26M -1981.

Mr. Brauner also served as a representative to the CAM-I Sculptured Surfaces and Geometric Modeling Projects.

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