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Burkett, William C. – PDIT, Inc.(Contributor to Chapters 2 and 5, Manuscript Reviewer) William Burkett has

over 15 years of experience as an industrial and systems engineer specializing in system analysis and modeling,

information system integration, and product data exchange (PDE) technologies. Prior to joining P.D.I.T., he worked

for McDonnell-Douglas and Lockheed on PDE technology and standards development programs. Mr. Burkett was a

committee chairman within the IGES/PDES Organization from 1983 and a project leader within TC184/SC4 from


1989 through early 1992. He was an active participant in the developing STEP since its inception in 1984, and was

responsible for initiating the Quality Assurance aspects of the STEP standard.

Danner, William – (Co-Author of Chapter 3) Bill Danner is President of, an

information technology consulting firm. He worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology for

twenty-one years where he conducted information technology research. Among his work in the area of information

modeling methods was serving as Convener for the ISO TC 184/SC4 working group responsible for developing the

methodology and architecture used in ISO 10303, as well as the specification language EXPRESS.

Denno, Peter – NIST (Co-Author of Chapter 5) Peter Denno has 12 years industrial experience. He joined NIST

in 1995. His current work involves STEP and the EXPRESS langauge. Mr. Denno is the developer of Expresso.

Fowler, James E. - NIST (Co-Author to Chapter 6) Mr. Fowler was the Chairman of the IGES/PDES

Organization Implementation Specifications Committee and the Deputy Convener of Working Group 7 of ISO

TC184/SC4. Mr. Fowler was a primary participant in the initiation and development of the Standard Data Access

Specification through 1992. Since that time Mr. Fowler has been involved in the development of manufacturing

resource specifications and in management of NIST's Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications Program.

Frechette, Simon P., NIST (Co-Author to Chapter 8) Mr. Frechette is currently working in the area of

manufacturing standards implementation and conformance test development. He has been the NIST liaison to the

AutoSTEP Project, and is assisting USPRO to kick off the conformance testing service for ISO 10303 APs.

Goldstein, Barbara L. Maia, NIST (Author of Chapter 2) Ms. Goldstein previously served as: US Delegate to

IEC TC93, member of ISO 10303 IPO Electrical Applications Committee, and Chair of the Tools & Technology

Council of ANSI Harmonization of Product Data Standards (HPS) Committee. She initiated the STEP Process Plant

Application Protocol Planning Project as a consultant to the Process Data eXchange Institute (PDXI). Currently Ms.

Goldstein serves as leader of the Infrastructure for Integrated Electronics Manufacturing (IIEM) Project at NIST and

Co-Chairs the Factory Information Systems committee within the National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative.

Gruttke, William B. - Northrop Grumman/Team SCRA (Contributor to Chapter 2) Dr. Gruttke has over

twenty years CAD/CAM experience in the aerospace industry at McDonnell Douglas (14+ years) and Northrop

Grumman (6+ years) (following 10 years of university teaching at St. Louis University). He has been involved in

the IGES Committees and the IGES/PDES Organization (IPO) since 1980. He chaired the IGES Advanced

Geometry Committee (1981-1986). He was the IPO Chairman from 1995 -1997. Dr. Gruttke led the software

development team that developed the format and translators for the Air Force Product Definition Data Interface

(PDDI) Program while at McDonnell Douglas. He has been managing the development of STEP AP224 and STEPdriven

applications for the DoD Rapid Acquisition of Manufactured Parts (RAMP) Program since 1992.

Hardwick, Martin - STEP Tools, Inc. and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Contributor to Chapter 10)

Martin Hardwick is the president of STEP Tools,Inc. and a professor of computer science at Rensselaer Polytechnic

Institute. Dr. Hardwick is a member of the Architecture Working Group (WG10) and the Implementation Methods

Working Group (WG11) of ISO STEP. He is leading the project to develop the EXPRESS-X mapping language. He

belongs to the board of directors of PDES, Inc. and the US Product Data Association. His research interests include

engineering database systems, information modeling, and distributed systems and object oriented programming.

Hardwick received his bachelor's and doctorate degrees from Bristol University in England in 1978 and 1982. He is

a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM.

Jurrens, Kevin – NIST (Contributor to Chapter 10) Mr. Jurrens served as project manager for the NIST Rapid

Response Manufacturing (RRM) Intramural Project and Test Team leader for the PDES Inc. Sheet Metal Project.

Primary research activities have addressed development of a standardized data structure for representing machine

tool and cutting tool data (i.e., "manufacturing resource data"), establishment of a reverse engineering capability for

repair and replacement of aircraft components, and development and validation efforts to assess STEP for

application to sheet metal die design. Mr. Jurren’s current efforts address measurement and standards issues for the

rapid prototyping industry, including evaluation of ISO 10303 as an alternative data interface between computer-


aided design and rapid prototyping systems. In addition, he continues to lead U.S. efforts to develop and standardize

an electronic representation for cutting tool data through the ISO TC29/WG34 standards organization. He served as

the technical liaison between ISO TC29/WG34 and ISO TC184/SC4 for representation of cutting tool data. Prior to

NIST, Mr. Jurrens worked for Allied-Signal Aerospace, Kansas City Division,.

Mr. Jurrens has authored several technical reports, conference papers, and a book chapter on various manufacturing

applications and manufacturing system integration. He has received the U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze

Medal Award for superior federal service in 1993 for contributions leading to the acceptance of the STEP standard

and in 1997 for developing the manufacturing resource data representation as a baseline standard.

Lubell, Josh – NIST (Contributor to Chapter 11) Mr. Lubell designs and implements software systems for

product data exchange applications at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg,

Maryland, USA. His technical interests include STEP, SGML and XML, database technology, and Internet

computing. His previous experience includes artificial intelligence systems design and prototyping, software

development for the building materials industry, and knowledge engineering.

Kemmerer, Sharon J., NIST (Editor of Manuscript, Co-Author of Chapter 1, Co-Author of Chapter 3, Co-

Author of Chapter 9) Sharon was involved with the IGES/PDES Organization and ISO TC 184/SC4 from 1988-

1991, primarily in the technical area of conformance testing. She served as Deputy Convener of the ISO TC

184/SC4/WG6, and was a leading contributor to ISO 10303-31 and 10303-32. After a respite from the product data

standardization arena, Sharon again returned to the ISO TC 184/SC4 community. This time she served as the

Secretary of the SC4 Secretariat from 1995-1997.

Kiggans, Bob – PDES, Inc./Advanced Technology Institute (Contributor to Chapter 10) Mr. Kiggans has over

thirty years experience in advanced computer and product data technologies, program and technical management,

acquisition management, and command and control systems. As General Manager for PDES, Inc., Mr. Kiggans has

responsibility for a widely geographically dispersed technical team.

Kindrick, James D., ITI, Michigan (Co-Author of Chapter 8) Mr. Kindrick has worked for the past seven years

on developing and deploying Product Data Information Technology, with significant focus on the ISO STEP

standard for product data exchange. Jim's original work within STEP concentrated on conformance testing and

standard quality assurance. He is a lead technical design and developer of the NIST/ITI suite of STEP conformance

testing tools and techniques. He has since worked closely with both system vendors and users of product data

technology to help facilitate the implementation and adoption of STEP within industry. During the past year, he has

been an active leader in the harmonization of requirements across STEP APs, primarily focused on developing a

common set of PDM requirements and corresponding STEP information models. He has delivered several industry

workshops on the topics of PDM and STEP, and is the author of several articles and technical reports. Jim is also an

active technical member and administrator of the international PDES Inc./ProSTEP PDM implementation

roundtable and interoperability testing forum, focused on integrated PDM and CAD data exchange.

Libes, Don - NIST (Co-Author of Chapter 5, Contributor to Chapter 3) As a computer scientist at NIST, Don

has written 16 papers on STEP and is responsible for numerous public domain STEP tools including the first

CADDETC-certified EXPRESS toolkit, an EXPRESS-Tcl binding, and the first version of SOLIS. Don also

designed and implemented the EXPRESS server and the NICS STEP repository.

Mitchell, Mary - NIST (Contributing reviewer of complete manuscript) Before joining the Advanced

Technology Program, Mary Mitchell was the Program Analyst for the Manufacturing Engineering and Information

Technology Laboratories and Manufacturing Extension Program in the NIST Program Office (April 19971998).

Prior to this, she led a group and managed variety of technical projects related to STEP. Mary was one of the

contributors to the development and validation of the STEP architecture, including components of the core

information resources, application protocols, and conformance testing. She also served as the Deputy Chairman of

the IGES/PDES Organization and led one of the WG4 Integration and Qualification teams for a number of years. In

February 1998, Ms. Mitchell received the first William J. Conroy Standards Professional Award for her leadership

efforts in STEP. In November 1994, Ms. Mitchell received the Department of Commerce Silver Medal Award for


her work on STEP. She came to NIST in 1982 to work on distributed database systems for manufacturing, one of

the projects within NIST's Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility.

Morris, KC - NIST (Co-Author of Chapter 6, Contributor to Chapter 5) As a computer scientist in the

Manufacturing Systems Integration Division of NIST, KC has been a primary contributor to the development and

validation of STEP's implementation mechanisms. She has architected and contributed to the development of

numerous prototypes of SDAI, as well as,portions of NIST's public-domain STEP Toolset including an EXPRESS

to SQL translator (now defunct) and the STEP Class Library. KC has published dozens of articles on the topics and

has actively worked with ISO TC 184/SC4's technical working groups and the industrial consortia, PDES, Inc. and

NIIIP. Her current research interests include object-oriented and distributed systems for engineering and

manufacturing and product data management and techniques for testing such systems.

Nell, James G. – NIST (Contributor to Chapter 10) Mr. Nell is Convenor of ISO TC184 SC5 WG1, Automation

Systems and Integration, Modeling and Architecture. He is a member of the US technical-advisory groups to TC184

and SC5. At NIST, he is the principal investigator of the Manufacturing Enterprise Integration Project to evaluate

the use of architectures, frameworks, and enterprise models for use by business entities. He was active in the TC

184/SC4 work to develop product- and process-data representation serving as the US expert to the SC4 Strategic

Planning Advisory Group for four years. For the IGES/PDES Organization, he chaired the IPO Steering Committee

for two years.

Nelson, Paul - Raytheon Systems Company/Hughes Aircraft Company (Contributor to Chapter 10) Mr.

Nelson has extensive experience in defense and commercial industries, with an emphasis in electronics and

electromechanical fabrication and assembly. Recently, his emphasis has been on CAD-CAM data utilization,

machine control instructions, producibility, and standardization of exchange of product model data between

engineering and manufacturing. He was a principal architect for STEP AP210 (Electronic assembly, interconnect

and packaging design) working with a distributed team of engineers and technologists across North America,

Europe, and Asia.

Nicolson, Martha – PDES, Inc./Arthur D. Little, Inc. (Coordinating Editor of Chapter 10) Ms. Nicholson is a

Manager with Arthur D. Little and has ten years of experience in program management. Currently she has lead

responsibility for providing program management support to the approximately 60 technical resources from the

PDES, Inc. member companies.

O'Connell, Larry - Sandia National Laboratories, Retired (Contributor to Chapter 2) Mr. O’Connell Designed

Electrical Test Equipment and real-time software for Quality Evaluation Systems Testers at Sandia Laboratories.

Chaired the Electrical Applications Committee of the IPO and its predecessor organizations from 1984 -1994.

Designed and posted the web page for the Advanced Manufacturing organization of Sandia Laboratories.

Palmer, Mark – NIST (Author of Chapter 7) Mr. Palmer led the development of the first application protocol for

U.S. industry, the 3D Piping IGES Application Protocol. This was a collaborative project with the U.S. Navy and

the engineering, process plant, shipbuilding, and CAD/CAE industries. He also led the development of the

application protocol methodology for STEP. He is the leader for the NIST project “STEP for the Process Plant

Industries” and is the chair for the ISO TC184/SC4 Process Plant Team. Currently, Mr. Palmer is working with

representatives of the process plant industries to develop and test a coordinated suite of STEP application protocols

that will improve the capabilities and productivity of these industries. This includes managing the NIST

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with the PlantSTEP, Inc. industrial consortium and with pdXi

(Process Data Exchange Institute of AIChE). Mr. Palmer is the project leader for the ISO STEP application

protocol, ISO 10303-227: Plant Spatial Configuration and is working on developing two additional STEP

application protocols, ISO 10303-221: Functional Data and Schematic Representation for Process Plant and ISO

10303-231: Process Design and Process Specifications of Major Equipment.

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